55 'Rise Above' Quotes To Keep You On Your Higher Path

Sometimes, life throws us off balance by events beyond our control.

These are the times when we feel like giving up and don’t know how to get out. There are times when no one is there to help.

We need to remember that we can always rise above these moments. There are no mountains too high or rivers too low; all of us have the potential to achieve greatness. There are many ups as well as downs in life, but if you persevere enough, you will reach your goals. This is what it means “rise above”

All kinds of difficulties are part of our daily lives. No one aspect of life is perfect, whether it’s our job, relationships, health, wealth, or career. These imperfections make you a better person. This is the essence of life. We must rise above our imperfections and work towards our little perfect lives. Quotes and sayings that encourage us to rise above these imperfections can be a great inspiration.

Here are some great ‘rise above’ quotes and sayings that you can use every day. You can find more motivational quotes at you got this quotes.

Best Rise Above QuotesAlso, Sayings

These are the best quotes that will help you rise above all of it. These uplifting quotes and sayings will lift your spirit.

Rise above quotes and sayings to spread love.

1.YourYour fears will diminish as you move above them.”

-Carol ‘CC’ Miller.

2. “Truth will prevail over falsity as oil will overcome water”

-Miguel de Cervantes.

3. “I’m going always to rise above any doubt that may exist around me.”


4. “The greatest victory is to let go of the material things we once valued most.”

-Muhammad Ali.

5.YouYou can bury me and I will grow as white seed. If you burn me, I’ll raise as black ash.

-P.S. Jagadeesh Kumar.

6.ToIt is essential to accept the world and rise above its limitations in order to succeed.

-Michael Korda.

7. Negative thinking is contagious. Negativity can consume you and keep you from being your best self.

-Germany Kent.

8.YouShould be able to see beyond the trivialities of daily life.

-D.T. Suzuki.

9. “Little minds may be subjugated and tamed by misfortune, but great mind rises above them.”

-Washington Irving.

10.YouYou will feel the rise in your mind once you have ascension in your soul.

-Matshona Dhliwayo.

Rise Above Hate Quotes

These ‘rise Above’ sayings and quotes will help you overcome hate and show love by being your best!

11. “Doubt your self and you’ll doubt everything that you see.” You will find judges everywhere if you judge yourself. You can overcome doubt and judgment if you just listen to your voice.

-Nancy Lopez

12. “When the world pushes you to your knees, you’re in the perfect position to pray.”


13. “We can complain about rose bushes having thorns or rejoice that thorn bush have roses.”

-Abraham Lincoln.

14. “Don’t argue your path with other people. It’s your path.

-The Lazy Yogi.

15. “Nobody can make anyone feel inferior without your permission.”

-Eleanor Roosevelt.

16. “First they ignore your, then they laugh at and fight with you, then finally they forget you.”

-Mahatma Ghandi.

17. “Negative people can only infest you with discouragements when they find you around… Just get lost and get saved!”

-Israelmore Ayivor.

18. “Darkness can’t drive out darkness, only light can.” Hate is not able to drive out hate; only loving can.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

19. Life becomes simpler when you accept the apology that you have never received.

-Robert Brault.

20. 20.

-Genevieve Gerard.

Rise Above Adversity Quotes

You can rise above whatever life throws at your way. YouYou’ve made it this far and you won’t stop until you get there. For inspiring quotes that inspire you to “rise above”, read on.


21. “We don’t build courage by being happy every single day. It is only by facing difficult situations and overcoming adversity that we can develop courage.

-Barbara De Angelis.

22. “I hated every moment of training, but I said, “Don’t give up.” You can suffer now and be a champion for the rest of your life.

-Muhammad Ali.

23. 23.

-Francis Of Assisi.

24. “All the adversity I’ve had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles, have strengthened me….YouAlthough you may not be aware of it, a kick in your teeth could be the best thing for you.

-Walt Disney.

25. You must be calm when adversity strikes. Take a deep breath, take a step back and stay strong. Then, press on.

-LL Cool J.

26. 26.


27. 27.

-Truman Capote.

28. 28.

-Max Lerner.

29. 29.

-Jimmy Dean.

30. “Rise above your circumstances, change the world one person at a time starting with you, and be the inspiration you’ve been searching for.”

-Lindsay Stirling.

Motivational Rise Above QuotesAlso, Sayings

You wish someone would tell you the ‘Rise above It’ quotes when you need them.

31. 31.

-Nelson Mandela.

32. “The most beautiful people I’ve known are those who have known trials, have known struggles, have known loss, and have found their way out of the depths.”

-Elizabeth Kübler-Ross.

33. 33.

-Anthony Liccione.

34. 34.

-Kenji Miyazawa.

35.YouTrust in your gut, destiny and life. This approach has always worked for me and has made a huge difference in my life.

-Steve Jobs.

36. 36.

-Edward Thomson.

37. “Don’t judge my success by my failures. Do not judge me by how many times i fell and then got up again.”

-Nelson Mandela.

38. 38.

-Bernice John Reagon.

39.You”You can’t cross the ocean by simply standing there and staring at it.”

-Rabindranath Tagore.

40. “The future belongs only to those who can rise above all the limitations of the earth.”

-Alfred North Whitehead.

Most Inspiring Rise Above Quotes ToHelp You Rise Up

Every person experiences hardships in their lives. It doesn’t matter what you do at the end. These are some quotes that will inspire you to “rise above” the situation.

41 “Rise above the storm, and you’ll find the sun.”

-Mario Fernandez.

42. 42.

-Emmanuel Jal.

43. 43.

-Mike Huckabee.

44 44.

-Vermin Supreme.

45 “Compassion makes us stop and allows us to rise above ourselves for a brief moment.”

-Mason Cooley.

46 Choose one strength or one weakness today and focus with intense concentration. Tomorrow, today, and tomorrow. Rise bit-bybit, but rise!”

-T Jay Taylor.

47 47.

-Alexander Hamilton.

48. 48.


49. 49.


50ToWe must dream big, plan and believe to achieve great things.

-Anatole France.

51YouYou are your own biggest obstacle. Rise above it.”


52 52.

-Albert Einstein.

53 53. We, as a species must rise above war.

-Rosie O’Donnell.

54 “Pardon me as I burn, and rise above this flame.”


55. “The world is there to help you keep growing and hoping for the best. YouYou must rise above all the tragedies of life. YouYou have to keep growing and you will eventually become old.

-Hrithik Rose.

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