101 Theater Quotes For Budding Young Dramatists

TheaterDrama is an art form that has existed for hundreds of years all over the globe.

History has proven that great playwrights were born in ancient Greece and early India. Every country and each age had their own style of expression and theatrics.

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Drama might appear to be entertainment at first glance. This is not always the case. It is one the most human-friendly art forms. With your acting and script, you can take a philosophical stance or move them. This is all done right in front of them, making it more difficult and immersive. You might find this a world you like, so continue reading to learn more about theater.

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Famous Theater Quotes

These are some inspiring quotes about theater from well-known personalities that you might find inspiring.

1.TheaterThe verb is preceded by a noun. An act before it, however, is a place.

Martha Graham.

2. “The Greeks gave theater its name. It refers to the viewing place. It is where people can see the truth about themselves and their social situations. Theater is the spiritual and social xray of its day.

– Stella Adler, ‘New York Times’, December 1992.

3. “Movies are your ticket to fame; TV will make money, but theater will make a good impression.”

Terrence Mann.

4. “Theatre is the greatest art form, and the most direct way a person can share their sense of who they are with others.”

– Oscar Wilde.

5.TheaterActors consider it a sacred space. You are in control; you drive.

Greta Scacchi.

6. “A good play does not need an epilogue, even if good wine has no bush,”

– William Shakespeare, “As You Like It”

7. Drama is exposure. It is confrontation. It is also contradiction.

Peter Brook.

8. “We don’t go to the theatre to escape reality like our ancestors. We go there to validate our experience of it.”

– Charles Lamb.

9. “The theater is not life in miniature. It is life magnified and life exaggerated to the extreme.

– H. L. Mencken.

10. “All the World’s a Stage, And All the Men and Women are merely Players; They have their exits. And one man plays many parts …”

– William Shakespeare, “As You Like It”

11. “I view the theater as a serious enterprise, one that makes or ought to make man more human. That is to say, it is less alone.”

-Arthur Miller.

12. “I’m a theatre-goer. My bones and my soul are there. It’s like breathing in the theater. “I want to continue making television and films – it’s part of me.”

– Kenneth Branagh.

13.TheaterDifferent muscles require different aspects of your personality.

– Victor Garber.

14.TheaterEverywhere one goes, it happens. Art is just a tool to convince one of this.

John Cage.

15. To enter a theater to see a performance is to be welcomed into a magical place, to be taken into the sacred realm of the imagination.

– Simon Callow.

16. “We do things on stage that are supposed to occur off. It is an act of integrity if you view every exit as a way to get in somewhere else.

– Tom Stoppard.

17. “Of course, we all arrive at the theater with baggage. The baggage of daily life, the baggage we have to deal with, the baggage we carry around from tragedy, the baggage we feel tired.

– Vanessa Redgrave.

18. There is a certain classlessness about theater. Everyone is family: the rehearsal pianist, head carpenter and stage manager are all part of the same family.

– John Kander.

19. “The theater allows one to have time to address the problems of those people who would not be able to go to one’s office if one was looking for work.”

Tennessee Williams.

20. Without knowing the causes of emotion, no emotion will ever be able to make or sustain a good play. A play is only as good if it has emotion as a dog barking.

– Lajos Egri.

21. “If you want more people to come to the theater, don’t put the prices at £50. It is necessary to make theater inclusive. At the moment, the prices are prohibitive. To get people to watch TV stars in plays is wrong. You need the right people to play the right parts.

Catherine Tate.

22. Theater that is merely ‘good’ and its acting are not merely correct, merely in the proper style will die slowly.

– Robert Cohen.

23. The theater is infinitely fascinating because of its accidental nature. It’s almost like living.

– Arthur Miller.

24 Acting is a sport. You must be able to move on stage like a tennis player. It is important to be sharp and focused. Acting is energy. People pay for energy in the theater.

Clive Swift.

25. “The theater was established to inform people about the truth of life and social issues.”

– Stella Adler, ‘TheaterThe Ageing and Aging, 2009.

Inspirational QuotesFamous TheaterPersonalities

Theater personality quotes can reveal their stage life.

TheaterArt forms are often the subject of many opinions. TheaterIt could be argued that theater was designed to share the truth about life and social intricacies. Theater will not make you wealthy. Here are some famous quotes from them.

26. “All that is required is to be open, ready and willing to allow it all to happen.”

– Angela Lansbury.

27. “I believe that great theaters are the visible and outward sign of an inner and probable culture, whether it is in a big city or in a small town.”

Sir Laurence Olivier

28. “With theater you must be ready for anything.”

– Willem Dafoe.

29. “Art is not a mirror that reflects reality but a tool to shape it.”

– Bertolt Brecht.

30. “The artist’s job is to ask questions, and not to answer them.”

Anton Chekhov.

31. “Playwriting becomes part of your blood and you cannot stop it.” Not unless the producers or the general public tell you otherwise.

T.S. Elliot.

32 “Working as a theater actor has many similarities to unemployment.”

– Arthur Gingold.

33. “The theater allows us to reach out and touch the past through literature history and memory in order to receive and relive important human qualities and then pass them along to the future generations.”

– Anne Bogart.

34. “On the stage it is always now: The personages are standing on the razor-edge between the past, the future, which is essential to conscious being; the words rise to their lips immediately spontaneity.

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Thornton Wilder

35.TheaterIt is the art of the present. It exists only in the moment, then it disappears.”

– Simon McBurney.

36. “The theater is a great place to learn about the fragility of human glory. Oh all those beautiful glittering completely vanished pantomimes.”

Iris Murdoch.

37. “I believe that the theater is just as vital to civilization and as safe as pure water.”

– Vanessa Redgrave.

38.TheaterThis is, naturally, a reflection in life. We might have to improve our lives before theater can be improved.”

William Ralph Inge

39. “Unless you can learn to think in your head, you won’t be able to create.”

– Lin-Manuel Miranda.

40 “I really feel sorry for you all. But it’s an unfair world. Virtue is only triumphant in theatrical performances.

W.S. Gilbert.

41 “I want to give the audience an idea of a scene. Nothing more. If you give them too much, they won’t do anything. You can get them to work with you if you give them just one suggestion. This is what gives theater meaning: When it becomes a social activity.

Orson Welles.

42 “Life is a theatre set with very few practical entrances.”

– Victor Hugo.

43 “The drama’s laws are the drama patrons’, for those who live to please, they must live to please.”

Samuel Johnson.

44. “Great theater challenges our thinking and encourages us to imagine a world we want.”

– Willem Dafoe.

45 You should feel joy. You will feel alive. This is what you should give to the stage. Your life. You deserve nothing less. It is art to give everything.

Anton Chekhov.

46. “I’ve never considered any theater more than the end of a dinner or prelude to one.

– Max Beerbohm.

47 “The dramatist’s job is 1. To provide for his family and 2. To entertain people for a few minutes.”

Lee Adams.

48. “You use a magnifying glass to see your face. You use works of art for your soul.”

George Bernard Shaw.

49 “Love art in your own self, and not in others.”

Constantin Stanislavski’s ‘My Life In Art’, 1924.

50 “All the World’s a Stage and Most of Us are Totally Unrehearsed.”

Sean O’Casey

Amazing Theater QuotesRelated to The Stage

Stage quotes show how the stage is the heard of the theater.

Here are some stage-related quotes to help students of theater.

51 “A good drama critic must be able to see the plays of his time.” Great drama critics also see what isn’t happening.

– Kenneth Tynan.

52 It doesn’t matter how old you are. If our hearts are open and we let them go, theater can do that. And that’s what theater does. Everybody is grateful when it happens.

– Vanessa Redgrave.

53. “If a playwright attempted to see eye-to-eye with everyone, he’d get the worst case since Hannibal lost one eye counting his nineteen Elephants during a snowstorm when crossing the Alps.”

– James Thurber.

54 “A dramatist believes that the pure act of an event involving human beings is more compelling than any commentary that can be made about it.”

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Thornton Wilder

55TheaterActors play different roles in a production called. It also has the function of examining identity. ForThe individual theater is a type of identity laboratory where social roles can be examined vicariously.

– Richard Hornby.

56 “The theater needs constant reminders that the work of those who do well at what is not worth it is more degrading than that which is done well.”

Gore Vidal.

57. “The stage, which is a magic circle in which only the most real things occur, is neutral territory that lies outside of Fate’s jurisdiction where stars can be crossed with impunity.

– P. S. Baber.

58. “The theater has always been about entertaining people. There is no other passport to entertainment than fun.

– Bertolt Brecht.

59 “It’s a lazy public that promotes irresponsible and slothful theater.”

Edward Albee.

60TheaterThere are many insurmountable obstacles that can be thrown in the way of imminent disaster.”

– Tom Stoppard.

61. “All the greatest performers bring something more to their roles than what was written on paper. Theater is alive because of this. It’s why it continues to exist.”

– Stephen Sondheim.

62. “The theater requires three things – the actors, the audience and the play. Each must provide something.”

– Kenneth Haigh.

63. “The pit of the theater is where both the tears of the virtuous as well as the tears of the wicked can be mixed.”

– Denis Diderot.

64. “The theater depicts life, with all its artifices,” says a critic. The medium has a like movement to real life’s, but it has an artificial setting and form.

– George Santayana.

65 “It is a tragic irony of theater that only one man can work steady – the night watchman.

– Tallulah Bankhead.

66 “There is one condition necessary for the creation of a new theatre: the auditorium and stage should be open to the masses. They should be able contain a person’s actions and be able to accommodate them.”

– Romain Rolland.

67TheaterMirror, sharp reflection of society.

– Yasmina Reza.

68TheaterA child’s life can be transformed by a positive cultural experience. This includes opera, ballet and music.

– Michael Morpurgo.

69 “A theater or literature that is not relevant to its time and place has no relevance.”

– Dario Fo.

70 “The theater may, from the perspective of analytic psychology and besides any aesthetic value be considered an institution for treatment of the mass complex.”

– Carl Jung.

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71. “The theater is a gross arts, constructed in sweeps and overemphasis. Its second name is compromise.

– Enid Bagnold.

72 “The play does not exist in the words; it is in you!”

– Stella Adler.

73. “Theatre is an attack on humanity carried on by magic: To victimize an audience each night, to make it laugh and cry, and to make them miss their trains.”

Iris Murdoch.

74. “A stage space must have two rules: (1) Anything can happen, and (2) Something must occur.”

Peter Brook.

75. “Theatre, which brings impersonal masks into life, is for those who are virile enough create new life. It can be either a conflict between passions that is more subtle than the ones we already know or a completely new character.

Alfred Jarry.

The Most Famous Amazing Musical Theater Quotes

Musical theater elevates the standard of theater to a new level. These are some of the best musical theatrical quotes.

76. “If you see the wonder in a fairy tale, you can take the future even though you fail.”

– Sophie, ‘Mamma Mia!’.

77. You can be brave if you believe it. You might be just as brave as your imagination makes you believe.

– Anna, “The King And I”

78 “Climb every mountain, ford each stream, follow every rainbow until you find the one that suits your needs.”

Mother Abbess is ‘The Sound Of Music’.

79 “People learn all throughout their lives.”

– Christmas Eve at Avenue Q.

80 “Even darkest nights will end and the sun’s going to rise!”

– Les Misérables.

81 “When the dog bites, the bee stings or I feel sad, all I have to do is remember my favorite things so I don’t feel as bad!”

Maria, ‘The Sound Of Music.

82. “Everyone should have the opportunity to fly. Even if I’m flying alone, at least I’m free.”

– Elphaba, ‘Wicked’.

83. “Look around, see how fortunate we are to be alive now,”

– Eliza, ‘Hamilton’.

84. “You have to chase the things that you want while your prime.”

– Kate Monster, ‘Avenue Q’.

85 “Love doesn’t discriminate

Between sinners

The saints

It takes, it takes, it takes.

We keep on loving.”

– Burr, “Hamilton”

86 “Make a wish, and it will come true.” The man who invented the airplane flew!

Miss Stacey is ‘Anne Of Green Gables’.

87. “We could have been any thing we wanted to become, and it’s not too late for us to make that happen.”

– “Bugsy Malone”

88 “Stretch your mind beyond imagination. Dreams are made out of strong elastic!”

Mary Poppins, aka Mary Poppins.

89 “A person is a human being, no matter how small.”

– Horton The Elephant, ‘Seussical.

90 “Who cares what they are wearing on Main Street and Saville Row?” It’s not what you wear from head-to-toe, but from ear to ears that matters.

Burt Healey’s ‘Annie’.

The Greatest Drama Quotes For TheaterStudents

Drama can move us from within. Below are some quotes that are drama-based.

91. “In all of the universe, nothing is permanent or unchanged except the spirit.”

Anton Chekhov, “The Seagull”, 1895.

92. “The tears of the whole world are a constant supply. ForEvery one who weeps somewhere else stops. The same applies to the laughter.

– Samuel Beckett, ‘Waiting ForGodot, 1952.

93. “There is no good or bad. But thinking makes it so.”

– William Shakespeare Hamlet, 1603.

94 Martha: George, truth is a lie. You don’t understand the difference.

George: But we have to keep going as though we did.

Martha: I am with you.

Edward Albee. “Who’s Afraid to Virginia Woolf?”1962.

95 “I don’t want realism. I want magic! Yes! Magic! I try to offer it to others. They often misunderstand things. I do not tell the truth. Instead, I tell the truth. If that is sinful, I will be damned!

– Tennessee Williams, ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’, 1947.

96. “The past is the future, isn’t it?” It’s also the future. “We all try to hide that, but life won’t allow us to.”

Eugene O’Neill’s ‘Long Day’s Journey Into Night’, 1956.

97 “Life’s only a walking shadow. A poor player.

He struts and frets about his time on the stage.

Then, it is over.”

– William Shakespeare, “Macbeth”, 1606.

98 “All women are like their mothers.” This is their tragedy. It is their tragedy.

Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Importance And Being Earnest’ (1895).

99. “You have never truly loved me.” “You have never loved me.

Henrik Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House”, 1879.

100 “If you don’t value what you have, then you need to get the best out of it.”

– George Bernard Shaw, ‘Pygmalion’, 1913.

101. “Maggie, it’s over with lies and liars inside this house. Lock the doors

Tennessee Williams, Cat On A Hot Tin Roof 1955.

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