AMAZING! 12+ Live Wallpaper Character Game Genshin Impact !

The game was recently released Genshin ImpactInstantly, this game was the Android Play Store’s top-rated free top. This game has been downloaded more than 1 million times and is rated at 4.7. This is a high rating for a brand new game. Many praises and compliments have been made about the graphics display and game mode. Genshin ImpactGaming. Genshin ImpactIncludes an Action Role Playing GameOpen World is a combination of the traditional playing system and the Open World concept. These two elements are able to create an addictive environment for players. It can be difficult to keep up with character development in an open environment.

The Action RPG game system is available. Genshin ImpactHack and slash actions can be done easily and are very common. You just need to have the right mindset and time to defeat your enemy. Interestingly, it’s not all about luck, because miHoYo also crams cooking skills for characters to survive. Look for raw materials within the environment. You can catch fruit, vegetables and even fish. Genshin ImpactThis takes place in Teyvat. This stunning place is beautiful and spoils the eyes. It also contains an earth-like ecosystem. The game begins with a lost traveler. He is searching for his twin brother.

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The vast world of Teyvat is where the long journey takes place. Monstadt is an area that resembles a royal palace. You can also visit the port port Liyue. These two regions form part of the seven major cities states of Teyvat. Tourists can use certain checkpoints to move quickly.

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This traveler will encounter many characters on his journey in the Teyvat world. At least 24 characters can be played as tourists. Genshin Impact. Each character is built on the strengths of one element. The elements are the key to the character development and growth of the traveler.

Tier S:

Diluc (DPS); Fischl (Support); Qiqi (Healer); Venti (Support);

Tier A:

Barbara (Healer); Chongyun(DPS); Jean (Healer); Keqing/DPS; Mona/DPS); Razor/DPS); Anemo travel components (Support); Xiangling/DPS or Support

Xiao (DPS).

Tier B: The characters are

Kaeya, Support; Klee (DPS); Ningguang/DPS); Sucrose/Support; Geo element treaveler/Support); Xingqiu/Support

Tier C:

Beidou (DPS); Bennett (DPS or Support); Lisa (Support); Noelle (DPS or Healer).

However, not all characters have a live wallpaper. Below is one of those wallpapers. Genshin ImpactCharacter :

Below is a screenshot of the live wallpaper. To go directly to the wallpaper and download it, please click on download in the bottom screnshoot.


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Albedo minDownload Albedo Live Wallpaper



Download Kazuha Live Wallpaper

Albedo Download Albedo 2 Live Wallpaper


XiaoDownload Xiao Live Wallpaper


Barbara min Download Barbara Live Wallpaper

Diluc and Friend

DilucDownload Diluc and a Friend Live Wallpaper


Diona minDiona Live Wallpaper

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Ganyu minGanyu Live Wallpaper


KleeKlee Live Wallpaper


Lumine Download Klee Lumine Wallpaper


Mona minMona Wallpaper


Paimon min Download Paimon Wallpaper


Qiqi min Download Qiqi Wallpaper

so that’s a live wallpaper from the game genshin impact, for more live wallpapers please use the tutorial how to download live wallpapers using pinterest

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