15 Best Instagram Analytics Tools for 2021

How to Get Instagram Analytics

You can track InstagramFollower stats, and other key metrics are available through:

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  1. An InstagramProfil of a business
  2. An InstagramAnalytics tool

If you’ve already created an InstagramProfile for your business, you can see your analytics via the “Insights” tab in the InstagramYou can download the app to your smartphone.

If you’re using the normal profile, you can easily convert it into a business one by following the steps here.

How to get insights on Instagram

Your main page will be displayed. Instagram profile, you’ll see four vertical lines at the top right corner of your mobile’s screen.

How to get Instagram Insights

Tap on them and InstagramThis will take you to Insights.

You should now have access to a range of metrics forYour posts, activity, audience demographics.

Nota: If you’ve created or made the switch to an InstagramIt can be difficult to update your business profile if you have just started it. forThe platform for data presentation forYour profile. Additionally, InstagramThis will only show insights for stories and content that you’ve posted after converting to a business profile.

Use of InstagramThe best thing about Insights data analytics is the ease with which you can understand it. You don’t need to possess any previous data analytics experience, and you might even be able to draw out some valuable insights by tapping into the knowledge you already have.

But if you’re not keen on trying to cobble together data from the native InstagramApp, you should try an InstagramAnalytics app.

The Best Instagram AnalyticsApps

The size of Instagram and the diversity of its metrics, it’s often best to have various types of analytics tools available at your disposal. Here, we’ll introduce the 15 best InstagramAnalytics apps are available to improve your overall performance.

Let’s take a look at the apps!

1. Squarelovin

squarelovin instagram analytics

Squarelovin, one of the few tools that allows you to offer this functionality, is Squarelovin. InstagramAnalytics are free. It allows you to view a monthly summary of your most recent posts and growth. You can also see a history of all your content by hour or day, month or year. Additionally, the app offers insights on your audience’s preferences and interests, and which times are the best or worst forSending

You can even determine which hashtags and filters are most effective depending on the posts that have received the most attention from your followers.

Use price: No charge

2. Pixlee

pixlee analytics app for Instagram

Another freebie is this: InstagramAnalytics tool to monitor top-performing posts and help generate ideas forNew content. Pixlee’s intuitive reporting feature delivers weekly performance reports. You can also use it to connect with advocates and find social media influencers.

It also provides hashtag tracking and stats. This allows you to identify your most interesting content and track growth. InstagramFollowers

Use price: No charge

3. Crowdfire

crowdfire Instagram analytics dashboard

Crowdfire’s InstagramStats give you a complete view of your activities. InstagramYou can choose a range: yesterday, 7 days, 30 days, ir 90 days. You can select a date range: yesterday (7 days), 30 days or 90 days. Another option is to choose a custom range of dates forA maximum of 90 days. The platform also allows you to select any item from the list. Instagram metrics you’d want to compare, including the posts, likes, reach, followers, comments, profile views, bio email link clicks, and text message clicks.

You can even compare your performance in the existing period with that of the previous one, just by toggling the tiny switch on the top of your Crowdfire dashboard to “ON”.

Get a Free Price forViewing data forThe last day.

4. Later

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Later Instagram app

Later is another InstagramAnalytics tool to help you grow your company by optimizing your IG marketing strategy. This platform is unique because of its Linkin-bio feature, which allows you to connect your social media accounts. InstagramPosts to specific URLs (e.g. product pages) Track website clicks, page views and click-through rates using your InstagramView your profile to find out how many sales a particular post has made.

Later, however, offers a free plan forIndividuals will be able to access various useful IG analytics via its paid plans. InstagramStory insights.

Price: Starting at $9 per Month

5. thegoneapp.com

minter Instagram insights

Another InstagramThegoneapp.com is an analytics tool that you can use. You can create PDF reports to get insights such as growth in followers, profile engagement rates, most used photo filters, and post engagement rates. The option to export data in a beautiful format allows you and your stakeholders to keep everyone informed. InstagramMarketing efforts

thegoneapp.com also offers an extended 14-day trial for free. This allows you to try the app. for free to make sure that it’s the right InstagramStats app forYou

Prices start at $9 per month

6. Smartmetrics

smartmetrics review

Smartmetrics provides more than 30 insights per hour. InstagramYou can track metrics about the stories, posts and other information you provide. InstagramYou can create an account. You can track interactions with your followers, monitor hashtag engagement by day, and monitor the replies you receive on your stories. You can also track mentions and reply to them. Instagram.

You can export Smartmetrics’s reports as CSV or PDF documents and share via email with a single click.

Price: Starting at $9 per month

7. Hootsuite

hootsuite social listening

Hootsuite’s social listening and analytics tools allow you to easily review your data. InstagramYou can learn more about metrics. You can create unlimited reports and analyze historical data to help you understand your overall performance. The platform allows you to share reports with other team members directly from your Hootsuite dashboard.

Price: Starting at $19 per month

8. Iconosquare


This is the best tool. forMultiple accounts can be used by brands and agencies. It offers advanced insights to optimize your overall social-media strategy. It has a few unique features, including InstagramStories analytics, engagement metrics and hashtag tracking.

Its Community AnalyticsThis tool can also be used to assist with understanding InstagramInformation such as age, gender, preferred language, and more.

Price: Starts at $29 per Month

9. Union Metrics


This tool gives you a free monthly subscription InstagramAccount checkup will provide insight into the hashtags that you can use to increase engagement and the posts that your audience responds to best. You will also be able to see which times your followers are most active. Premium access is available, however. Instagram analytics through this platform, you’ll need to get a paid subscription.

As a paid subscriber, you’ll be able to capture and archive important data about your brand. You’ll also be able to identify your top fans and receive detailed insights from their Graph API. What’s more, you can create customized reports and save your data as a PDF at any time.

Price: Starting at $49 per Monat

10. Keyhole

keyhole Insta analytics

Keyhole is one among the best InstagramAnalytics apps available forYou can view the historical and current performance of your account. It lets you track hashtags and keywords as well as URLs to your past and current posts. You’ll not only discover how many times a hashtag was used – the app also allows you to see trending hashtags and how your content is performing. Keyhole can also be used to track competitors’ performance. InstagramProfiles. It is possible to track their activity, growth and engagement over a period of time. These insights can be used to inform your KPIs (key performance indicator)

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Price: Starting at $99 per Month

11. 11.

sprout social Instagram story analytics

Sprout Sprout offers everything you need to monitor, evaluate and improve your business. InstagramMarketing performance. You can track trends in hashtag use, content performance, and competitor data. The customizable reports let you choose a reporting period and the competitor analysis allows you to keep track of your competitors. InstagramTrends and audiences across a portfolio with competing brands

Sprout also has other benefits. InstagramStory analytics allows you to measure the long-term effects of your stories using clicks, replies and other important KPIs.

Price: Starting at $99 per month

12. Whatagraph


If you’re looking forAn easy-to-read guide InstagramWhatagraph offers an Insights report that you can share with your team or virtual assistant. You can visualize data in a stunning way with detailed reports. These include top feed stories, growth rates, engagement, and measurement of interaction. InstagramContent. You can also create a cross-channel performance report for social media to compare performance across different channels.

There’s even an option to customize the report. Whatagraph allows you to upload your logo and color scheme. You can also send the report directly from your email ID.

Prices start at $119 per month

13. Rival IQ

Rival IQ analytics Instagram

Rival IQ was designed to help you keep track the most important things InstagramYou can use it to monitor metrics. It is useful for monitoring Story taps forwards and exit rates, which indicate when your audience has the most activity online, profile link clicks and follower removes and additions, and many other metrics. forPerformance improvements And with loads of demographic information (age group, gender ratio, and so on) at your fingertips, you can see what’s resonating well with your followers.

You can also analyze your preferred post types and hashtag performance to create the best content in your industry.

Price: Starting at $199 per month

14. Socialbakers

socialbakers free instagram analytics

Socialbakers provides a free website. InstagramAnalytics tool that shows you stats about your most popular posts. This allows you to track your performance and determine what content resonates with your followers. For more advanced analytics, such as Instagram Story insights, then you’ll need to sign up for Socialbakers’ AI-powered marketing suite.

The AI suite allows you to manage your InstagramPredictive analytics can make your account smarter. It will identify which stories and posts you should promote, when they should be posted, and which segments of your followers to prioritize.

Prices start at $200 per month

15. HypeAuditor

hyperauditor review

If you’re looking forAn in-depth assessment of the quality of an Instagram influencer’s followers or a way to find fake or ghost followers stats, HyperAuditor’s got you covered. It digs deep into influencer profiles to calculate their Engagement Rate (percentage of followers that engage with the influencer’s posts) and how it compares to the engagement rate of similar experts. You even get an AQS (Audience Quality Score) that analyzes an influencer’s real worth on a scale of 1-100, with a score higher than 70 indicating that the influencer has good value.

Moreover, the platform can be used to check whether or not an influencer’s comments come from a loyal and engaged audience.

Price: Monthly Basic Plan costs $299


There are many. InstagramAnalytics tools available for caterers forThere are many reasons to use them. You can use these hashtags to grow your following, increase engagement, and discover the most popular ones. forThese platforms can help you reach your goals. By monitoring and learning from the insights that these tools provide, you’ll be able to see what’s working, what isn’t, and how to bridge the gaps.

Did we miss anything important? InstagramAnalytics app? Which InstagramWhich analytics app do YOU prefer? Please leave a comment below and let us know which analytics app you prefer.

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