40+ Prayer Quotes for Daily Inspiration and Powerful Encouragement 

God promises that He will listen to every prayer that we offer Him in His Word. He is like a good parent: He is always waiting and ready. andWilling to listen to your worries and concerns andNeeds. Prayer can be used to seek forgiveness, strength or healing. andReceive supernatural strength and power!

These prayer quotations will inspire you. andAs you strive for a deeper faith, encourage prayer. Some of our favorite Bible quotes on prayer are also included. Pray for the gift of God. andShare the power of prayer with others!

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Our Favorite Prayer QuotesThis is:

Our prayers might be awkward. Even though our attempts might be futile, However, the power of prayer lies in the one who hears it andOur prayers make a difference, but not in the one who said it. – Max Lucado

“True prayer is not just a way of living, it’s a way to live.” forIn an emergency, use it. It should become a routine. andWhen the need arises, you’ll be ready to practice.” – Billy Graham

“She (my mom) became an epic warrior far better than any epic hero. She was a giant on her knees. She fought the enemies of death with a sword in her right hand. andDisease and with her other hand stretched toward heaven she kept beseeching God’s help andHis mercy.” T.D. Bishop Jakes

“PrayerGod’s plan is at your fingertips andHis will is his link andIts achievements on earth. Amazing things can happen. andWe are granted the privilege to be the channels for the Holy Spirit’s prayers.” – Elisabeth Elliot

“There are parts to our calling, works by the Holy Spirit. andThere is no other way to defeat darkness than by unceasing, passionate, faith-filled prayer. – Beth Moore

“The truth is that my prayers don’t change God. Prayer changes me, but I’m convinced of that. Praying boldly lifts me from the stale place religious habits and into an authentic connection with God. – Lysa TerKeurst

“Is prayer your steering wheels or your spare tire?” – Corrie ten Boom

“If you cling to prayer in your day, it’s less likely that it will come apart.” Cynthia Lewis

“We are to pray when we face adversity lest our faith be shaken.” andDo not believe. We are to pray for prosperity in times when we feel boastful. andBe proud We are to pray during times of danger so that we don’t become afraid and doubting. We should pray during times of security so that we don’t become dependent on others. – Billy Graham

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“To be Christian without praying is not possible. Martin Luther

oswald chambers quote on prayer

“The Christian lifestyle is not an endless high. There are times when I feel discouraged. I must pray with tears in the eyes and go to God in prayer. andSay, “O God, forgive my sins” or “Help me.” Billy Graham

True prayer is not a mental exercise or a vocal performance. It goes deeper than that, it is a spiritual transaction with God. and”Earth.” – Charles Spurgeon

“If you believe in prayer, you can expect God to hear your prayers. You won’t get what you want if you don’t expect. God won’t hear you unless He believes He will. But if He does believe, you will have faith that He will. – Charles Spurgeon

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“Let nobody profess to believe in God. andBut lay down forFuture needs, or else the Lord will first send him there to the hoard he’s amassed before He can answer the prayer forMore George Muller

“I know the Lord is always on my side; but it is my constant worry.” andPrayer that I andThis nation might be on the Lord’s side.” Abraham Lincoln

“PrayerIs it just talking to God as a friend? andshould be the easiest thing that we do each and every day.” Joyce Meyer

“I am convinced that God will continue to answer prayers of His people, even after He takes them to heaven. Never forget that God isn’t bound by time the way we are. God sees all. We only see the moment, but God sees all. We can only see part of His work; He sees everything. – Billy Graham

“PrayerGod is not changed by it, but he who prays is. – Kierkegaard

“PrayerAsking is more than just asking. It’s an attitude and a mindset that encourages asking to be natural. Oswald Chambers

Prayer is the key to unlocking the riches of God’s mercyes for us in the morning. andBlessings, in the evening it is the key that locks us up under his protection andProtect. “Secure” – Billy Graham

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“God is looking!” forPeople who use, andIf you are able to make him usable, he’ll wear you out. “Use Me” is the most dangerous prayer that you can pray. Rick Warren

“Rather than setting aside daily time, forPrayer, I pray continuously andI talk about all the things that I see every day. I will often share something with someone and simply say, “Let’s pray about that right now.” – Thomas Kinkade

“Any concern too small or too insignificant to be transformed into a prayer is too small and unnecessary to become a burden.” – Corrie Ten Boom

“If we would turn the time we spent discussing the other’s life into prayer time instead, no telling what would happen to the glory of God.” – Beth Moore

“PrayerIt is not necessary to ask. PrayerPut yourself in God’s capable hands. andListening to His voice from the depths of our hearts. Mother Teresa

“I have been driven many, many times to my knees by the overwhelming conviction of not having a place else to go. My own wisdom andThis was the most I could think of. forThat was the day.” Abraham Lincoln

“The key to unlocking your door is the prayer that you pray in the morning, during your quiet time. It is the start that guarantees a good finish, as any athlete knows. Adrian Rogers

Prayer is God’s way of shaping the world. The more prayer there is, the better the world will look and the stronger the forces against evil. Mother Teresa

“God speaks in silence. Listening is the first step to prayer. Mother Teresa

“To get nations back on the feet of their feet, we have to first get down on our knees.” – Billy Graham

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“It is not well forA man should pray cream and live skim milk.” Henry Ward Beecher

“PrayerGodly men are made andIn him is the mind Christ, the mind humility, self-surrender and service, as well as the pity mind. andPrayer. We will either become more like God if our prayer is genuine or we will cease praying.” E.M. Bounds

“PrayerNot as a job to do, but as a privilege to enjoy, an occasional delight that always unveils a new beauty. – E.M. Bounds

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“You cannot pray.” forSomeone andThey are both evil and good at the same. – Billy Graham

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Bible QuotesOn Prayer

effective prayer works

This is our confidence in approaching God. He will hear us if we ask for anything according to his will. 1 John 5:14

And if we know that he hears us—whatever we ask—we know that we have what we asked of him. 1 John 5:15

Hear your servant’s supplications andYour people Israel pray towards this place. Hear from heaven, your home place. andWhen you hear, forgive. – 2 Chronicles 6:21

My prayer isn’t that they be taken out of the world, but that you keep them safe from the evil one. John 17:15

So I’m here to tell you that you can ask anything forPray and believe that you have received it. andIt will be yours. Mark 11:24

Pray in every situation and don’t be anxious about it. andThank God for your prayers. The peace of God, which is beyond all comprehension, will protect your hearts andYour minds should be set on Christ Jesus. – Philippians 4:6-7

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