RIP Mom Poems: Funeral Poems for a Mother’s Death

RIP Mom Poems: Death is painful and there’s no such thing as aPerfect goodbye, especially when it is about aMother, the woman who gave birth. There’s no way you’ll ever be able to express neither at aThe grief is too overwhelming to express in words. We crafted this post to help you grieve… to help you understand your feelings and to help you remember what aShe was an amazing, strong, and beautiful woman. Take a look at the rest of the stories and you will be overwhelmed by all the moments she shared with you. To all the sons and daughters our there – she wasn’t just your mother, she was your best friend. She may be gone, but everything she’s done will be aSource of inspiration and motivation forThe rest of your life. In life,many people will come and go… but no one like her. RIP ma

1) It hasn’t sunk in, not yet

Nope, I can’t believe you’re gone

In aI am in a complete state of denial.

I wish I’d never, woken up to see this dawn

But I know, I’ll have to move on

I know, I’ll have to let go of the pain

Your life is your rightful place.

Celebrated, again & again


2) Sacrifices without an end in sight

You did it without lifting an eyebrow

Even though I went above our means

You will never be disappointed by my smiles or happiness

Oh, the things you’ve done forMe

Where did you get the energy?

If I could start over, what would it be like?

I’d want no one else but you


3) You encouraged me to be the best version of myself

Even when the world was against you

Where did you find such strength?

To keep fighting but also to motivate me

Courage, happiness smiles, and hugs

Only aFew things are more important than having enough of them.

Such an inspiring legacy you’ve left behind ma

I’m smiling wide today, as I look to you up in the sky


4) You felt my anger, and you understood me lying

You didn’t let me down, you watched

You let me go above your means

Even if your smiles turned to frowns

Mom, I don’t deserve to be the one

For the last goodbye

But, I’m here, regretting all those years

You sigh, that I did.

Not all is lost, I know you’ll be watching

Now, I’m going to start picking up the pieces that I have.

Going to live aLiving a life worth living aMom like you

I’m gonna make you proud ma, in every way


5) Saying that I’m feeling sad

Would you? aa little too shallow

Words just can’t explain

How I’m feeling, so low

Life is gone

Someone so dear

It’s just not possible to imagine

That you won’t be near

MomThis is the end of this goodbye

To be painstakingly difficult and to take a long time

As you have always said

I’ll try to be strong


6) Since day one, a fighter

Survivor until the very end

Non seulement aMother, you

Were my life’s best friend

You should consider my needs first

It seemed that it was always

There are no words that can express the feelings of this woman.

For what you’ve been to me


7) I don’t know why

But I just can’t stop crying

It was possible to fake it in order to seem strong

But then I’d just be lying

Never have I been through this.

So strong is the pain in my heart.

I ask myself: Is this fair?

This is wrong!

However, the cacophony in me mind is subsiding.

To give way aRealize that you are already there

In aBetter place now, far from suffering

I am with you in spirit, near but so far

It’s possible you might be there, but not more

But you’re listening, that, I know

I’m trembling, as I reign in my thoughts

Never in my life have I felt this low.

I love you ma, RIP

8) I should feel sad and broken

But honestly, I’m not

Yes, you’ve been taken away

But it’d be selfish, if that was my thought

The things you’ve been through

You’ve endured, suffering and pain

No matter what I feel, there’s no way

I’d want you to go through that again

The heavens have spoken

It was decided by the angels that it was time for them to leave.

I’m sad, I’m heartbroken… but in aBetter place

I’m here, you are right now


9) From the heavens higher than you

I know you’re watching me

I know you’re around

I know, you’ll always be

Oh what I wouldn’t give

Last goodbye

A hug so long it’d never finish

MomThe twinkle in my eye, forever


10) On one hand, I’m feeling shattered

Lost, like aA little dog left behind

But on the other, I’m feeling at peace

Knowing you’re resting, away from the misery

This shock will make you as sick as me

Deep down, I know you’re in aBetter place

Without you, life is impossible for me

But at least, there’s no pain on your face

Rest in peace, mom

11) I believed in God when I was young.

That was once I got! aJob and move out

I’d be independent, no need forFamily dinners

I’d be free, there was no doubt

How wrong I was

Yes, those first few years were liberating

The idea of freedom was short-lived

After that, it was lonely

I was able to realize this quickly.

All freedom was worthless

If I didn’t have you to share it with ma,

Your hugs were priceless, I realized.

You’re finally resting now ma

But I will always hear your voice.

It’ll guide me through life, day after day

Remind me how far we’ve come yet how close we are


12) Don’t give up no matter how hard life throws at you

Fighting like aYou were a warrior even when the odds were against your side

Sometimes, I am even a little puzzled at how you manage to put up with me. aTeen

A strong woman, like you I’ve never seen

It has been a life-changing experience to just sit and watch you live it. aLot

Learnings and inspiration such, from any book I’d never have got

Although I might be crying, it is from my heart. aDeep satisfaction envelopes me

We can thank our fate for letting me grow up with the world’s best mommy


13) Tonight, the stars will twinkle

Today’s skies will be bright

Heavens will be happy

Their favorite angel is on her path

There’s no other person in the world

You are as kind-hearted and loving as your heart.

Ma, I promise,

I’ll grow up to be one too


14) It came to me

You made the weak feel powerful

You made doubt disappear

You forced me to make right, my wrongs

This is an example a motivation you’ve been

Every day of every day of your existence

I know who to look up too

When I’m going through hardship

Non seulement aMother

Inspirational, always and everywhere

DeathNothing to me

In my heart, you’ve living on forever…

Mom, I love and cherish you.

15) Through the hardest of times

You kept the ship afloat

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from you

It is to remain strong and happy

From the depths of my soul

I’m shivering, as I say my final goodbye

Thinking of the memories, can’t help but

Break into aSmile, even when I cry

Maybe I’ll never be able to accept

That you’re gone, maybe I don’t want to

One part of you will always remain here

You are right here, in my heart.


16) Numb, I’ve gone from within

Broken, shattered and sore

Perhaps the angels decided you were not needed

Mom, I needed more

I am not you, but I am lost

No one can understand my pain

Rest in peace mom for one day

We will be meeting again

17) I’m here, saying my last goodbye

To the woman that gave it all

Just so I could have a better life

All the while, I was unable to crawl.

This is an example aLarge heart, such aA tender heart

Living life with laughter and smiles

To give you, mom aOne last hug

I’d walk a million miles


18) In one life, it seems like you’ve lived a hundred,

You had to balance work and family.

It wasn’t easy, I could see as I sat on the sidelines,

Even though you couldn’t keep up, you persevered.

From where you got all this strength, I’ll never understand,

No one will ever know how you managed to keep up with the chaos.

No one will have as big an impact as you’ve had on my life,

Of that, there’s no doubt.


19) To the heavens

With aSmile and enjoy your smile

I seek solace in the midst of pain

Knowing that you’re in aBetter place

Finally, you are finally asleep

All the pain is gone, all of it free

Missing you now, missing you forever

RIP MomWe will see you again,

20) You refused to accept that you are gone

Anger at the heavens forTake you away

This is what I would never do in denial. aHug from you

Living in misery day after day

That was my state of mind.

We are here since the moment you left.

Accepting reality

Was like being hit by aBus

It sinks in. I realize how fortunate.

I’ve been to have you as my mother

While life will continue, an angel like yours will be there to help you.

There will be no other.


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