Samsung Galaxy F62 Review 2023


Samsung has its eyes on mid-range smartphones. However, these midrange phones are the boom for the market. Samsung is a top-rated mobile manufacturer in India, and it has recently launched a mid-range budget M series. They also launched another F series to take firm control of the market. Its main goal is to beat other smartphone brands. When it comes to the Samsung Galaxy F62, this article on Best Phones under 25000 by GuideByTips has clearly indicated that it is one of the best smartphones in this price range.

So let’s get to know more details about this device.

Build Quality And Design

With the Galaxy F62, Samsung continues to utilize the Glasstic design philosophy. Glasstic refers to an outer shell made of glass and plastic. There are already a few visible scratches on the back of the phone after a few days of usage. You will have to purchase a case since Samsung doesn’t include one with the box.

Samsung integrated the fingerprint sensor into the power button. Also, the Redmi Note 9 Pro, Galaxy M31s, and Pro Max follow this same strategy.

It has a good design and builds quality, but the back is prone to scratching.


The Galaxy F62 phone comes with a 6.67-inch AMOLED display, with Full HD+ resolution, exactly like Galaxy M51.

This device also has Widevine L1 certification as it helps you stream online in full HD resolution. But this device is a 60 Hz panel, unlike the OnePlus Nord that arrives with a 90 Hz display.

Under direct sunlight, we can use this phone easily. The selfie camera is lodged in the hole punch notch on the top of the smartphone.


It runs on Android 11 and comes with one UI 3.1 out of the box. Several major updates to Android OS will come from Samsung. It consists of many features like Google Discover and a zoom lock for the camera. At the same time, the boosted UI aims at a few preloaded bloatware and highlights one-hand usage. When you sign up using a Samsung account, you will get a little at, but everything is fine about this UI.


Galaxy F62 houses four cameras on the back and one selfie click on the phone.

An ultra-wide-angle camera of 12MP, 65MP primary camera, and a 25MP shooter camera are mounted on the back of the phone. A 32MP selfie camera, however, is on the front.  It is good to see that the phone quickly focuses on indoor and daylight lighting conditions. The Reproduction of color is fine, and the photos give a good amount of detail. This also features a built-in scene Optimizer feature that recognizes things and optimizes the settings accordingly.

Battery Life and Performance

With Exynos 9825, the Galaxy F62 boasts outstanding performance, exceeding its competitors. It offers up to 8GB of memory and 128GB of storage.

There are no noticeable lags or stutters when using apps, browsing the internet, or taking pictures. During gaming, the phone performed well – but it got a bit hot after extended gaming sessions, which is pretty standard.

Having a 7,000mAh battery won’t run out of juice in a single day. The regular use of a single charge can last two full days.

With its big battery comes a significant weight – at 218 grams, the Galaxy F62 can appear heavy at first, but it is easy to adjust once you get used to it.

Audio Quality

With only a single firing speaker, the Galaxy F62 makes a fair amount of noise. The Sound quality isn’t as good as Xiaomi Mi 10i or OnePlus Nord at higher levels, and the bass output isn’t as good. It sounds muffled at higher volumes, but calls are still apparent.

Although there is a 3.5mm headphone jack, it still has a good form factor and excellent sound quality. The Dolby Atmos feature enhances the sound effects for all modes as well.

Final Verdict

Despite its lack of frills, Samsung Galaxy F62 is a good phone. It’s got a good design and a reliable battery life. Most consumers want their mobile phones to offer them these factors. This device has a few limitations, including a Glasstic build, no HDR, inferior cameras, etc.


Nevertheless, these are all personal preferences. If you can ignore a few things, then this is a decent phone at its price and can be a good pick for most.


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