Scandinavian girl names: 35 female Scandinavian names

Every region of the world comes with its own collection of popular names for girls. In the UK, during 2019, Olivia and Oliver were the most popular names. The most popular Chinese name was Zhang Wei (for men) and Wang Fang (for girls).

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Scandinavia, a place best known for its stunning scenery and happy people, is also responsible for some of the most popular names in Europe.

Today, we’re going to introduce you to some of the best Scandinavian girl names, what they mean, and how you can pronounce them. If you’ve just met someone Danish and would like to know their names, this guide is for you.

You can even use this list of female Scandinavian names as inspiration if you’re looking for ideas for a new family arrival.

Let’s get started.

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The top Scandinavian girls names

Most Scandinavian girl names feature a unique use of vowels and different spellings that make them look just as beautiful on paper as they sound. If you love the Scandi landscape, there are many romantic and traditional titles that you can choose from.

Here are some of our favorites:

1. Freyja (Pronounced: Fray-ah)

Freyja is the name of a Norse goddess known for beauty, fertility, and love. Alternatively, spelled “Freya”, this Scandinavian girl name is popular across the US and United Kingdom too.

Freyja is a popular surname in the Scandia region because of its romantic background and connection to the Scandia landscape’s history.

2. Tuva (Pronounced: Too-vat)

Tuva is a Norwegian and Swedish name, and a variation of “Tova”. The name literally means beautiful, making it an excellent choice for any girl. There are also some similarities to the Norse name Thor for boys.

Like its cousin, Tove, Tuva is a name that isn’t well-known throughout other parts of the world. Unless you’re from a Nordic region, there’s a good chance this name is brand-new for you.

3. Annika (Pronounced: Anne-ick-ah)

Annika is a name of Swedish origin, with a variety of spelling options including Annica, and Anika. This name means grace, making it a simple and beautiful option for any girl.

This regal version of “Anne” adds something a little special to a name that has become quite popular and overused throughout the United States and the United Kingdom.

4. Kajsa (Pronounced: Kie-sah)

Kajsa is a Swedish version of the name Katherine, which means pure and chaste. This name is also very similar to Katie, the American name. Scandinavian female names The letter J is often used in the middle to soften a sound.

There’s an exotic quality to this title, despite its gentle meaning.

5. Laila (Pronounced: Lie-lah)

Laila or Lajla is a Finnish name, meaning “holy”. This name is sung with beautiful music, and it is often used by the Sami people of Scandinavia as an alternative to Helga. There’s also an Arabic version spelled Layla, which means “night”.

Lei is a Scandinavian nickname that you might hear a lot as you travel through Finland.

6. Dahlia (Pronounced: Dah-leeyah)

Dahlia is one of the most popular Scandinavian girls’ names, and something you’ve probably heard around the world too. Named after the flower it bears, Dahlia is a feminine name. This title, like many others from Scandinavia, has a fascinating history.

Dahlia, a Victorian name for dignity and elegance, is the flower’s name. Lia is a common name for Dahlia girls.

7. Mia (Pronounced: Mee-yah)

Mia is shortened version of the name “Mariah” which came from the Hebrew name, Miryam. However, Scandinavian girls use this title as a shorter version of everything from Emilia, to Miriam too.

Mia is an Ocean Goddess or Queen. In some regions it may also refer to the Guardian of Justice. A powerful name.

8. Ulla (Pronounced: Ooh-lah)

Probably one of the most lyrical sounding Scandinavian girl names on this list, Ulla has a connection to both Una and Lulu. The name comes from Norse and Scandinavian origins and translates into “determination” or “will”.

If you’ve ever watched the movie “The Producers”, you’ll be familiar with this title from Uma Thurman’s character. Ula is another popular spelling.

9. Elsa (Pronounced El-sah)

Probably the best-known Scandinavian girl name around right now, this name is everywhere in the UK and the USA thanks to the Frozen Disney movie. This was Sweden’s most popular name in 2014, and it often earns a top spot in the hearts of many Scandinavians.

In Teutonic German, Elsa is consecrated to God. If you want something more, Else is another option.

10. Viveca (Pronounced: Vee-vuh-kah)

This is yet another name from Sweden that’s extremely popular among Scandinavian girls’ names. Viveca is a strong-sounding title that’s sure to remind anyone of an Amazonian warrior. The beautiful name means “alive” or “life”, which is fantastic for anyone who wants a vibrant-sounding name.

Once again, this poetic title has a lot of appeal in Scandinavia, but it hasn’t reached many places in the US and UK yet.

11. Anneli (Pronounced: An-ah-lee)

A twist on another Swedish name, Annalise, Anneli is a sweet Scandinavian girl name that means “grace”. If you want an alternative to the more boring name of “Ann”, then Anneli is a good choice.

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This option is starting to gain some popularity in the United States lately, but it’s less popular in other regions of the world.

12. Sanna (Pronounced: San-nah)

Sanna is a name that comes from the more well-known Susannah. This Scandinavian girl name is bold and powerful, although it actually means “lily”. If you’re looking for a Scandi alternative to better known titles like Anna or Hannah, but you want a similar sound, this could be it.

Sanna is also one of the Scandi names that is quite easy to spell.

13. Linnea (Pronounced: Lin-nee-yah)

Linnea is a name of Swedish origin, perfect for those who want to harness the beauty of Scandinavian female names. The title means lime tree or twinflower — and it comes with a lot of history.

Carl Linnaeus (a Swedish botanist) was the one who gave us the name.

Interestingly, this name hasn’t gained much popularity in the UK or USA yet.

14. Kai (Pronounced: Keye)

Kai is fundamentally a beautiful Scandinavian girl name, but it also has connections to around five other languages too. Depending on where you are in the world, the name’s meaning changes. For instance, in the Scandinavian region, Kai means “earth”.

The subtle and simple nature of this name means that it works well for either a boy or a girl, but it’s more commonly associated with Scandinavian girls.

15. Ronja (Pronounced: Ron-sha)

Ronja is a unique Scandinavian girls’ name with a compelling sound. If you hear this name in Germany, it may be pronounced “Ronya”, instead. The name comes from the Hebrew title Ronia, and it means “God’s joyful song”.

This is still a relatively rare name in most parts of the world outside of Scandinavia, so it’s sure to grab your attention.

16. Jytte (Pronounced: Yit)

It doesn’t get much more Scandinavian than this. Jytte is a special Scandi female name with an interesting background. The name is actually a take on the more well-known name, Judith, and it means “Women from Judea”.

Jytte has an interesting sound to it and it looks great on paper — but you might have trouble getting people to spell it properly.

17. Karina (Pronounced: Kar-eena)

Karina is a sweet sounding name, and an alternative to the better-known Karen. If you were a fan of Bob Dylan, then you’re probably already familiar with this name.

Karina means beloved or “dear” in Latin, and it also means “Pure” in Greek. This is a fantastic Scandinavian girl’s name with a lot of worldwide potential.

18. Ingrid (Pronounced: In-grid)

Ingrid is a name you probably associate with Scandinavia already. Ingrior is actually an old Norse name. It’s a short form of Ingfrior which in German means beautiful and beloved.

It might sound a little harsh rolling off the tongue, but this name is actually a very popular Scandi title, and one that’s very easy to spell.

19. Suren (Soo-ren)

Suren, or Soren is a Scandinavian name that means strong or heroic in the Latin, or Lilac in Scandinavian. In some parts of the world, it’s more common to hear the name “Soren” pronounced “So-ren” as a boy’s name.

However, the Scandinavian girls are more likely to have this name in the Nordic region, thanks to its connotations with the beautiful flower and the feminine color.

20. Nora (Pronounced: Nor-ah)

Nora is a name that most people around the world are already familiar with, thanks to artists like Nora Jones. This name comes from “Honora”, which is an Anglo-Norman name.

It’s an extremely popular title in Scandinavia, and it means “with honor or meaning”. People also link Nora to Ireland.

21. Agneta (Pronounced: Ag-nee-ta)

Agneta, otherwise spelled Agnetha, is a lyrical and Scandinavian version of the name Agnes. The name has connotations with virginity and purity, and like Agnes, it’s an extremely popular name across Sweden and Denmark.

This title has a distinctive hard sound at the ending, which appeals if you like Agnes’ concept, but with a twist. Scandinavian Agneta is often referred to as Aggie or Neta by girls.

22. Greta (Pronounced: Gret-ah)

Another of the most popular Scandinavian girls’ names, Greta is German in origin, and it has a lot of sway in Scandinavia too. This title might also be spelled as “Gretta” in some parts of Norway and Sweden.

Greta means “Pearl”, and it’s sometimes seen as a diminutive form of Margaret or Margaretta. Greta Thunberg (an incredible environmental activist) is making this name increasingly popular.

23. Malin (Pronounced: Mah-lin)

In other parts of the world, the name “Malin” might seem masculine. However, in regions like Sweden and Norway, this title links to the Scandinavian name Magdalene — another popular girls’ name.

It is both exotic and simple, with many girls using it in the Nordic region. The name basically means “high tower”, which is often why many Scandinavian people connect it with fairy tales and princess stories.

24. Astrid (Pronounced Ast-rid)

Astrid is a name that comes straight from Norway, based on an adaptation of a rough old Norse word that means “beautiful god”. Although some people find the name “Astrid” to be a little harsh sounding initially, the title is actually a fantastic celebration of femininity.

What girl wouldn’t want a name that means “divinely beautiful”? The biggest downside with this name is that it’s pretty difficult to find a nickname for it.

25. Mari (Pronounced Ma-ree)

Mari is a Scandinavian girl’s name based on the better-known moniker of Marie, or Mary. This feminine name is found in many countries, including Japan, Finland, Hungary and Norway. It sounds lovely and looks beautiful when it is written down.

Most people associate “Mari” with words like calm and love. If you’re looking for a Scandi twist on a more traditional looking name, then Mari could be just the option for you.

26. Queron (Pronounced Ka-ren)

We can almost guarantee that this is a version of Karen you haven’t seen before. Almost unheard of in most parts of the world, Queron is the Danish variation of Karen or Katherine, and it means “pure”.

This unusual name is one that stands out when it’s written down but sounds very simple when spoken. Scandinavians believe that the additions of the Qu at each end of the name give it a more royal feel.

27. Soley (Pronounced: Soh-lay)

Soley is a name that you might expect to appear more often in sunny regions of the world like Spain and Mexico. However, it’s actually got some origins in the region of Iceland! There’s a yellow flower in Iceland with the same name — which is probably where this title originally came from.

The sound of this fantastic name is lyrical and soft, and it has links to terms like “sun island” and “buttercup”.

28. Hanne (Pronounced: Jane)

See this Scandinavian girls’ name written down, and you’re likely to think that it’s a version of the name “Hannah.” However, the female name Hanne actually comes from Johanne, or Johanna, which has origins in Germany, Denmark, Norway, and even the Netherlands.

This is a very popular title around Scandinavia and a fun alternative to the standard name of “Jane”. You can use Hanne both for boys and girls.

29. Odda (Pronounced: Odd-ah)

Sure, this Scandinavian female name might look a little “odd” at first (see what we did there), but it’s actually extremely popular and well-known throughout Scandinavia. This name is Norwegian and has a very unique meaning.

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Although it’s difficult to give an exact translation of Odda, it basically describes a person that is perfect or complete in every aspect. We bet this is a title you won’t be able to get out of your head.

30. Brigitta (Pronounced Bridge-ett-ah)

If you like the name Bridgette, then you’ll love the name Brigitta. The title comes to you from Sweden, and it means “strength” or “exalted person”.

Although the slightly more well-known Bridget has gained a lot of popularity around the world over the years, Brigitta is still most common in the Scandinavian region.

If you’re looking for a name that conveys strength, but you don’t want something that’s too overly aggressive”, Brigitta could be the perfect option.

31. Brigitta (Pronounced Bridge-ett-ah)

If you like the name Bridgette, then you’ll love the name Brigitta. The title comes to you from Sweden, and it means “strength” or “exalted person”.

Although the slightly more well-known Bridget has gained a lot of popularity around the world over the years, Brigitta is still most common in the Scandinavian region.

If you’re looking for a name that conveys strength, but you don’t want something that’s too overly aggressive”, Brigitta could be the perfect option.

32. Vilde (Pronounced: Vil-dee)

It really doesn’t get much more Scandinavian than this. Vilde is a name with Norse origin, which literally translates to “Elf battle”.

If you’re a fan of things like Lords of the Rings, and you love how Norway’s fjords remind you of fairy tale battles and other worlds, then you’re going to be a huge fan of Vilde.

This name has a really unique sound to it that’s playful and fun too. This name is a combination of a warrior princess and something adorable.

33. Uzma (Pronounced: Oohs-ma)

Uzma has a background in Arabic and the Norse language. It basically translates to “luxurious and supreme” or just “the greatest”. If you meet someone named Uzma in Scandinavia, you might find that they’re either extremely modest or a little bit of a show-off.

Either way, their short but impactful Scandinavian girl’s name is sure to make you remember them.

34 Smilla (Pronounced: Smee-lah)

Smilla is a name with origins in Norway and Denmark. You might not be able to guess its pronunciation from reading it. This popular Scandinavian girl name basically means “a person who has a beautiful smile”.

It is also used by some Danes to mean someone who brings smiles to your face. Either way, it’s a joyful name and one that we absolutely love!

35. Carianne (Pronounced: Carry-anne)

Another excellent example of beautiful Scandinavian girls’ names, Carianne is similar in style to Catherine and Kara. It means pure and chaste, or “a pure woman”, and has origins in the Nordic region.

If you’re looking for a name that’s similar in sound to Catherine, but has something a little softer to it, this could be the title you’ve been looking for.

36 Danique (Pronounced: Dah-kneek)

Danique is an eye-catching name with origins in Denmark, and the Netherlands. This Nordic title is often used as an alternative name to Danielle. It has a unique meaning and the q at the middle gives it that.

Danique comes from the term “star” or “morning star”.

Scandinavian Girl Names 3

Some of the most popular Scandinavian girl names to come from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland are already pretty popular around the world. You may know someone named Andrea or Liv.

Since the arrival of Frozen, the movie, you’re probably pretty familiar with names like Elsa too.

In Denmark, the most popular Scandinavian girl names of 2020 are:

  • Alma
  • Clara
  • Freja

In Finland, the most popular Scandinavian girl names of 2020 are:

  • Elea
  • Sofia
  • Amelia

In Sweden, the most popular Scandinavian girl names of 2020 are:

  • Olivia
  • Astrid
  • Maja

In Norway, the most popular Scandinavian girl names of 2020 are:

  • Anne
  • Inger
  • Kari

In Iceland, the most popular Scandinavian girl names of 2020 are:

  • Gudrun
  • Anna
  • Kristin
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The best Scandinavian names for girls

Hopefully, this list of Scandinavian names for girls has given you an insight into some of the amazing female names to come from Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. We’ve even thrown in some Scandinavian girls’ names with Icelandic and Germanic origin for extra measure too!

Scandinavian girls have some of the most beautiful names in the world, with titles that sound just as good out loud as they do written down. Every year, new options come into the mix, so make sure you keep an eye on what’s trending.


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