10 Best Techniques for Skateboard Photography

You also love skateboarding, and you could even watch skaters. forAre you willing to spend hours on end? Do you want to capture their fun tricks, and freeze them?

If you are interested in skateboard photography, then this is the right genre for you. Continue reading to learn how to become a skilled skateboard photographer.

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photo of a skateboarder in a park doing a jump trick
Photo by Josh Hild at Pexels
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1. 1. Find the right angle forDynamic photos

SkateboardPhotographing is all about finding the perfect angles. There is no one-size fits all approach to photography. Every trick and every park on skateboard looks great from a different angle.

Skateboarders viewed from the ground. Low-angle works well forSkateboard photography adds excitement and height.

Try shooting from the top. You can also photograph from the corners or on benches. It’s always a good idea to get a front-facing side of the skater in the frame.

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You can watch the skaters perform the trick and take a few test photos. This will help you to determine the right angle. forSome tricks.

Avoid using the traditional perspective. Skaters are doing crazy moves and bending their bodies in bizarre positions. You should portray the same feeling in your skateboarding photos.

photo of a skateboarder in a park doing a jump trick
Photo by Eva Beer at Pexels

2. Sharp skate photos can be created using manual focus

Often, autofocus won’t be able to get you sharp images when capturing skaters. Manual focus is a better option. You can use this to determine where your subject will appear in the frame.

Pick an object near the location where you expect your skater subject to arrive. The object should be your focus before you start shooting.

This needs a bit of practice, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it right at first.

photo of a skateboarder in a park at sunset
Photo by Josh Hild at Pexels

3. Use Shutter Speed Priority Mode when you want to capture motion

Skate photos need to be taken at a high shutter speed, just like other action shots. You can freeze the action of skaters and capture the perfect moment.

Shoot in Shutter Speed Priority, so you don’t have to worry about the right aperture. Your camera will adjust to your chosen shutter speed.

Sometimes you may want to capture motion blur. A slower shutter speed is needed to capture motion blur. You can experiment with camera settings to find the best results.

black and white photo of a skateboarder jumping

4. Learn more about the Skaters.

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A skateboard photographer’s most important job is getting to know their skaters. Introduce yourself and ask them if it’s okay to photograph them during skating.

The camera can cause some people to feel upset. You don’t want anyone to get injured because of your presence. Ask the skaters what tricks they will be performing and which direction they are going.

Talking to skateboarders is a great way to get to know them. Discuss the angle you are going to shoot from, so you won’t be in their way.

Get to know your skate park community. You can take more photos and tell visual stories by getting to know the skate park community.

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Active participation in the skateboard photography community is essential if you’re serious about it. You could get gigs as a photographer at local skateboard contests and practices.

photo of two guys on skateboards fistbumping
Photo by Budgeron Buch

5. Select a background that enhances your composition

Consider the background part of your photography composition. It can be kept clean and neat, or you can include only the sky. You can make a contrast between your subject and the sky by doing this.

In skateboarding photography, it is always a good idea to separate your subject from the background. It isn’t always easy, however, because skate ramps are often surrounded with buildings, graffiti, and poles.

You don’t have to exclude all of these to get stunning skate photos. Make sure to use them forUse your advantage

Use composition rules like the rule of thirds or leading lines. Always make sure you draw the viewer’s attention to your subject.

It will be a bit tricky to freeze the skaters’ motion AND pay attention to photography composition at the same time. However, with practice you can get there.

photo of a jumping skateboarder against the blue sky
Felipe Parucker, photo by Pexels

6. To Tell a Story, Focus on the Details

Often, you will hear the advice not to cut your subjects’ heads or limps. Sure, full-body skater photos look cool. But you shouldn’t ignore capturing details.

You should be focusing on the skateboards as they often have unique designs. Snap photos of the skater’s apparel and accessories.

Capture the bond between skaters. They consider each other their family, and are often more than just good friends.

Take photos of the skateboard park or ramp. To capture the ambience and vibe of the spot, take photos.

Your photos will tell a story if you focus on the details. With your skateboarding photography, you can create a photo collection or a documentary.

Our course Macro Magic will teach you how to take amazing close-ups.

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7. Use a Fisheye Lens to Capture Wider Scenes

You don’t need any specific camera or photography gear to capture fantastic skate photos. There are several lens options that can enhance your images.

Use a fisheye lens to capture your subject. This extreme-wide angle allows you to get closer to your subject while still capturing a lot of the surrounding environment. The angle of the fisheye lens highlights the curves, shapes and angles of the ramp.

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A fisheye lens can be used in conjunction with a standard wide-angle lens or even telephoto lenses. This allows you to place more emphasis on the skaters and distinguish them from the background.

photo of a skateboarder shot with a fisheye lens
Photo by Jan Kopriva at Pexels

8. You can use your surroundings to find the answer. BestShooting Spot

Don’t be shy when taking photos of skaters. Find spots in your surroundings. forThese are some of the best shots. Take a climb to the top and use interesting props or objects as background.

To get the most impressive photos, try to photograph from a skater’s point of view. This requires courage, flexibility, and excellent reflexes.

photo of a skateboarder standing on the edge of the ramp
Photo by Garon Pceli, Pexels

9. Get creative and experiment for Unique Results

Skateboarding involves breaking the laws. Photographing skaters does not mean following the conventional rules.

Try new compositions, angles, depths of field, and be creative. Explore the possibilities of external flashes, lenses, and camera settings. Shoot in different lighting conditions.

Don’t settle once you are comfortable with certain shooting conditions. Your photography of skateboarding should never stop evolving.

photo of a skateboarding doing a trick with color powder

10. Read Skater Blogs, Follow Skaters forInspiration

You need to keep your photography sharp and fresh. Read skater’s magazines and blogs to be up-to-date about the new tricks and apparel.

Follow skaters and skateboarding-related accounts on Instagram or other social media. Enjoy the photos and videos.

This is a great method to discover new concepts. forYour images. This is a great way to get a better idea of skateboarding culture and learn more.

photo of a skateboarder jumping at sunset
Cameron Casey, photo


Skateboarding photography is a part of the sports photography category. But it’s so diverse, that you can specialise in capturing skaters and even make a living from it.

Learn and understand the culture of skateboarding is the most important thing. Learn about the tricks they do, how they dress, and how they see the world. The photoshoot allows you to get to know the skaters as well as communicate with them.

These are some tips to help you become a professional skateboard photographer.

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