How to use a sofa sleeper bed to make pop up guest quarters

How to use a sofa sleeper bed to make pop up guest quarters

Whether you like to host parties and family gatherings or you are thinking about listing your home on Airbnb while on vacation or out of the country, you can’t go wrong with the addition of a sofa sleeper bed. This additional sleeping space can be part of planned sleeping arrangements, but it can also be very beneficial if you ever have a pop-in guest or a situation for which you didn’t plan.

When setting up your temporary pop-up sleeping quarters, you should really consider more than just the bed itself. While the sofa sleeper bed should have a comfortable and clean mattress, there are other needs that most people require when spending the night.

Here is how you can set up your sofa sleeper bed for your home so that you can be ready for overnight guests with a few pulls. 

What to include in your open guest quarters

There are several items that you would normally have in a guest bedroom, and you don’t have to forego them just because you are placing the sleeping area in the living room or family room. Your guests will also need a side table or nightstand on which to place their personal items, as well as a place to charge their phones and other devices. Here are some other elements to include in your pop up guest area.

Nightstands vs side tables

If the sofa bed will definitely be used on a frequent basis in a publicly accessible room, you might want to get a regular living room side table for each side of the sofa bed. On the other hand, some nightstands closely resemble living room accent tables while giving your guests a bit of extra functionality by including ones that offer built-in charging stations, reading lights, or drawers and cabinets to organize personal belongings.

Storage benches

You can find acceptable storage benches that will fit well in any room when you browse both living room and bedroom furniture catalogs. Far more than a storage chest, these benches are designed to be just as comfortable as they are convenient. The interior storage is usually more than you would suspect by looking at it from the exterior, while the overall the bench doesn’t take up much additional space. 

If you get a storage bench with a flat seat you may also be able to use it as a coffee table when the sofa bed is being used upright. They are extremely convenient and handy, especially if you have overnight guests that need a place to stow their bags out of the way but easily accessible. When you don’t have extra closet space for your guests to use, a storage bench is the perfect solution.

Making your pop up guest quarters pop

Once you have these three basic pieces of furniture, you can finish rounding out your pop up guest sleeping area with some appropriate décor. Choose an alarm clock or wall clock that matches the rest of the room’s décor perfectly. Make sure that each side table or nightstand has a small reading lamp, a place to charge or rest devices, and enough surface area to accommodate medications or other needs. You can easily find the right décor from the same online furniture store where you get the sofa sleeper.

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