Curious? What to Wear for Guys Senior Pictures

Curious What to Wear for Guys Senior Pictures- What toWear forSenior pictures are very popular! I get asked all of the time “WhatShould I wear it? for my senior pictures?” So lets talk all things senior outfits…

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So today we’re talking all about the guys and senior photography tips forThese are your best friends! They are not allowed to be girls!No girls allowed!

What to Wear for Guys Senior Pictures

what to wear for senior guys pictures

When I was in highschool Senior PicturesThese were not common. You sat in a salon with your hair and makeup done by you, and a black wrap around your shoulders. For SeniorThe same black jacket was worn by all the men. Boring. Nothing unique. Nothing special. Nothing special. Everybody is the same.What to Wear for Guys Senior Pictures What to Wear for Guys Senior Pictures

Fast forward…..and I will totally age myself here…..25 years and there have been mind boggling changes in photography and the most awesome changes in SeniorSessions for photography! Now… is all about the Senior Guys SeniorGirls. Today’s SeniorPhoto sessions are all about the SeniorIt is a. It showcases their hobbies, their interests, their personalities and it makes the session…Unique! Yes, SeniorMy 75% is made up of girls SeniorPhotography sessions are held each year, but I have two sons. Senior GuysThese are some of my favourite sessions toShoot.What to Wear for Guys Senior Pictures Guys Senior Picture Tips What to Wear for Senior Pictures

They are my favourite because they were my first child. SeniorI hired someone else toHis session. Mainly because all of my kids share the same disorder…..PCS….better known as Photographer Child Syndrom. Anyway, though the photographer was a sweet young lady my son’s SeniorThe session was boring. It was dull and nothing made it interesting about him. She was single and had no children. forIdeas and locations for clothing, ideas and suggestions.Guys Senior Pictures What to Wear for Guys Senior Pictures What to Wear for Senior Pictures

That experience inspired me to consider my own business, in particular. SeniorGuy photography sessions. Because Senior GuysMost people only do the session if their Mom says so. toYou must ensure that the GuysWe had a great time and were involved right from the beginning. toEnd. I wanted them to have a great session. toBe an extension of them!

SeniorPicture Outfits

I like toMeet up with Seniors and their Moms before toThe day of the shoot. We discuss their interests, hobbies, and whether they are involved in school sports or clubs. The information is shared with both mom and dad. SeniorI begin to suggest ideas forI give them ideas from Pinterest and help them choose the right clothing. Some photographers don’t like Pinterest but I think it is such an amazing tool toHelp create sessions forThese Seniors. Together, we can make a board. SeniorHis/her mom, I and you can all add images to their toHelp bring about a vision toDuring the session, they live it. They can then see which colors complement one another.

What to Wear for Guys Senior Pictures Senior Picture Tips Senior Photography Tips

What to Wear for Senior Pictures

I like toAt least three outfits are recommended for Senior Guys.

1- Mom’s Outfit!

Mom usually wants the first outfit and it is usually a neat, clean look. We tend to toThis look is the best as it is not something they would normally wear. We keep this section short. toThat’s the point.

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2- Senior GuysOutfit

This is the fun choice. This is the outfit that brings out their personality. This is the look that will make them stand out. SeniorGuy has the most input from colors toStyles toThe overall look. Some people may choose khaki pants with a polo top. forOthers may choose to wear basketball shorts and a T-shirt.

What to Wear for Guys Senior Pictures What to Wear for Guys Senior Pictures Guys Senior Picture Tips

Three Styles toFree Locations

As a stylist, I can suggest colors and styles that complement our locations. If we are photographing at the Graffiti Wall or River Front, then a casual outfit with jeans, tee and maybe a button up shirt with sleeves hanging down is appropriate.

4- Add Some Fun

Include their favourite sneaker or converse shoe, and perhaps a hat. toTheir senior attire.

5- No NEON

I like toThey should also avoid wearing neon colors as they can cause a horrible color cast, which can be a nightmare for photographers when editing.

6- Don’t wear clothing with tags/logos/large pictures

I recommend not toWear clothing that has logos or name brand labels, and avoid clothes with large images. These images will be important to you toBe classic and last a lifetime. These photos will show you their personality and will make them smile.

7 WearThis is what you would call a hobby/hobby/sport!

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The third outfit is the one that best reflects their hobbies, interests, or sports. Let’s say you already have a SeniorSporty guy forIf he is a student at his school, you can suggest his uniform and/or his jersey.

8- Add props!

You can also add the props like the hockey stick, the football and gloves or the bat and glove to the mix. What to Wear for Guys Senior Pictures

9- Trucks or Cars

If they don’t do a sport or club maybe they want their car or truck in the shot. You can suggest outfits that match the color of your vehicle.

You must be sure toInclude your SeniorGuy will help him plan his outfits. to get excited forThe shoot. If you are unable to locate the SeniorMom and the guy go shopping forThe session outfits are what I love toYou can suggest that they send me an image of the thing they are looking at so that I can guide them to the ones that work.

SeniorMost girls know exactly what they want to do. toYou can wear it for months, or even years. toTheir session. But Senior Guys most of the time do not care… first. The main way is to do it. toMake it about them. to well……make it about them!

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Guys Senior Pictureswhat to wear for senior pictures

Are you an a SeniorPhotographer who needs more resources toBook SeniorGirls Senior GuysWhat are you waiting for? These are some amazing resources toSeek out the right products for you and your business.

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I’ve been in the industry for 7 years. I am located in Lebanon, IL, just outside Scott AFB. I was raised in a military family, and have traveled extensively across the US. At an early age, fell in love photography. toDocument our adventures and moves. After high school, I put the camera down because everyone said that I wouldn’t make it as a professional photographer. There was no money, but time. toFind a real job. Went toCollege for a couple years and hated every single moment of being cooped up in a 10×10 room. College is amazing…..but just not forMe. After our first son was born, I met my husband. toSaudi Arabia forKorea for 3 months, then Korea in 3 months forA year. I bought the camera once again to start documenting our daily lives so my husband would feel he didn’t miss anything while he was gone. Moved toSouthern Illinois was established 24 years ago. toOur lives over the past 10 deployments, 25 years and more as military spouses. Today, 26 years and 3 children later, I love my job. My favorite sessions toPhotographs of seniors, hockey games, families, children, and couples

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