Simple introduction to smart contracts on a blockchain

contracts on a blockchain

Smart Contracts are a core part of many DeFi platforms and apps. These are backed by the blockchain, or specific distributed ledger technology. In this post, we are going to highlight the tips of the iceberg of smart contracts on the blockchain.

If you have just learned about smart contract development recently, you are going to need to read all of the basics. This simple introduction will help you get familiar with it.

Smart contracts, which are based on sophisticated blockchain technology, are used to reinvent transactions that can be improved over the existing centralized financial system.

Defining Smart Contracts

A smart contract is an automatic contract executor. It is software that contains the codes that are translated from the logic and clauses that trigger the processes according to the terms. So, when certain terms are met, the smart contracts will automatically conduct the processes. The participants in the network might update the database in the future and verify the changes to the contract.

How do they work?

The smart contracts work automatically based on the conditions taking place in the system. If X happens, then it executes Y action. It can be the specific event that triggers the execution, or the specific date or expiration of a period of time. The rules written in the software will depend on the particular projects that the owners are working on.

 The smart contracts appoint the ownership of the particular assets to be totally controlled digitally. In this case, the owners of the digital assets will have control over their assets without the intervention of the intermediaries or any other third party.

 The advantages of smart contracts

 Smart contracts come with enforcing regulations where all of the involved parties will be compliant. It provides the clarity of the agreement terms so that no one will be unbiased. The terms are written in the code and accessed through the data source. In this case, the software developers are the ones who have the responsibility of writing good codes that really translate the real agreement.

 The copies are kept across the blockchain. The actions in the contract are verified by the computers of the other participants in the network. The version of the smart contract is absolute. That means the parties involved in the contract no longer need to cross-check the information in the business documents.

 As we know, paper physical documents are prone to damage and tampering. In this case, the smart contract covers everything. There will be no hardships like we used to see in conventional contracts.

 The participants of the contracts are able to view and track the status of the contract. If necessary, the software developers could also enable the feature where all of the participants can track the smart contract’s progress in real time.

 In some cases, the contracts can be viewed as web-pages, allowing the users to access the contracts anywhere they want.

 The smart contract is a core component of DeFi solutions and applications. Here is why the DeFi matters.

 Why Does DeFi Matter and contracts on a blockchain?

 DeFi is relatively new in many countries across the globe. But it has convinced a lot of industries to reap the benefits of the solutions backed by the movement. In a nutshell, decentralized financial services make financial products and services more accessible to all people. Those who didn’t have access to particular financial services can get help from the DeFi platforms.

 For instance, if you have a bad credit score, you are still able to use DeFi services. Not to mention, you don’t need to prepare a large amount of capital to start profiting. Most DeFi platforms come with an open hand, welcoming users to take their opportunities to enjoy the benefits of the DeFi platforms.

 As mentioned, more and more people are fond of the DeFi protocols because of the financial inclusion perk in many countries, including the developed ones. Lack of financial services is a common problem in developing countries. Banks and other financial institutions often limit people’s ability to attain their services. That’s why most citizens remain unbanked.

 Financial inclusion has become a global issue. Providing access to financial services to all people is very important in underdeveloped and developed countries across the globe.

 Besides financial inclusion, financial exclusion is also a global issue. Many unbanked people in many countries are excluded from the systems due to low income or a poor credit particular financial services without any hassle can be achieved through DeFi platforms.

 How Does DeFi Work?

 It is straightforward to define the decentralized finance movement. The DeFi can be described as a sophisticated anonymous system that reinvents conventional financial transactions by eliminating the intermediaries in the equation.

 Therefore, all of the transactions are conducted without the intervention of the intermediaries. The decentralized finance platforms use the app through blockchain technology. The DeFi protocol can connect users directly. Meanwhile, the smart contract will replace the role of the middleman.

 Traditional finance is highly regulated and excludes many people from its system. Meanwhile, DeFi welcomes everyone. Although DeFi is still new, there have been many parties that are optimistic about the future of it.

What Is DeFi’s Role and contracts on a blockchain?

Common DeFi platforms and solutions commonly offer financial services with no centralized government or authority.

To make it work, the DeFi solutions are backed by the decentralized infrastructure. It is where blockchains like Ethererum come in to help. Besides Ethererum, the project owners can also use other solutions like Binance Smart Chain, Cosmos, and so on.

The top applications of Defi are decentralized exchanges, lending platforms, prediction markets, yield farming, and so on.

 Yield farming is the financial activity of locking up particular cryptocurrencies in exchange for a reward. The top platform for this app is Yearn.Finance.

Get Started in DeFi

To get started in DeFi, you will need to explore the basics of the decentralized finance first. Find the connection between these solutions with the problems in your company. It will be useless if you use DeFi while your business does not need it. For further information, reach out INC4 now.

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