20 Inspirational Quotes for your Chalkboard!

20 Inspirational Quotes for your Chalkboard

Looking to lift? yourGet inspired, feel good and help others. Take a look at our 20Inspirational quotes to decorate with yourUse chalkboards to mark the windows and mirrors of your house. yourYou can use Crafty Croc chalk markers, or put them on a sandwichboard on the sidewalk if your business has one. yourCustomers

Fill yourKeep your head filled with positive and beautiful thoughts, and you will be able to see the world. yourEvery day is a new day for you and your friends!

You can use the bright colors in liquid chalk yourThese positive messages will catch the eye and can be easily changed with a quick wipe of a towel.

Find inspiration here for your”Quote for the Day” and please comment below or share photos yourYou can share inspirational quotes with us at the Crafty Croc Facebook Page.

1. It’s never too late

Always Remember quote by Winnie the Pooh

via Great Big Canvas

“It’s never too late for you to be what it might have been.” -George Eliot

Valerie McKeehan made this beautiful chalkboard art. See more of her work by clicking here.

2. It’s kind of fun…

Live, Laugh, Love

Design with Lena

“It’s kinda fun to do impossible things.” – Walt Disney

3. Spread Kindness

Imperfection quote by Marilyn Monroe

Pretty Deco Prints

“Follow kindness like confetti.” Author Unknown

4. Always remember…


Caszkins Creations

“Believe that you are more brave than you think, stronger than your appearance, smarter and more loved than you realize. Winnie the Pooh

This is great advice from a bear, and it’s a lovely chalkboard. You can find more Caszkins creations at this link.

5. Live, Laugh, and Love

Make Today Ridiculously Amazing Chalkboard Art

Riss Home Design

It looks like a beautiful liquid chalk design but it was actually done on a computer. Rissa offers instructions on how you can make this DIY. You can print chalkboard art.

6. Beauty is not perfection…

Do all things with great love - Mother Theresa Quote

via thegoneapp.com

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” – Marilyn Monroe

This is a better reason than any. forAll of our little idiosyncrasies

7. Everybody is a star…

Never Cross the Ocean - Chalkboard Quote

via thegoneapp.com

Marilyn Monroe: “Everyone is a star, and deserves to twinkle.”

8. Today is the day!


via Lily and Val

“Make today insanely amazing!” – Unknown Author

Here are more hand drawn letters and art Valerie McKeehan. See more of her designs below.

9. All things can be done with.

Creativity is messy - Quote

via I Love It So Much

Mother Theresa said, “Do small acts with great love.”

10. Never Cross the Ocean ….

The Most Important Days - Mark Twain Quotes

Concetta, Design by Humans

“You will never cross the ocean without having the courage to look back at the shore.” Christopher Columbus

It takes risk to make great things! Take a look at Concetta’s work if you would like to see more.

11. Not all wanderers are the same

chalkboard quotes

Concetta, Design by Humans

J.R.R. Tolkien

This line is from the poem “All That is Gold Does Not Glide” forThe Tolkien novel “Lord of the Rings” by Concetta. Concetta turned the poem into chalkboard art by turning it into beautiful chalkboard art.

12. Creativity can be messy…

Life Moves Pretty Fast - Ferris Bueller Quote

via u-createcrafts

“Creativity requires a lot of work, but I’m very creative” – Author unknown

13. The Most Important Days…

Albert Einstein Quotes

via Lily and Val

“The most important day in” yourLife is the day you’re born and the day that you discover why.” – Mark Twain

14. You are my Sunshine

Valerie McKeehan Chalkboard Art

via Dear Lillie

15. Life is very fast…

Mother Theresa Quotes

via Lily und Val

Life moves very fast. You could be missing it if you don’t slow down and look around every once in awhile. Ferris Bueller

This is a true and beautiful quote from the 1986 movie (oh my! Movie. Ferris Bueller’s Day OffValerie McKeehan created this chalkboard art masterpiece.

16. Only reason forTime…

Victor Hugo Quotes

via QuotesLike

“The only reason” forIt is not possible to have everything happen simultaneously because time is a finite resource. – Albert Einstein

Amazing thoughts from a great brain! It was something I had never thought about.

17. Live Your Life

Chalkboard art - Valerie McKeehan

Via Lily and Val

“Live life in full bloom” – Author unknown

18. You don’t have to be kind to others.

20 Inspirational Quotes for your Chalkboard!

Sublime Living

“Kind words are short and simple, but they have endless echos.” Mother Theresa

19. Nothing is better than a…

20 Inspirational Quotes for your Chalkboard!

Via Lily and Val at Etsy

“There is nothing better than a dream to create the future.” – Victor Hugo

20. It’s not about…

20 Inspirational Quotes for your Chalkboard!

Cutesy and Creative

“Life isn’t about waiting.” forIt’s not about the storm passing, it’s all about learning to dance in rain. Vivian Greene

The last and most fortunate of our 20Happy and inspiring quotesYou can decorate with these ideas yourChalkboard This is Vivian Greene, author and artist.


Q: What are chalkboard quotes?

A: Chalkboard quotes are memorable quotes written or drawn on a chalkboard, usually for decoration, inspiration, or humor.

Q: How can I make chalkboard art?

A: You can use chalk, chalkboard markers, or pencils to write or draw on a chalkboard. You can also use stencils, templates, or online tools to create printable chalkboard art.

Q: What are some examples of inspirational chalkboard quotes?

A: Some examples are “You’re off to great places! Today is your day!”, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”, and “Do small things with great love.”.

Q: What are some examples of funny chalkboard quotes?

A: Some examples are “A party without cake is just a meeting.”, “I wasn’t going to eat it, I was just going to taste it.”, and “Hope your new neighbors aren’t assholes.”

We hope that you found it uplifting, inspiring, and enjoyable. We would love to hear from you. yourFavorite quotes include: Send photos yourAdd your chalkboard art to the facebook page

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