The quickest way to a high-quality monitor

The quickest way to a high-quality monitor

Why are there so many monitor models on the market, most of which are quite insignificant? Is it not easier and cheaper to come up with a few universal good monitors and stamp them with millions? The answer is simple – to sell more. Most likely, you would choose a monitor from a manufacturer who has dozens of models, and not from someone who has 2-3 of them. This is a so-called illusion of choice. 

However, among hundreds of models, there are surely a few monitors that can be considered the best in their niches, like a 15″ monitor. How to find and maintain them, we will tell you below. Keep on reading!

6 the most modish features of a good monitor

1. Eye protection

Almost all modern monitors are equipped with some set of vision protection systems. Flicker-Free or Flicker safe inscriptions indicate that there is no eye-damaging PWM (pulse-width modulation). Low Blue Light reduces the mission of blue light, which also reduces stress on the eyes.  

2. Screen coverage 

Glossy monitors have a lot of glare but have the best color reproduction. The matte finish helps eliminate glare. Its main problem is a possible crystalline effect, the severity of which can only be assessed by a personal examination of the switched-on device.

3. Frameless design

More and more devices with a three-sided or even a four-sided frameless design have been produced by monitor manufacturers recently. Such models certainly have a more modern appearance and are in greater demand than conventional monitors with thick frames. 

4. Built-in acoustic system

Many monitors have built-in speakers that will allow you to operate and study perfectly without an external acoustic system. This saves space on the table, and the sound quality is sufficient for most unpretentious users.

5. Inclination and height adjustment, turning

With the help of the stand, you can change the angle and height of most monitors. Advanced models add horizontal angle adjustment and display orientation change (portrait/landscape).

6. VESA mount

Almost all monitors are equipped with VESA mounting, which allows you to hang the device on the wall or install it on a special bracket. The most common variants are VESA 100 x 100 mm and 75 x 75 mm. 

Advanced monitor features

1. Headphone access

Short-wired headphones are easier to connect to a monitor than to a system unit.

2. USB hub

It allows you to connect to the display of thumb drives, keyboards, mice, and other peripherals.

3. Power supply location

The location of the power supply can be external or internal. The external BP takes up additional space, but the monitor gets a finer and lighter design. 

6 mistakes in buying and installing a monitor

1. Buying a monitor from a random seller

When purchasing a 15″ monitor, make sure that the chosen provider is well-known. Try to find some clients’ comments about the store and so on. Or, if you really want to get a cool high-grade monitor, ask Beetronics Inc. for assistance. They know how to choose the best monitor for you. Moreover, in their assortment, there is the best option for your taste, purpose, and price expectations. 

2. Brightness choice

Very many users put this mode to the maximum, believing that the full use of the manufacturer’s 1000 or 2000 NITs. In fact, the working brightness, comfortable for long-term use, is 100-150 NITs. It can be adjusted in the range of ± 50 points depending on the degree of illumination of the room.

3. Color adjustment

In order to realize the most natural color transfer, the monitor needs to adjust colors, especially since there is talk about monitors for graphics. Manufacturers have provided extensive opportunities to adjust the color scheme. However, without the proper skills and calorimeters, it’s better not to do this. The color scheme of the monitor should only be calibrated on the native computer, as all changes are recorded in the LUT video card.

4. Using the Overclock function

Some game monitor manufacturers attract customers with the ability to improve the performance of the monitor – overclocking. At the same time, increasing the frequency of the screen to the maximum possible indicators, contrary to expectations, can lead to the deterioration of the picture: the appearance of areola, the fall of color depth, and even artifacts. So do not exceed the recommended settings for response time and refresh rate.

5. Cleaning Aspects

To avoid damaging the screen cover, remember the basic rules of cleaning the monitor:

  • Use only non-woven napkins and special products in the form of sprays. Liquids for windows and mirrors with alcohol will not work.
  • During cleaning, be sure to turn off the monitor.
  • The product should be applied to the napkin, not the screen.
  • Do not use force, only light, and delicate movements.
  • To avoid problems, try not to touch the monitor. Then maintaining the screen cleanliness will consist only of regular dusting.

6. Image quality control

This paragraph includes two extremes:

  • Fear of setting up a monitor and using only the store mode, which may simply not suit the lighting conditions in the room.
  • Misalignment can lead to loss of image quality or disturbance of natural color transfer.

In both cases, the user risks never seeing the real features of the new monitor. If you don’t have the experience to fine-tune, rely on the recommendation by Beetronics Inc. 


What is the best monitor then? It would be a little strange to have different monitors for different tasks, so in the understanding of most buyers, a good monitor should be universal! A universal monitor is one that can help you work tirelessly for long hours in a row. Such one is also comfortable for playing games until late at night, searching the Internet until the morning, watching your favorite movies, and so on. And only a few buyers clearly define for themselves the purpose of the monitor, like for games, for working with photos, for working with documents, etc. We do hope that our tips will help you avoid problems with the selection and operation of monitors and enjoy your purchase to the fullest. 

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