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ProfilePictures can make a big difference in web traffic and earnings potential. Your profile picture can be thought of as your brand logo and your profile name your brand name. For companies to create a logo and brand name, they spend millions. They then spend millions to market the brand name and logo.

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You may not have millions of dollars to spend on creating a profile picture. DoTake the time to think about which profile photo would be most effective in marketing your online writing or products.

Profile PictureIdea 1: Hot Celebrities

There are many benefits to using a celebrity for your profile picture.

First, being hot is a sure way to gain popularity. Celebrities have multi-million-dollar marketing machines, which allows you to ride the coattails of their success and money.

Choose a well-known celebrity to be your profile picture. Instead of being Johnny Depp, you can be Jack Sparrow.

Jack Sparrow, unlike Johnny Depp, is the fantasy. Jack Sparrow can be seen with funky eye-makeup and is roguishly charming. He can also sword-fight inside and above a large wheel and sometimes even cheat death. Truly, there is no reason to be “just Johnny Depp”, when you can be Captain Jack Sparrow.

When choosing a character to play online, make sure you choose one that is easy to role-play. Your profile picture may depict Jack Sparrow. However, your articles and online postings might portray Hannibal Lecter (or Lois Lane) which could be a serious problem.

There are many memorable and beloved television and movie characters. Make sure you choose one that isn’t too often used (e.g. All versions of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are available and this will enhance your products and articles. Be aware, however, that there is always the possibility of someone else using your celebrity profile picture.

You can also morph your picture using the celebrity’s picture. Studies in social psychology show that people trust faces they know. Combining your face with that of a trusted and well-known person allows you to be original while still tapping into the positive personality and trust already shown by someone else.

However, this may risk your readers’ trust. You could appear to be trying to portray yourself as something you are not by using a profile photo of a celebrity not well-known or morphed. If that happens, everything you say and all you do may be exposed. It doesn’t matter if that was your intention or not. All that matters is how your audience perceives it.

Make sure you include all of this information on your profile page. Even better, Write an article about where your profile picture came from and how it got its name.. This article is always my favorite because it shows the writer in an intimate way and establishes special bonds.

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Profile PictureIdea 2 – My Pet

Talking about celebrities is not enough to make cats and dogs feel like a disappointment.

But, wait! Self-proclaimed expert in profile photosUses a dog profile photo, so maybe there is more to this cats-dogs business?

When I first joined HubPages, I admit that I didn’t think much about my profile picture. I was a young, foolish puppy back then and didn’t know much about SEO, writing online, web traffic analysis, Google AdSense, or affiliate programs.

HubPages was shocked and amazed by my dog articles on Cesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer. In my haste I added a silly picture of my dog and wrote the first name I could think of. This was, thankfully, my website’s name.

Although there was less shock and awe than I had expected, I was still very fortunate in two aspects.

First, I used my website as my profile title.

This allows for greater continuity of experience for my readers across my own website and HubPages, eZine and Squidoo as well as other online writing and social network sites. My brand name was shibashake. My logo was my silly dog.

Second, my dog-related articles were promoted by the cute dog photo.

The dog profile pictureThis picture appeals to dog lovers like me. It also works well with my dog website, which contains many related images of my four-legged brand logo.

However, there are also many disadvantages. Non-dog owners will not be attracted to a dog photo. Some readers may be turned off by the image, which could even make them fear dogs.

The picture might not show my articles that aren’t animal-related well. Why would you want to know about online communities, social networks, positive communication, and other topics from a dog?You can!

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Be sure to not use a photo of your pet as your profile pic.

Profile Picture Idea 3 – My Hobbies

You can create a composite profile picture that includes your interests, hobbies, and writing topics. You can express your creativity by creating something unique and stunning that captures your online persona.

It will take a lot of effort to create a profile photo that is professional and memorable. Trusted family and friends should give their honest opinions. Online opinions are also available, but you should be ready to develop thick skin.

Profile PictureAbstract Pictures – Idea 4

Abstract pictures are a way to express everything. An abstract profile pictureYou could use multiple people or animals to depict scenery, objects, and more complicated scenes.

Abstract pictures, unlike photos of your pet or you, are less personal than pictures of you. Because of this. This reduces the risk of anyone being alienated. It is not common for people to be angry about a photo of a flight or stairs.

A profile picture that is abstract can also be less topic-specific. You could also use the same profile picture to promote a wider range of subjects.

Abstract profile pictures are not without their flaws. It’s difficult to be friends with scenery or a flight stairs. It is harder to build trust with readers when abstract images are less personal. Abstract pictures encourage identification with larger objects, such as peace, patriotism or peace, rather than the individual. To establish your personality and individuality while marketing your brand, it may take more effort.

Choose an abstract profile photo that is positive and has few, if any, negative online connections. Choose something that reflects positive qualities that can help you in your self-promotion campaign.

Best Profile PictureIdea

Which is it? best profile pictureHow can I get the best web traffic?

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer. Each profile picture has its own strengths and weaknesses. Before you choose a profile pic, think about your content, audience, and online goals.

It is important to choose something once you have decided on it. This will ensure that you continue to build goodwill for the brand and logo. You can tweak the picture to make it more appealing, but keep the visual subject (e.g. Jack Sparrow (or you) will be the abstract representation.

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