51 Types & Names of Socks for Men and Women

Have you ever imagined the numerous varieties of socks you own? Who would actually give any importance to just a pair of socks? But no folks, socks elevate your entire look and can turn your dapper. How do you know? Then continue reading our post, we bet this post would surprise you that just a pair of socks could change your look completely.

different types of socks with names

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We all have been wearing cute socks since we have been babies, and over time, we have worn socks that are either classy or flashy. Apart from giving a fancy look, socks even help in sweat-wicking and protect your feet from cracked heels, fungi, or any foot-related issues. Shocking but your socks do so much for your legs. We love our socks and so we share the different styles of socks, which you can wear on different occasions. Let’s take a look.

Types of Socks Based on Shape

  1. No Show/Belly Socks
  2. Half Socks
  3. Calf Length
  4. Mid-Calf Socks
  5. Over The Calf Socks
  6. Ankle Socks
  7. Crew Length Socks
  8. Thigh High Socks
  9. Knee High Socks
  10. Quarter Length Socks
  11. Bobby Socks
  12. Tube Socks
  13. Split-Toe Socks
  14. Toe Socks
  15. Toe Less Socks
  16. Half-Toe Socks

1. No Show/Belly Socks

The USP of these socks lies in their nude hue which covers just the heels and is perfect for being worn with pumps. They come with a strap connecting the heel area and thumb for keeping your feet covered as you wear high fashion footwear.

2. Half Socks

These socks are meant to be worn inside mules, moccasins, and slide shoes as they cover just the mid arch and toes.

3. Calf Length

Nail a casual look with calf-length socks which offer both protection and warmth. You would be providing more coverage in this style of socks, however, it would be lesser than knee-length socks. You can also wear skirts, shorts, and dresses for a cool look.

Occasion: It would be perfect to wear for a casual look. Gender: Men and Women Brands: Bonjour, Blacksmith, Marc, Royal Class, Jockey, Peter England

4. Mid-Calf Socks

Just as the name implies, these socks end midway between the knee and ankle. They provide more coverage and a perfect dress sock.

Occasion: Wear this with your work attire, whereas men can wear it with the Bermudas for a funky look. Women can wear them with skirts and dresses. Gender: Men and women Brands: The Tie Hub, Supersox, Bonjour, Peter England

5. Over The Calf Socks

These socks end between the knee and mid-calf.

6. Ankle Socks

These socks cover the entire ankle area and end around the ankle bone. Ankle-length socks or low-cut socks are the no-show socks that are perfect for low-cut shoes. It will prevent blisters, wicks the sweat away, and a must-have in everyone’s wardrobe. Wear it with boat shoes, Oxfords, Loafers for an urbane look.

Occasion: Wear these for the workout, yoga, running, sports activities. Gender: Men and Women Brands: Adidas, Puma, Jockey, Reebok, Mast & Harbour, Marc

7. Crew Length Socks

A mid-calf length of 6 to 8 inches up from the heel characterizes the crew length socks which are accompanied by ribbing on the top edge. These unisex socks can cater to both men and women at outdoor activities. They provide protection in rough terrains and give warmth during winters. It can be worn with dress shoes.

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Occasion: For sports, hiking, casual and business look. Gender: Unisex Brands: Bonjour, Happy Socks, Tossido, Marc, Peter England, The Tie Hub

8. Thigh High Socks

These socks might either end along the middle of the thigh or go even higher up. These wonderful socks go high above the knee and reach up the thigh and bring a sensual look. Pair these adorable socks with mini skirts and you would bring a stunning look. Wear with boots, high heels, sandals and look fabulous wherever you go.

Occasion: Casual look, street style look Gender: Women Brands: Zivame, Wrangler

Tip: Go for leg-fitting thigh-high socks so that your socks don’t fall off your legs.

9. Knee High Socks

The long knee-length socks bring a high-end fashion, especially when girls wear them with boots. It was a popular girl’s uniform accessory during the ’80s and ’90s as well as a part of the British Army uniform. This style of socks gives complete protection while playing or during harsh winters. Sportsmen can be seen wearing these socks under the shorts while it’s a favorite of women for being worn under skirts or with boots. They provide complete protection against extreme weather making them popular for outdoor activities.

Occasion: They are perfect for outdoor activities (football, running) winters, casual look. Gender: Men and Women Brands: Zivame, Wrangler

10. Quarter Length Socks

These socks can reach above the ankle and under the calf. Women prefer wearing them during night-time for pedicure purposes whereas men wear them with suits for a posh look. They are imperative in offering protection against shoe bites and blisters. Wear it with trousers, ¾ the pants, skirts and it would give a posh, professional look.

Occasion: We recommend men to wear this style of socks with their work outfits, whereas women can wear it on any occasion from work to play and look cool. Gender: Men and Women Brands: Royal Class, Supersox, Marc, Puma

Tip: For the business look, we suggest you wear your quarter length socks matching to your formal pants as it would bring a professional look

11. Bobby Socks

These ankle-length socks come with a cuff on their top edge.

12. Tube Socks

They differ from toe-less socks as there aren’t any formed heels although they look similar. It comes in a single size that fits all and is basically a tube made using socks fabric.

13. Split-Toe Socks

Also known as Thumb or Tabi socks, these come with separate space for the main toe which helps in wearing them with slippers.

14. Toe Socks

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The toe socks have individual separations meant for each toe. They are also known as digital socks, 5-toe-socks, glove socks, and finger socks.

15. Toe Less Socks

Make the most of your yoga and dance sessions with the toeless socks having an open space at the top and formed heel like other socks.

16. Half-Toe Socks

Your toes stay exposed with this variety of socks which have separate spaces for individual toes but are not closed at the end.

Types of Socks Based on Function

17. Support Socks 18. Stockings of Cuban Heel 19. Diabetic Socks 20. Crochet Baby Booties 21. Boot Socks 22. Moccasin Slipper Socks 23. Slipper Socks 24. Football Socks 25. Compression Socks 26. Frill Socks 27. Loafer Socks 28. Ski Socks 29. Leg Warmer Socks 30. Gel Socks 31. Liner Socks 32. Transparent Socks 33. Grip Socks 34. Waterproof Socks 35. Tab Socks 36. Trouser Socks

17. Support Socks

These socks run over-the-calf length and can relieve fatigue by offering muscle support. With their outstanding spandex build, these socks often offer arch support.

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18. Cuban Heel Stockings

Carry off those vintage-style dresses like a true diva with the Cuban heel stockings which are characterized by striking black back seams and opaque cuffs.

19. Diabetic Socks

Diabetic patients can now stay buffered from different types of cuts and bruises with these specialized socks which are excellent in preventing small blisters. They are made of cotton and feel soft on the skin while inducing improved air circulation with the mesh ventilation panels.

20. Crochet Baby Booties

Protect the tender skin of your little one against harsh environmental factors with the crochet booties which come in a variety of styles and patterns.

21. Boot Socks

Your leg stays protected inside the boots with the boot socks which cover up to mid-calf and are crafted using thick and sturdy fabric.

22. Moccasin Slipper Socks

These are just washable leather stitched cotton stocks that can keep the feet and toes of your little ones warm when it gets cold outside.

23. Slipper Socks

The slipper socks can be worn indoors in the place of shoes as it provides adequate grip to your feet for preventing skidding courtesy the plastic dots positioned on the exterior part of the heel.

24. Football Socks

Soccer players can experience pronounced comfort out of the cushioned footbed and heels of the football socks. While the elastic top holds the socks in place, the unique fabric helps with ventilation and airflow.

25. Compression Socks

People suffering from leg pain can receive an adequate level of support out of the compression socks which relieve pain by increasing blood flow.

26 Frill Socks

The cotton-made frill socks look extremely cute on babies and small girls. They come in an array of colors for being matched with different dresses.

27. Loafer Socks

The short loafer socks cannot be seen wearing a loafer and is ideal for people who wish to wear socks in an inconspicuous way.

28. Ski Socks

Ski-lovers can rejoice with these bright and vibrant socks which can keep your feet odor-free and basking in comfort. They have cushioned soles and a calf enclosing a high cut.

29. Leg Warmer Socks

These socks are made of acrylic or woolen fibers for offering adequate warmth during the winter season. They start at the ankle and cover up to the knees for serving as an excellent layering option.

30. Gel Socks


Your feet will stay soft and supple on adorning these special socks which come with a hydrating gel lining of Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E. They can be worn overnight for keeping your feet crack-free.

31. Liner Socks

You can wear the thin liner socks underneath other socks for keeping your feet buffered from direct contact with thick sock fibers.

32 Transparent Socks

These trendy summer socks are crafted using a combination of polyester, spandex, and cotton. They feature designs on the feet, ankle, and toes for being worn with a variety of dresses and footwear.

33. Grip Socks

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Benefit out of anti-slip properties with these socks which are accompanied by small rubber dots on the heel. They are ideal for undertaking ballet, yoga, and similar activities.

34 Waterproof Socks

Specialized materials like rubber are used in the manufacturing of these socks which can protect your feet from getting wet.

35 Tab Socks

Prevent repetitive contact blisters with these sport socks which come with an additional fabric tab at the back.

36 Trouser Socks

The trouser socks run to thigh high length and can be worn by women under skirts and by men under formal pants.

Types of Socks Based on Occasion

37. Dress Socks 38 Sports Socks 39. Casual Socks 40. Work Socks 41. Thermal Socks 42. Fishnet and Fence Net Socks 43. Low-Cut Running Socks 44. Yoga Socks

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37. Dress Socks

Turn heads at formal occasions by pairing up the dress socks with your tuxedo, business suits, and other evening wear. You can avail of these socks in both neutral and formal shades. Ideally, they should be matched with the shade of your trousers.

38. Sports Socks

These socks have been specially crafted to maximize your comfort along with support and moisture-wicking attributes so that you can unleash your truest potential in the sports field. They may be knee-length, ankle length, or calf length. Often these socks come with reinforced toes and heels for greater durability as the mesh panels guarantee ventilation and breathability.

39. Casual Socks

Just as the name suggests, these socks can be sported to less formal occasions on a daily basis. They rank high in terms of comfort and might be accompanied by fun prints for jazzing up your look.

40 Work Socks

Benefit out of optimum grip and support with the durable work socks which are often accompanied with heel and toe reinforcements to offer extra comfort.

41 Thermal Socks

Stay protected during winters with thermal socks which come with an extra layer of padding to ward off the cold. These socks are made with an insulating fabric which is quick-drying.

42 Fishnet and Fence Net Socks

Don’t expect any type of coverage out of these socks which are mostly used for exotic purposes. They are worn by ladies to dance parties, nightclubs, and similar venues. Such socks are made from a blend of acrylic and spandex which feels elastic yet durable.

43 Low-Cut Running Socks

These socks are characterized by a ribbed edge and are worn along with running shoes.

44 Yoga Socks

The anti-skid yoga socks can break your fall as you engage in yoga. These socks usually run up to ankle length and might come with or without toe separation.

Types of Socks Based On Fabrics

45. Synthetic Socks 46 Polyester Socks 47 Cotton Socks 48 Modal Socks 49. Silk Socks 50 Wool Socks 51They can be worn to outdoor activities. Cashmere Socks

45. Synthetic Socks

Synthetic socks are very lightweight. They become both easy-to-wear and durable on being combined with a natural fiber like wool or cotton. However, they are not meant for everyday use.

46. Polyester Socks

This petroleum-based synthetic fiber comes blended with natural ones like cotton from bringing quick-drying attributes to the table. However, it’s best not to opt for 100% polyester ones as they might not seem adequately comfortable or breathable.

47. Cotton Socks

Lightweight cotton socks are your ultimate summertime buddies. It’s an absolute hit amongst athletes on the lookout for ankle or calf-length socks during their summer sports sessions.

48. Modal Socks

Modal is a type of rayon having built-in moisture-wicking attributes and higher shrink resistance.

49. Silk Socks

Turn heads at formal occasions with silk socks which can tag along with a fancy feel to your feet. However, it’s best to opt for dark-colored silk socks as the light ones tend to get dirty very quickly.

50. Wool Socks

Get winter-ready with woolen socks which can keep you warm and content even when the mercury takes a dip. They do not absorb moisture and are ideal for being worn to outdoor activities.

51. Cashmere Socks

Knee-length or no-show cashmere socks can serve men well while attending formal events during winter. This fabric is similar to wool in terms of keeping your feet all fuzzy even when it gets pretty cold outside.

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