Safety Guide for Gas Cylinder Trolleys 

Gas Cylinder Trolleys 

Moving, using and storing gas cylinders are all rife with dangers – the very nature of storing extremely combustible gases in a pressurised container means that you need to take extra care, keeping them within a certain temperature range and always treating them with caution and respect.

Moving gas cylinders is particularly risky, as the heavy, cumbersome bottles are easy to drop, and you should never roll or drag them. That’s why it is best practice to use a gas cylinder trolley to move them about your site. Here is our guide on Gas Cylinder Trolleys .

What are gas cylinder trolleys? 

Made from strong steel, trolleys for gas-bottles are built to securely hold gas cylinders in place on a frame while the operator wheels them about. The most common design is a metal frame with a chain to hold the bottle in place – the frame will be sized to hold a specific bottle type for added safety. Other models include versions where the bottle is lifted and placed into a frame that then surrounds it, and frames built to carry more than one bottle simultaneously. 

How to use a gas cylinder trolley safely 

As with even the most basic of tools and equipment, you should always make sure that you train the individual who will be using the trolley. It might seem obvious how to use it, but without proper training important safety aspects can easily be missed. 


When you load the trolley, make sure first of all that both the trolley and the bottle are in good condition – valves, wheels, restraining chain, frame etc. Then, ensure that you are capable of loading the trolley safely. If you are in any doubt, always get some assistance. 

Slow but sure 

Make sure you never move too quickly with your trolley. Always be aware that it is loaded with pressurized gas, that any impact could potentially cause a breach of – so take it slowly, watch where you are going and be careful.


As you move along with the trolley, be on the lookout for any imperfections in the floor surface. The slightest divot or smallest pebble could potentially cause the trolley to wobble and then slip out of your control, bringing the bottle into sharp contact with the ground or the surrounding and potentially causing a breach. 

At rest 

When you get to where you need to be, make sure that the bottle is unloaded safely (reverse the procedure for loading it and don’t be afraid to ask for help). Or, if the bottle is to be used from the trolley, make sure that the entire unit is positioned safely out of the way of any potential passers-by or vehicles, and that it is on a flat, level surface so that it cannot roll away. Lastly, bear in mind the standard safety procedures for storing gas cylinders, so if you have moved the bottle to a place near open flames, other potential risks of ignition, or extreme heat, for example – you need to remove it to a safer place.

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