Queen and Slim Quotes to Share With Your Ride or Die

Queen and SlimThe Melina Matsoukas-directed film ‘, which was about a Tinder date that quickly turned into a fast-paced thriller, was one the most talked about films of 2019. Below is a compilation of some of the most beautiful, inspirational, and hilarious films. Queen and Slim quotes.

What’s your opinion on the 2019 movie Queen and SlimWhat is the best way to get started?

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Queen and Slim stars Jodie Turner-Smith andDaniel Kaluuya plays the title characters. Turner-Smith is her first lead film role. Lena Waithe wrote the film, who is best known for her role as the creator. andThe Chi is the Showtime-show’s writer.

Romantic drama in picturesque settings Queen and SlimThe film discusses many themes, including racism and police brutality. andModern romance

Here are some memorable scenes from the film’s critically-acclaimed movie.

Queen and Slim Quotes to Share With Your Ride or Die

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Queen and Slim quotes about love

1. “I just think you were meant to be here.” – Queen (Jodie Turner-Smith)

2. “I want a guy toShow me. He is my hero. to love me so deeply, I’m not afraid to show him how ugly I can be.” – Queen (Jodie Turner Smith)

3. “Can I be your legacy?”– Queen (Jodie Turner-Smith)

4. “You already are.” – Slim (Daniel Kaluuya)

5. “I ain’t going toYou can bend the world. As long as my lady remembers me fondly, that’s all I need.” – Slim (Daniel Kaluuya)

6. “I just wanted to let you know that I’m okay, and that I love you.” – Slim (Daniel Kaluuya)

7. “Babies are a product of what two people needed from each other.” – Slim (Daniel Kaluuya)

8. “I want him toShow me scars that I didn’t know I had. But I don’t want him toYou must make them go away. to hold my hand while I nurse them myself.” – Queen (Jodie Turner-Smith)

Queen and SlimQuotes about their journey

9. “Thank you for this journey, no matter how it ends.” – Queen (Jodie Turner-Smith)

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10. “I’m tired of playing it safe. “I want to be free. toRide or die.” – Slim (Daniel Kaluuya)

11. “There is nothing back there for us.” – Queen (Jodie Turner-Smith)

12. “We don’t have toYou can outrun them. We have to. to make sure they don’t know where we are.” – Queen (Jodie Turner-Smith)

13. “I think everything is destined.” – Slim (Daniel Kaluuya)

14. “That’s the whole point. We’d be hiding in plain sight.” – Queen (Jodie Turner-Smith)

15. “What if God wanted me to die and I messed up his plan?” – Slim (Daniel Kaluuya)

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16. “Can I ask you something? It took you so much time toPlease respond toDo you want to contact me? I have sent you a well-crafted message. It has been three weeks. andToday, you called me up out of the blue toAsk if you have any questions to grab dinner. What changed?” – Slim (Daniel Kaluuya)

17. “Normally, I’d have a glass of wine by myself but I didn’t feel like being alone. Not tonight.” – Queen (Jodie Turner-Smith)

18. “It’s alright. I’ll be brave enough for the both of us.” – Slim (Daniel Kaluuya)

19. “I could die today. I want people. to know I was here.” – Slim (Daniel Kaluuya)

20. “Swear on something you believe in.” – Slim (Daniel Kaluuya)

21. “Okay, fine. I swear on you.” – Queen (Jodie Turner-Smith)

22. “So, you turned to Tinder.” – Slim (Daniel Kaluuya)

23. “I just want to go home, andI want to see my family.” – Slim (Daniel Kaluuya)

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24. “There’s a war going on out there, and you welcome this into our home?” – Mrs. Shepherd (Chloe Sevingy)

Funny Queen and Slim quotes

25. “You had this sad look on your face, I felt sorry for you.” – Queen (Jodie Turner-Smith)

26. “You made a playlist? That’s cute.” – Queen (Jodie Turner-Smith)

27. “You’re willing to risk getting caught so we can dance?” – Queen (Jodie Turner-Smith)

28. “I’m rubbing your head for good luck.” – Queen (Jodie Turner-Smith)

29. “Nigga, I ain’t your uncle!” – Uncle Earl (Bokeem Woodbine).

30. “I don’t know how lowkey we’re going to be riding around in a turquoise Catalino.” – Slim (Daniel Kaluuya)

31. “You can kiss my black ass.” – Uncle Earl (Bokeem Woodbine).

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Queen and Slim quotes about race

32. “Why do black people always feel the need toBe excellent? Why can’t we just be ourselves?” – Slim (Daniel Kaluuya)

33. “It should be a sin to call a black woman crazy.” – Queen (Jodie Turner-Smith)If you’re enjoying these quotes, you’ll love our collection of black women quotes on self-love, life, andYou will succeed.

34 “My uncle told me nothing scarier to a white man than seeing a black man on a horse.” – Queen (Jodie Turner-Smith)

35 “Ooh, well, if ain’t the black Bonnie and Clyde.” – Uncle Earl (Bokeem Woodbine).

What’s your definition of a “ride or die”?

The beauty of Queen and SlimIt lies in the relationships between the two main characters. The two main characters hate each other at the beginning. Even if that night had been nothing extraordinary, they would have parted ways after Tinder. toYou will see each other again. After a terrible accident, however, they were able to see each other again. Queen and Slim were forced toRely on one another. Through tragedy, love was formed.

It makes me think about what I would do in similar situations of high pressure. Would I make the same choices? Queen or Slim? The best films often start conversations that wouldn’t otherwise happen. Queen and SlimIt is a film that provokes thought and makes you think. tobe discussed.

Which of these are you? Queen and Slim quotes andWhich line is your favourite? Please leave your thoughts below in the comments.

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