31 Free Vision Board Printables to Inspire Your Dreams

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You may already know what a vision board is, but for the unfamiliar, a vision board is a collage featuring images, quotes, and focus words representing one’s aspirations and desires.

When making a vision board, you’re engaging in a creative process. You’re putting your intentions out there and giving them physical form. You’re using the Law of Attraction toThese are your intentions.

VisionBoards can be made using stickers and cutouts from magazines, but some people prefer digital vision boards. These vision boards can also be created using software and vision board apps.

Additionally toStickers, magazine cutouts and printables can enhance visual appeal toYour vision board. PrintablesThey are also the way to go if you are creating a themed vision board, or if you are looking for a polished, elegant effect, but don’t have the time toSearch through piles of magazines to find the right image or quote to represent your dreams.

In this post, we’ve collected 31Vision board printables you may like toYou can use it as your own vision board.They can add life to your board and make it more interesting. toYou can choose the theme you want. You can download the printables from the creators and designers of these printables free of cost on their websites.

Let’s check them out.

21 Free Vision Board Printables

1. Karen Schravemade’s Printables

Via A House Full of Sunshine

For your vision board, you may need inspiring and pretty quotes. toThese printables are great! This set includes encouraging words, quotes and affirmations from famous people. It will help you get going and keep you motivated. toRealize your dreams.

2. Mom Khaye’s Printables

Shining Mom

This set of printables gives your home an elegant touch toYour vision board. They bear encouraging words so you’ll be more inspired toBe determined to achieve your goals.

When you’re using a vision board to help you accomplish your dreams, set aside a few minutes each day toTake a look at it and put your focus on what you want. toYour life is yours.

This way, you’re training your mind toBe open to receiving toThese are the opportunities that can bring you closer to your dreams.

3. Ashley’s Motivational Quotations Printables

The Clever Side

This set of printables features motivational quotes—reminders of the reasons for your aspirations. These quotes can be used to calm you down during stressful times.

As you work towards your goals, there will be roadblocks. These printables can be a great addition toYou can use your goal board to help you stay on track and give you extra motivation when things get tough.

4. Bessy’s Inspirational Sayings Printables

Simply Bessy

If you’re looking for focus words toInclude in your vision board any ideas you may have toConsider these printables. These printables include words and phrases that will help you feel inspired.

You can also print them on special paper for an added visual impact. You can choose the words that are most relevant to your goals. toThese can be used to achieve your goals.

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If it’s your first time making a vision board, you might be wondering what you can put on it. There are no wrong or right ways to create a vision board. It is important to remember that there are many ways to create a vision board. the board should represent your personal aspirations, not somebody else’s.

The following are the most common things you’ll find on a vision board:

5. Tiera’s Goal Setting Cards

Tailored By Tiera

This set of printables can be used to label items on your goal board. The 3″x3″ cards give your board a more organized feel.

YourGoals can cover any aspect of your life that you wish toEnhance, develop, and strengthen. Examples include:

A focal point on your vision board will make it easier to find the right images, quotes and other visuals.

6. 6.

Persnickety Prints

Are you looking for cute printables to decorate your vision board? Perhaps this set is just what you’re looking for.

It has focus words and phrases in pastel colors. toAdd a positive, energetic vibe toYour vision board.

YourVision boards should not just focus on what you want, but also should evoke the emotions that you want. to feel when you’ve reached your goal. As an example, if you’re working on being more assertive, you need toSee something on your board that inspires you toThis characteristic is what you should embody. You can do this by sending strong, encouraging messages like the ones in this printable set.

7. Career Vision BoardLabels

via Job Affirmations

Forward looking toWhat is the secret to creating the perfect career? These printables will help you visualize the perfect career opportunity.

The set includes visualization cues that focus on abundance, joy at work, and hitting specific targets in a given time frame.

Is it a good idea to put a deadline on your goals. This is actually very productive for goals toIt gives you an urgency feeling. This gives you the ability to toFocus on your goals and work harder.

Your goal should be to lose weight, put a deadline on it. How much weight you want toLose when you want toIt is easy to lose it.

Aiming toPay all of your debts. Set a realistic deadline. You will be able to train your brain this way toBe mindful of your spending and saving habits until you have paid your entire debt.

8. Aimee’s Vision BoardMotivational quotes

Through The Crazy Craft Lady

This set includes printables in a teal/green/blue theme. This set will refresh your vision board.

This printable set includes encouraging words. toThese cards can be used to infuse your day more positivity.

9. Sonya Forrest’s PrintablesCollection

motivation vision board printables | printables for vision board | template vision board printables

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via Sonya Forrest

Sonya Forrest’s free printables are perfect if you are looking for inspiring graphics toSpice up your vision board. This set contains symbols and affirmations as well as shapes. They add elegance to your vision board. toWhatever you create.

If you’re making a physical board, remember toPlace it prominently so that it is easily visible every day.

10. Jenell’s Vision BoardKit

via Love, Jenell

These printables will help you set your goals with this vision board kit. This set includes worksheets and inspirational art, as well as motivational quotes. toIt will help you clarify your intentions and reach your goals.

It is crucial to be clear in your vision boards. You must be clear about your goals. toWhen setting your goals, remember the acronym S.M.A.R.T. which stands for Specific MIt is easy to do. Attainable; Realistic. TImely

It is possible that you want toThis resource will help you set your goals in the right direction.

11. 11. Printables

via Sidereal Life

Many people create their vision boards in their bullet journals.

This printable set features eye-catching symbols as well as focus words to keep you inspired to reach your goals—and they’re designed primarily for use in bullet journals.

These are easy to print, cut and glue. toYou can leave your vision board as-is or make changes if necessary toMake your colors pop by coloring the elements before you glue them together toYour board.

12. Printable Life Quotes

via Skip to my Lou

A vision board should contain inspirational and motivational quotes. These witty sayings will resonate with your dreams and are often chosen for their simplicity.

These vision board printables include quotes from famous people like John Wooden, Anne Lamott and Wayne Dyer. They are in black-and white.

In the set, you’ll find encouraging words toRemind yourself of the importance of patience. These quotes can serve as reminders toSome quotes encourage happiness, while others are focused on perseverance and self-care. These quotes all aim to toAs you chase your dreams, empower yourself.

13. Carrie Elle’s Colorful Quote Cards

via Carrie Elle

If you’d prefer a more colorful set of printables, here are some bright cards featuring motivational words and phrases. These printables can be printed on cardstock to use for your vision boards.

Additionally toThese cards can be used to create vision boards. They can be a brightener for any project and are very charming.

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14. 14.

Country Design Style

These labels show how you can reuse other craft materials to make vision board supplies. Strictly speaking, this set of labels is not a “traditional” material in vision board making. You can use them as quotes and labels if you have some creativity. These are great for vision boards with rustic or farm-style themes.

Check out this post for 51 vision board design inspirations.

15. Natasha’s Self Care Affirmation Cards

via The Artisan Life

One of the most common themes that people integrate into their vision boards is self-care—and these eye-catching printables serve as great reminders of how you can care for yourself.

People may be too self-focused or selfish to practice self-care. Self-care can be vital for your mental, physical, and spiritual health. Some people might find it difficult to take the time. toAfter a hard week at work, it is time to relax and unwind. Others might choose to do this by choosing to say “no” where previously they’d been saying yes. Accepting yourself fully, with all your flaws and all. It’s creating healthy boundaries and building nurturing rituals where your best self can flourish.

You might need self-care tips if you are looking for them. toCheck out this post to see nearly 300 activities that can help with your daily life.

16. 16.

The Kitchen Table Classroom

These watercolor printables are a great addition to your vision board, especially if you’re working on new beginnings.

When creating your vision board, I’d recommend that you Dream big. All the stops are possible. There are no limitations when it comes to your creativity toVisualize the best version you can be.

Prior to making your board, I’d recommend that you write down your goals and aspirations. As mentioned earlier, make them specific—but don’t let that keep them from being grand.

17. Pay attention to the little things

Skip The Mush

This simple printable in black and golden could be a great addition toYour goal board. It reminds of you toPay attention to the small details. When you’re working toward a goal, every detail matters and has an impact on your success. Make it a daily habit to “notice the little things.”

18. Katy’s Supercharged Vision Board

via Midlife Rambler

This set of pink-themed printables is a good choice. This set includes encouraging words in various shades of pink.

Vision boards are used by many people. toKeep it personal. If you’ve made a personal vision board, you are not obliged toIt is possible to show it toYou can’t share it with anyone else. It can be displayed in a visible, yet private area of the house (mostly in your bedroom or in your study), where you can perform your visualizations.

YourVisualization rituals can be as easy as looking at your board for a few minutes and visualizing your goals. to fruition. You can try. toYou can feel the emotions and dig in to your goals. You can go as far as lighting a candle, incense and setting up music and sitting in a designated place to visualize your goals. Whatever you prefer!

The most important thing is toSet aside time every day toYour board is your focus.

19. Ivana’s Vision BoardArt Journal

Artful Haven

What do you want? to incorporate some artwork into your vision board, but don’t have the time or the means toYou can do it! These printables might be what you are looking for.

If you have any goal toDo with art? The words, quotes and imagery in this printable set are a great addition. to your vision board design.

20 20.

The Cottage Market

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These printable cards have affirmations toYour vision board will be filled with positivity and a floral motif.

It’s all about when it comes toMaking your board Take your time. Vision board parties have become very popular. However, they can pressure you. toYour board must be created within a short time.

It can take a lot of time to create a board that reflects your hopes and dreams. It is possible to have the board you desire to ensure that you’ve really nailed down the things that you want, and sent your highest intentions.

Time for yourself toYou have the opportunity to design your dream board. toGet in touch with your true self. You can do it toTalk about your goals for life.

21. Incredible Affirmations Card

via Littles, Life, & Laughter

If you need powerful words of affirmation for your vision board, this set of printables might be what you’re looking for. These affirmations can also be used to create vision boards for children and teach them the value of positive thoughts.

You will find the following affirmations:

These affirmations can be included in your vision board to see how you change your life.

22. Vision BoardMantra

Metabolic Research Center

Mantras make a great addition. toYour vision board is a great way to get extra motivation. They can be visually stimulating if they have great designs. toYour board.

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It is possible that you want to visit the Metabolic Research Center’s page toYou can also download their motivational quotes, mantras, and printables. You will find many of their printables resonate with you visions and dreams.

23. 23. Printables

via Mom Envy

These inspirational quote cards were created originally toPlanner dividers. You can also use them to create your vision board. They have the kind of phrases and quotes that can spur you on to your dreams.

These can be printed on paperboard or sticker paper and then placed in your vision board.

24 24.

The Petite Planner

If you’re looking for full-color printables for your vision board, the sample above might come in handy. The printable set includes motivational sayings to give you that extra push you need. You can print 16 different designs. You can also download the set as a printable. toThese can be used on your vision board as stickers for your planner or as part of your bullet journal.

25. 25. toThe Heart of What You Desire

The Queen Life

You must have a powerful vision board in order to make it a success. toChoose images and words that resonate with your goals toCreate. You can then condition your subconscious. toReceptiveness is key toOpportunities that will bring you closer toYour goals.

This set of printables includes powerful trigger words that will help you get started on your goal-setting. Some words you’ll find include “healthy,” “happy home,” and “invest.”

26. Vision BoardExercises for Fitness

via The Dumbbelle

YourA vision board can be used to represent everything you desire in your life. It can also be used to make a vision board. toa specific aspect of the person (e.g. finances, career, relationships etc.).

This printable example is great for creating a vision board that focuses on fitness. It contains motivational words. to keep you going on days when you don’t feel like working out. It includes affirmations that you are unique and inspirational quotes toYou must make your dreams a reality.

27. Valerie’s printable words page

Mama Likes This

Another printable set includes words of affirmation to help you create your vision board. This set is available in both black and white. It’s great if your vision board is minimalistic. It can be printed on white paper. You can also match the color scheme with colored paper. To make it more personal, you can also print out the words and color them.

28. 28.

via Crazy Mompreneur

If you’re looking for cloud-themed printables, you might want toThis set is a great choice. This set includes quotes and sayings. toAs you strive for your dreams, empower and encourage others.

VisionBoards are an effective tool to get rid of procrastination. Vision boards can help you feel more energetic by helping you visualize your dreams. toDo what it takes toYou can make your dreams come true quickly.

29. 29. Printables

via Wondermom Wannabe

Discovering one’s authentic self is often a challenging journey. It takes practice toConfidence in expressing ourselves fully. When we’re still in the process of discovering this part of ourselves, we need the assurance that it’s ok to “be who we are.”

It’s not a surprise that many people include working on expressing their authentic selves as part of their personal visions. These vision board printable cards include positive words to describe the traits you might want. toDevelop your inner self.

30. This is My Year


You might love pink and blue if you are a lover of these colors. toUse these vision board stickers. These cards have cute designs you can use in planners, bullet journals, scrapbooks and other projects.

Remember toEach day, set aside a certain time toVisualize the realization of your dreams. It is a good idea toPerform this ritual where you can see the vision board.

31. The Goal is Conquering Printables

Footprints for Inspiration

With these gold and pink printables, you’ll have a powerful and color-coordinated vision board. These cards are filled with positive quotes and phrases toKeep you motivated as you turn your dreams into reality. So get ready toAll that you’ve ever wished for.

Last Word VisionBoards and Printables

You can achieve your dreams by choosing the right imagery, creating the ideal vision board printables and finding the best quotes. tobe.

Vision boards are science-based and can be used to help you reach your goals.

Your brain is primed to visualize what you want from life toBe open to receiving toOpportunities that make you more likely toYour goals will be achieved. If you follow through with the opportunities, you will find success.

Additionally toVision boards and bucket lists are great tools for organizing your goals. It is possible to want toCheck out this post with over 500 bucket-list ideas toDo it before you die.

Get busy with creating your vision board, and laying the foundation of your new life.

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31 Free Vision Board Printables to Inspire Your Dreams

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