Senior Portrait Hair & Makeup Guide 

  • Keep true to yourself Don’t try a hairstyle, cut or color that you’ve never worn!
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  • If you aren’t into styling your hair, at least make sure it is dry and brushed for your photos. Tangled hair is not a good idea for photos.
  • You can bring your hair spray with you to use between outfits. *This doesn’t include the drier, or irons, please have your hair styled before you arrive*
  • Please note that we can’t retouch hair with clippers, barrettes, or headbands.
  • If you’re blonde and using bobby pins, get the blonde ones! For darker hair, choose the brown pins.
[rs_space height=”30px”] This is something we cannot emphasize enough.You should color your hair at least one week before your session. This will allow your color to settle.

I wouldn’t recommend making any drastic changes right before your photos. In case you don’t like it, We’ve all been there….

Products, products and more products. Don’t even get me started on the importance of good hair products; I could go on for hours! As a licensed Cosmetologist I know the importance of quality products. I have compiled a list of my favorite products and their uses, along with how and when they can be used (or something similar). I will show you all from Redken (because I love Redken, but there are other products that work just as well). Redken is the source of all my information, although you can find similar products. To show how strong the hold, the numbers range from 0-28. It will give your hair the style you desire. [rs_space height=”30px”]


It’s a good idea to put something in your hair before you blow-dry. It’s like the basecoat of nail polish. That makes all the difference! These are just a few of my favorites:

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Extreme Anti-SnapThis is something I use everyday. You apply it to your hair when it’s wet (1-2 pumps), and then you can blow-dry or air dry. It will give your hair shine and strength. It smells just like Air Head candy.

Extreme Anti-Snap [rs_space height=”15px”] Satinwear 02This can be used in place of the Anti-Snap. It does the same thing but adds heat protection. That means when you blow-dry your hair the heat of the drier won’t be damaging. The steam that you see when your hair is dried or straightened and curled? If you don’t have any protecting product on your hair…the steam is literally your hair burning. If you have a heat protection product, the steam will protect your hair! Isn’t that great! Satinwear 02 [rs_space height=”15px”] Aerate 08This product works as a Gel, Mousse and Shampoo all in one. It’s super lightweight, so it can be used in all hair types. I have thin, fine hair and this doesn’t weigh it down, but I have used it on clients with massive amounts of hair and the end result is just as beautiful. Use a “quarter sized” amount, rub it into your hands then run your fingers through your hair, starting from the ends and up to your roots. You can then blow-dry the hair with this product. Spray Mouse, Gels, and Paste. My favorite Paste is Messes Around 10You can use it on wet hair for hair drying or dry hair for texture. Aerate 08

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Once you’ve applied the products to your hair, it is time to dry it. I only use round brushes, they give volume and help get your hair smooth and create shine, who doesn’t love shiny hair? There are many brushes available, so make sure you use the ones that you’re familiar with. Part your hair starting at the base and working your way up. You will have a better outcome if you take more control of your hair. Begin at the roots, work your way down. Keep the air moving DOWN through your hair and not up. This will reduce frizz and fly-away. Practice makes perfect!

Blow DryingRound Brushes [rs_space height=”30px”]


Your hair is now dry and shiny. You can leave your hair as it is or spray some hair spray on it and go. Or you can straighten it with the Flat Iron/Wand. There are so many options! The look you desire will dictate which products you purchase next.

Iron Shape 11If you are looking to flat-iron or curl your hair, use a product that protects it from heat. It would be a shame for you to arrive at your session with little fried ends. It is light and doesn’t leave hair dry. You don’t need a lot, if you spray too much your hair will get wet, that’s not what you want! If you know your hair doesn’t hold curls well, but that’s the look you want for your photos use something with more styling hold, like Hot Sets 22. Once you curl your hair, while it’s still warm, run your fingers through it. This will ensure that your curls are soft and crunchy.

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Iron Shape 11 [rs_space height=”30px”]


I said I loved products. There’s one for every situation! These three are great for setting everything up and keeping it looking nice.

Wax Blast 10This one is my favorite, and it smells so good! You can give your hair texture and volume by using a small amount. Spray it in, and you can either straighten your hair or let it air dry. It’s a really versatile product!

Wax Blast 10 [rs_space height=”15px”] Quick Dry 18This is a classic spray for hair. I wouldn’t recommend anything stronger than this for your photos. You might be asking why? That’s a great question! You want your hair to move in the photos! Don’t spray so much hairspray that your hair stays completely still! We are just trying to control the fly-aways.

Quick Dry 18 [rs_space height=”15px”] Shine Flash – If you know your hair isn’t naturally shiny, this product will be your best friend. I believe it smells citrusy, who doesn’t love that? You can use just a little bit at the very end. You’ll love it!

Shine Flash

Lastly, don’t be afraid to show your true self when it comes to hair and makeup. We want that to be the focus of our photographs!

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