10 Amazing Single Mom Family Picture Ideas


Fun ideas for a family photo shoot to make your single mom’s family pictures extra special. This page has been updated with new family photo ideas for July 2020.

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If you are like me when I first got divorced my family just didn’t feel complete. I had a hard time putting my life back together. It seemed sad to take a family photo with just the three of us. I am glad we took some photos as the kids grew up. While selfies and snapshots are great, having a professional take a family picture will guarantee you have a wonderful keepsake.

You can either have professional photos taken or you can take them yourself.

How can you match clothes for women? Single Mom FamilyPictures

I would say don’t choose matching outfits. I prefer to wear coordinating outfits. Notice how in the first picture below mom and son aren’t wearing matching outfits instead they are both wearing something with the same shade of blue.

You will see that everyone is wearing a different color of green. See the examples of other families wearing coordinating outfits that aren’t completely matching.

The fun way to make your family smile is by matching pajamas.

Indoor Single Mom FamilyPhotograph Shoot Ideas

The photography studio is available for you to take photographs. There are many backdrops that you can use in most studios. If you have a favorite spot in your studio, it can make a great backdrop for a photoshoot. I loved the way this family used a sauna to take their single parent family photos. Here is backdrop for a photoshoot such as katebackdrop.

The little play between mom and son in the next photo is adorable. This would make a great canvas wrap.

Creative ideas for your single parent family photo shoot. Make sure your family photos are beautiful with ideas on what to wear in your family pictures. Get fun tips for mother son pictures, photos of the whole family or mom and baby photos.

This family shows their playful side.


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Family Picture IdeasWith Mom & Baby

If the props are meaningful to you, baby pictures can often be cluttered with too many props. This one captures the bond between mother and child in a simple way that I love.

Create a family photo album for your child. This can be a fun way to teach your baby who people in the family are if they live far away and you don’t get to see them as often as you would like to.

Photo by Julie Johnson at Unsplash

This black and white picture does a great job of capturing the mother and son’s joy.

This photo of a single mom and her daughter shows their personality.

Single mom family picture

Notice how this family chose clothes that coordinate, but don’t match.

Another great example of mother-daughter bonding is this. This mom seems to spend a lot time reading to her daughter. You might think of something you do together that you could include in your family photo shoot. This is another one that would be adorable as a canvas wrap in the girl’s bedroom.

Single Mom Family Pictures Outside

Outdoor family photo shoots are a great way to capture the natural light. The natural backdrop is perfect for family photos. The best lighting for outdoor photography is in the early morning or late afternoon. Avoid midday, when the sun can shine harshly and shadows can pose a problem.

This mom is busy.

Photo by Blue Eyes Baby Photographics

This photo of mom with her daughter is so beautiful. Also, notice that they aren’t wearing matching clothes but they do coordinate.

Wolf Visions Photography photo

This photo probably isn’t a family, but I love the example of how this group photo involves and activity and uses the water as a backdrop. It is amazing to see a tree in a stable pose that allows you to take pictures. Notice how they coordinate their yoga outfits but don’t match exactly.

If you can’t all hold tree pose that long, but are into yoga maybe try a warrior pose or some other favorite activity. Try a family run, or jumping on a trampoline. You can build a snowman, or a sand castle.

You should make sure that you have the time and place to host a family picture shoot. One of these ideas can make your single-parent family photo extra special. Or you could come up your own. You can hang the photos on your wall for many years by getting them printed, enlarged, and framed.

Shooting Activity Photos IdeasFor SingleMothers

If you take a photo while doing an activity, you can get a candid shot.

Books are one of our family’s favorite things. I read both for pleasure and business. Both of my boys enjoy reading. Before they were old enough for reading, I used to read to them every day. Even after they learned to read independently, any picture that contains books holds a special place within my heart.

photo of mom and daughter reading

This is my favorite picture of a mother and daughter sharing a love for painting.

photo shoot mom and daughter painting

A photo shoot with your son or daughter, who love video games, is a great idea. This is a cute photo of two gamers having a lot of fun.

photo of mom and son playing video games

Are you not yet ready to take your photographs? Pin this imageYou can then find the right ideas later.

Creative ideas for your single parent family photo shoot. Make sure your family photos are beautiful with ideas on what to wear in your family pictures. Get fun tips for mother son pictures, photos of the whole family or mom and baby photos.


1. What types of photos capture a single mom’s life? 

Candid shots of bonding with kids, working from home, school pickups, or activities show her daily realities. Portraits where she’s smiling with her children convey her love and pride.

2. What photo ideas show her strength? 

Images of her juggling kids and tasks, working out, or running errands demonstrate her resilience. Photos with an inspirational quote can highlight her determination and courage as a single parent. 

3. How can location photos tell her story? 

Snapshots at the playground, kitchen table, or her child’s school/sporting events provide context for her life’s backdrop. Outdoor scenery photos portray her actively enjoying life with her kids.

4. What props or outfits could she use? 

Pictures of her preparing meals, doing homework, or giving kids a bath show her nurturing roles. Stylish full-length shots wearing her favorite outfit boost confidence in her appearance.

5. How can photo editing enhance the images? 

Simple edits like warming colors and increasing brightness or contrast can flatter her complexion. Adding framed photos within the shot provides more layers to her story and family memories.

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