Senior Photography – 11 Props to Bring to Your Senior Photo Session

Senior (*11*) – 11 Props to Bring to Your Senior Photo Session

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Senior photography and your high school graduation is a huge milestone in your life—one that deserves toProfessional portraits are a great way to capture your personality. PropsThey are the perfect way toPhotos are a chance to show off your personality. to show the world who you are and what you’ve accomplished.

There are many props that you can use. toHere are some of our favorite senior portrait sessions!

Senior Photography

Sports equipment and sports jerseys

Bring your jersey, uniform or other equipment if you play high school or club sports. These props can be a great way to get creative. toExpress what matters toWhat you learned in high school and how much you worked on your athletic career.

Musical instrument

You might be more interested in music. Perhaps you have a passion for music and want to take photos with your instrument. These images always turn out beautiful, and are a great reminder of your skill and all you’ve learned as a musician. We don’t care if you choose a photography studio or a musical theatre of your choosing. toFor creative ideas, I need permission first. toSeniors in their element

Books or other academic materials

Are you a straight-A student? BringTake along some of your study material toShow off your academic side. If you are passionate about it, show it off. toRead and include some of your favorite books in your photos. A favorite is the letter jacket toShow off your achievements.

Four-legged friends

There are many ways you can love horses or dogs. toConsider including your pet in your senior portraits. Talk about it to your photographer—and your parents—about how you can make your pets part of the senior photo experience.

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Signs personalized

A sign to announce your graduation year is a wonderful prop toInclude these photos in your senior portraits. These photos can be used as graduation announcements. toHave fun with it!

Sentimental Items

Are you a proud heirloom holder? Do you own an item of personal importance that is family-owned? toThese sentimental pieces can be included in your senior photography session. These sentimental pieces can be included in your senior photography session toShow off what is most important toYour photos will be more memorable if you include these details. I’ve photographed seniors who wanted the same portrait as their mothers.

Balloons, or Confetti

Bring along balloons to add color and fun toss some confetti! These are both fun ways to have fun. toAdd pops of color toWe are interested in your images. We only want your images. toMake sure it is easy to clean up afterward. toConsider carefully where you are looking for these options.


Accessories such as scarves, hats and other accessories make a great gift idea toAdd variety toYour photos, allowing for you toYou can have multiple looks, without needing to buy a new camera. toYou can change your clothes. Show off your personality with a favorite accessory—maybe even one featuring your school mascot or colors!


Do you love your car? You can include your car in your senior portraits. There are many ways to do it. toYour vehicle can be incorporated into your photographs, which will allow you to come up with creative poses and suggestions for your photography.

Career goals

Your major and career goals can be displayed in senior portraits if you know them. You can show off your future trade skills or pose in front of an office you are interested in. toYou can work in one day.


If you have plans toInclude luggage in your travel photos to show how you’re going toTake the world by storm! Imagine yourself walking down the road with big dreams in your sights.


Be sure toShannon can provide more information regarding your senior photography session.

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… Peek into the portfolio!

Thanks so much for visiting Shannon Reece Jones (*11*)! My studio is located in the Woodlands, Texas, making it the perfect choice for your high school senior photo shoot in the Klein ISD, Conroe ISD, and Houston ISD, but I’m happy toReisen toYou may also find special places.

If you’re interested in a professional high school senior photo shoot-or other types of portrait photography-please get in touch with me. Professional portrait photography can be a wonderful way to capture your personality. to celebrate major accomplishments-and that’s never been more true than this year, when we all need a reason toCelebrate. Finish up your senior’s academic year on a high note with a special photo shoot that highlights their interests, accomplishments, and all that makes them amazing!

I can create a custom photo experience for each stage and age. There are so many milestones in life, and each deserves to be celebrated. toBe recorded I would love to be recorded! toLet us help you create stunning images of your most precious memories.

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