How to Quote a Quote?

  • American English has double quotation marks for quotes and single quotation marks within quotations.
  • British English has single quotation marks for quotes and double quotation marks within quotations.

The rules for using quotation marks can seem complicated, but once you understand the basic principles, it’s not so bad. But what do you do when you’ve got aQuote within a quote? Learn more toFind out.

Quotes Inside Quotations

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Quotations within Quotations

Why would anyone ever do that? aQuote within a quotation? There are many reasons. There are many reasons to do this. aCharacter in aStory may be quoted by another person.

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In this example, American-style quotation marks are used. The main quote is enclosed within double quotation marks. The quote contained within the quote, Do unto other people as you would like them to do unto me, is enclosed in single quotes. The British convention is the reverse; the main quotation would use single quotation marks while the quote within would use double quotation markers. If you have both single and multiple quotation marks, the next sentence will be composed of them. to each other (either at the beginning or end of the quote), you don’t need toAdd aThere should be space between them.

Quoting a Quote

How do you quote a quote? It is. to say, what do you do when you’re quoting material that already contains a quote? The principle doesn’t change. American English has double quotes for outside quotes and single quotes inside quotes. Do the opposite in British English

Let’s say you need to quote aBook for an Essay, and the passage that you are thinking of aCite from another source

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As an example, imagine the first passage of the book.

This passage might be cited as:

Notice that the quotes around there’s no such thing as aJimmy had a free lunch. But when you quote the passage, there’s no such thing as aJimmy gets a free lunch aQuote within aQuote them, then you should modify them to single quotation marks.

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