125+ Ribbon Tattoo Ideas That Are Cute and Pleasing to the Eye

Do you find it hard to make up your mind when it comes to selecting a tattoo design? Yes.

Don’t worry, be prepared this time. Get a ribbon tattoo inked this time and make a fabulous style statement. Ribbon tattoos are totally fuss-free, simple and very cute. You will surely gather a lot of compliments from friends, family and strangers.

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Getting inked is a major decision, don’t take it lightly. Think your design through because this type of body art is permanent and is going to be your life long partner. Your tattoo should not only look good but also be meaningful. You want a tattoo that has meaning beyond just being a picture.

Ribbons, bows and knots are symbols of elegance, grace, beauty, art, unity and strength. They are also symbols of awareness, which makes them even more meaningful. The best part about getting a ribbon design inked is the fact that you can explore different colors, embellishments and detailing and add an extra touch of glam to it.

They are cute and pleasing to the eye. Still not convinced? Keep scrolling and find out yourself.


Placement- Where you should get this design inked

The placement of your ribbon tattoo depends on you. Whether you want to show it off for all eyes to see or you want to get it on an easy to hide spot, it is all up to you. Ribbon tattoo designs look best on the wrist, ankle, and neck or behind your ear. Such a design is always fun and chic and you would definitely want to flaunt it.

However, if you feel like you wouldn’t want to look at it a lot then select a less visible spot such as your leg or your back. Tattoos are hard to conceal using make up so select wisely. It also depends on the design you choose, some ideas are specifically designed for certain areas of your body. This is where your tattooist can help you the most.

Now, let’s get straight to the point and look at 125+ amazingly fascinating tattoos with their meanings that will blow your mind!

Hello Kitty Inspired Bow

hello kitty ribbon tattoo

This tattoo design is for hello kitty lovers. It is cute and girly and very easy to pull off. It holds no deep meaning as such but looks very pretty, so brace yourself for all the compliments coming your way after you get this inked. It has the hello kitty bow colors and polka dots and looks absolutely lovely.

Ribbon on the ring finger

This tattoo idea is sassy and brilliant. It is like a permanent jewelry so you don’t need to worry about wearing accessories. Even better, you can get matching tattoos for your partner. A cute girly bow for you and a masculine knot for your man. This is a great idea!

Meaning: A bow generally represents love. Getting it on your ring finger would mean that you value love and your relationship with your partner.

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Ribbon Anklet Tattoo

ribbon tattoo

This idea is very innovative and unique. It is worn on the ankle of course. Its placement makes it look very real. This innovative design has a bold black string tied loosely around your ankle and a tiny ribbon bow fixed on the side. You can add detail if desired. Gems and pearls hanging from the string would make it look glamorous!

This design is very nice and creative and any girl who loves to wear anklets would definitely love it because black anklets are trending. It is a permanent anklet, you won’t have to go through the hassle of having to wear it on and take it off. You’re right, isn’t it? Also, if you wear blood red colored nail polish on your toes, your ribbon anklet tattoo will enhance more and look attractive.

Basic Ribbon Knot Tattoo

This idea is also very nice. It has a small sized bold ribbon and is mostly inked on the wrist. You can ask the tattooist to add pearly embellishments or a touch of color to the bow for extra glam. You can easily pull this one off and your friends will most definitely shower you with compliments.


Meaning: Ribbons indicate female power and strength. They also show that women are free to do whatever they like and can conquer the world on their own. They are equal to any man. This basic bow design holds a lot of depth and meaning and it will constantly remind the wearer to not give up because they can rock the world with their power and achieve their goals.


Long Ribbon Bow behind your neck (Beach dress style)

This ribbon design is very classy. It’s a long ribbon bow, tied loosely and gracefully behind your neck. It ends all the way till your upper back. It appears as if you’re wearing a summer dress and you’ve tied the bow around your neck. It looks very realistic and beautiful. You can ask the tattooist to add the color of your choice to the ribbon to make it look prettier.

Let’s see, what do we think? Isn’t this the coolest idea for a nice beachy summer look? It will surely capture a lot of attention when you hit the beach with your gal-pals.

Bow Bracelet

This ribbon bow design is very trendy and turns out extremely cute. Trust me, you can’t miss this one. This is another piece of permanent jewelry you’ll be rocking this summer. Just a simple string on your wrist and a bow cutely inked on its side. Multiple bows, pearls and gems can be attached if desired. This is a very clever idea.

Ribbon Tattoo and Red Rose

This luscious ribbon tattoo design is awesome for someone who loves roses. It is adorned with a large crimson rose. The rose has a bold black ribbon at its end and a bow tied around it.

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It promises to give a very gorgeous and sultry look to any lady who wishes to get it inked. Amazing ribbon tattoo idea, no? I’m sure you find it nice and would want to consider getting it done.

Meaning: Roses are symbols of love and bows also symbolize love. Both together are an excellent combination and would let everyone who will look at it know that you value love. It can be used as a reminder that love is possible even when all else fails. Your mom, your man or your best friend will love you. Your dose of love will be there to give you hope and to comfort you. Also, to make you realize that you can do anything you want in life, all you have to do is believe in yourself.

Ribbon Tattoo with Quotations

Are you looking for something deep and meaningful? If so, this is a great choice. You can get a ribbon knot inked on your wrist with a one liner or a quotation written next to it. Sentences like, ‘believe you can and you’re half way there’ or ‘Be Fearless’ or ‘Expect nothing, live frugally on surprise’ are just a few awesome examples.

Meaning: This idea has a major plus point to it. Such sentences are very impactful and have the power to drive you to do what you are supposed to do. They will drive you to wake up and achieve your goals because life is too short to waste time and sit idle.

3D Ribbon Tattoo

This tattoo is very fabulous and detailed. Its 3D design makes it look very realistic. This tattoo will be created by an expert tattooist. It has intricate details. It is very impressive because the sketching and shadows inside the bow give it a very nice 3D effect.

It may take time to complete but the key is to be patient and wait for the end result. It turns out pretty nice so it’ll all be worth it.


Corset Style ribbon Bow

This innovative and lacey ribbon promises to bring out your curves beautifully. It is very creative and different. It has intricate lacings starting from your upper mid back area and going all the way to your waist line. The lacings are ended with a ribbon knot giving the design an overall lovely look.

The shaded details make it appear very realistic and the 3D effect is also very cool. You can get pearls or gems hanging from the laces inked if you wish. It is super nice for tall and lean girls and suits them a lot. Also, if you wear a backless long trail gown and flaunt the tattoo, you will look fab and capture a lot of attention!

Cancer Awareness Ribbon Tattoo

Cancer Awareness Ribbon Tattoo

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This is a brilliant ribbon tattoo idea that holds the most deep meaning and importance. If you choose to get this design inked you must select a prominent area because this is meant for showing off. It spreads awareness and shows that you are standing true to the cause.

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Many celebrities like to get the symbol inked in support of cancer patients and to let them know that they stand with them and pray for them. Fighting for life is a very scary battle and these patients are immensely courageous. They are the real warriors.

A pink colored ribbon is used and it appeals to girls as well. This is because pink is generally linked to femininity. However, even men like to get it inked, to display their emotions against the disease. These tattoos signify love, compassion and immense courage.

Cancer survivors love to get it inked because they can relate to the sufferer’s pain on another level. They know what the sufferers are going through and want to show to them that there is always hope and that they can make it through. All they need is positive thinking and firm faith in god’s might and power.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs)

Now, let us take a look at some questions people usually have about their tattoos.

Is it painful to get inked?

It is a yes and a no. Sometimes, it is only a slight irritation and at other times, it can be painful. It depends on where you are getting the tattoo. If the area is sensitive, you might feel pain. However, expert tattoo artists have ways to make you feel comfortable through the session.

It is a very delicate process because it involves multiple needles passing through the top layer of your skin. So, be patient and wait for the end result. You will be very satisfied and happy with what you see and it’ll all be worth it in the end.

Are tattoos costly?

Normally tattoo parlors charge $100 to $200 per session per hour. Select a renowned tattoo parlor that is famous for its quality and does not compromise on hygiene. The tools have to be sterile and hygiene should be their top priority.

How long will the area burn and sting?

It is common for the sting to last up to a week. Mild itching and redness is expected. However, if it continues to burn and is not bearable anymore, then you have to visit a doctor. Take good care of the affected area. Don’t cover the area with bandages or tight clothes. Use normal soapy or saline water to clean it.

How long does my session take?

Tattoos generally take 2 to 4 hours to complete. However, the length of time solely depends on the design you’ve picked. If it is large or very detailed then it can take more time to complete.

We hope that this helps you to clarify your questions. That’s all folks, Good luck!

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