Quinceanera Photography: Your Must-Have Shots

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You worked so hard planning your quince años and making sure everything was perfect. Wouldn’t you be devastated if your photos don’t reflect all your hard work? These must-haves will make you feel like a million bucks after the day is done. QuinceaneraPhotos to look back on and recall the special day.

Most likely, you’ll be busy and overwhelmed on your big day. It is not necessary to worry about whether the photographer at your quinceanera will take all the photos you require. You can ease the stress by creating a list of shots that you would like to have and sharing it with your photographer. Your Photo/Video Checklist can help you keep track which shots are desired. Below you will find a list with the most frequently requested photos from big events. If you find specific photos online that you’d like to recreate, don’t forget to send them to your photographer!


  • QuinceaneraDress, shoes, and other clothing by themselves
  • QuinceaneraDamasks are ready
  • QuinceaneraMakeup and hair done
  • Chambelanes help each other in their ties
  • Mother helping QuinceaneraIn her dress
  • Putting on tiara & jewelry

Court Shots

  • Entire court together, serious & silly
  • Quinceanera with damas, serious & silly
  • Quinceanera & damas holding hands, looking back
  • All bouquets together
  • Chambelanes hold bouquets
  • QuinceaneraEach dama separately
  • Quinceanera with chambelanes, serious & silly
  • QuinceaneraEach chambelane should be used individually
  • Quinceanera with her escort, serious & silly

Formal Family Shots

  • QuinceaneraWith her entire immediate family
  • QuinceaneraShe is surrounded by her extended family
  • QuinceaneraWith sisters
  • QuinceaneraWith siblings
  • QuinceaneraWith brothers
  • QuinceaneraWith parents
  • QuinceaneraTogether with grandparents and parents
  • QuinceaneraGrandparents
  • QuinceaneraTalk with a religious leader
  • QuinceaneraMother and grandmother
  • QuinceaneraWith each padrino


  • Without people, ceremony space
  • Ceremony flowers
  • Ceremony decor
  • Close ups of tiara, bible, cross, rosary, & scepter
  • Guests arrive
  • A religious leader
  • Quinceanera’s family walking down aisle
  • Individual shots of court walking down an aisle
  • QuinceaneraEntering the room
  • Quinceanera & parents walking, from front and behind
  • Quinceanera’s parents kissing QuinceaneraOn cheek
  • QuinceaneraKneeling before an Altar
  • Wide shot of whole ceremony room
  • Ceremony readings
  • Quinceanera’s family’s reactions
  • Praying/speaking by a religious leader
  • QuinceaneraAs an adult
  • All court walking out


  • Seating chart
  • Place cards
  • Centerpieces & table settings
  • Reception signs
  • Flower arrangements
  • Cake, dessert table
  • Guest book
  • DJ
  • Favors
  • Mingling among guests
  • Appetizers provided
  • Court entrances
  • Quinceanera & escort entrance
  • Waltz Group Dance
  • Quinceaneros Mother-Son Dance
  • Father-Daughter Dance
  • Surprise Dance
  • Toasts
  • Quinceanera & parents reactions to toast
  • Candid dancing shots
  • Dinner served
  • Cake cutting
  • Quinceanera & court exit

Are you ready for your photographer to begin planning? Use our free, downloadable Quince Photographer/Videographer Checklist!

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