9 Tips for Senior Picture Outfit Ideas

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senior picture outfit ideas 2018

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The first question seniors and moms ask me as a photographer is “How are you?” What should I wear? forSenior photos. Let me translate: What looks good in photos? forTheir Senior pictures

So I’m giving you some picture outfit ideas to help you choose wisely so your senior portraits will be stunning.

Senior Picture Outfit Ideas(*9*)

1- All colors and all clothes don’t look the same in photographs. Be mindful of your colors, textures, bulk, and flow. Not all things will photograph well. Not to mention if you don’t love your outfit please don’t even try to make it work! If you don’t love your outfit then your whole appearance and countenance with that outfit will show that it’s not your favorite! I promise!!!!!! You will love your outfit and feel great in it! That outfit/picture collection will make you glow and be a joy to wear.

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2- Select an outfit that is in your Style, but make it more interestingYou can be yourself, but take it up a bit. If you are a jeans and t shirt person…that’s ok just kick it up a notch. Buy some stylish new jeans and a t-shirt that is a little more expensive than your usual. You can wear jeans with a button down, a relaxed shirt and cardigan or a sleeveless top and cardigan. You don’t have to think about your daily routine.

This image is a senior with shorts and a top – but look how much detail is in her top – it’s stunning!Senior Picture Outfit Ideas

Three ways to change the look Don’t have every single outfit in jeans and a top…wear a dress, a pants outfit, shorts (if weather permits these in your area). It’s possible to change the look from casual to formal to dressy. Don’t have the same exact look forEvery outfit forEvery location.senior picture outfits 2018

4- Add accessories It’s amazing what a blazer and a top hat will do for you. forAdd personality to your outfit! Grab a bouquet of flowers or wear a scarf…bring out the accessories to really create an outfit.

5- Don’t wear all white. It doesn’t photograph well or should I say easily – at least in my opinion, as a professional photographer for10-years.

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6- Don’t wear neon colors – again…It doesn’t photograph well or should I say easily – at least in my opinion, as a professional photographer for10-years.

7- Shoes do matter! Don’t wear the same wedges forYou can wear any outfit. You can wear flats, wedges or heels, or even your bare feet!

8- Add unique details to your outfits You should consider a dress that is unique and not just simple. I’m not saying it has to be over the top or fancy, rather some detail and character to it. I love this cute dress for girls!Senior Picture Outfit Ideas senior picture outfits

9- Don’t go too stylish! I know that seems contrary…but stay classic yet stylish. This romper is classy, different and not over the top…just the right style and flavor to this photo. What to Wear has a lot more information. for SeniorPictures what to wear for senior pictures 2018

9- Don’t wear it!

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