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Boom Brothers Slots

Boom Brothers slots is a conventional 5 reel slot with a distinctive look and feel. With 20 different combinations to win, a glut of features and bonus games to add even more excitement, every spin is a new adventure. Boom Brothers also has a rail track feature unlike anything else in online slots and wild symbols which can give you free spins. This casino slots game offers some very exciting gameplay with a lot of unique twists and turns.

Gameplay & Winning

Every spin takes you on a journey through a string of underground mines where you have to find precious stones like gold and diamonds. The more you can find, the more coins you’ll win. The slot has five reels making a total of 20 different paylines. Boom Brothers also features bonus games, a unique rail track feature and free spins that you can win while playing. Each of these features enhances your gameplay in one way or the other e.g the rail track symbol helps you multiply your winnings.

On any particular spin, find a winning combination by tracking the symbols from the left of the screen and work your way across to the right. You can only claim one win on any given payline and if you have multiple wins, the highest one will be paid. If you win on multiple paylines, all the wins will be added to give you a combined total for that spin. On the bottom left of the screen, you’ll find the button for a pay table where you can find the details for every possible combination of symbols that results in a win.

Like every online casino out there, the Boom Brothers slot has a minimum and maximum betting limits that you must adhere to when playing. You can bet under 5 different levels giving you a total of 20 different ways to win. The minimum bet on each spin with this slot is £0.20 and the maximum bet is £100.

Special Features

The first special feature incorporated into this slot is the rail track and bonus game feature. When a win line shows three railtrack symbols, this feature is automatically activated. This allows you to spin the two previous reels again. Once a track is completed, you’re awarded a bonus game to play. The rules of the bonus game:

  • Any winnings will be multiplied by 4.
  • Winnings will only be tripled if your track is missing a piece.
  • If you miss two pieces, the winnings will be multiplied by two and the bonus game will end.

In addition to rail track, there are also some wild symbols that you need to keep track of. Wild symbols will usually replace any other symbol except the free spin symbol & bonus symbol. If your spin comes up on a wild symbol your winnings are multiplied by two. If your spin comes up on 3+ free spin symbols, a round of free spins will be activated. The actual number of free spins depends on the symbol itself of course, but it’s usually been 8 and 50.


Boom Brothers slot is a 5 reel slot with a compelling design that anyone, young or old, would have a good time playing. The game has a RTP (Return to Player) of 96.4% and while that could be higher, there are still ample opportunities to win. The additional bonus game and free spins add an extra dimension to the game that more seasoned casino players will appreciate.

To summarize, the Boom Brothers slot is fun to play and comes with a variety of features that turn every spin into a new adventure. While some slots pay more, this one is a fun beginner-friendly slot that most players would really enjoy.

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