Photo Wall Ideas – 57 Picture Gallery Wall Layout Ideas For The Perfect Family Photo Accent Wall

DIY Gallery Wall Ideas and Picture Wall Ideas To Display Family Photos In Any Room In Your Home – When it comes to accent wall ideas for your home, nothing is more personal and beautiful than a family photo wall or a “gallery wall”. If you’re considering creating a photo wall, you’ll love all these DIY gallery wall ideas, layout design tips photo wall arrangements to create the perfect family picture wall in your home

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Photo Wall Collage Ideas For An Aesthetic Photo Wall of Family Pictures

TheDecluttering your home is the most important aspect of living a clutter-free life. However, many people find that there are things they simply can’t part with.

For me, that is family pictures and various nick-nacks that I simply love and don’t want to ever get rid of.

Family photos are not “clutter” to me – they’re sentimental items that I love – and I want to display them instead of having them stashed away.

A gallery wall or photo is one way to organize these items.

These are decorative accent walls that become the focal point in a room. You can make them in any room.

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You can create an accent gallery wall in any room in your home… the living room is the most common, as is the foyer/entryway and the area around your stairs, but I’ve also seen beautiful gallery accent walls in kitchens and in the baby nursery and in bedrooms.

I also love a gallery wall in my home office!

Here are some ideas for designing your gallery walls, as well as a variety of gallery wall layouts and photos to inspire you.

Photo Wall Ideas

These photo wall ideas will inspire you to display your photos on your walls. There are photo wall ideas with frames and without frames that can be used to decorate a wall in your living room, bedroom, dining room, foyer, hallway or any wall in your home where you’d like to create a beautiful and aesthetic photo wall.

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Let’s take a look at some gallery wall layout ideas. You can choose from simple gallery designs for your living space, bedroom, foyer, or stairway, as well as some more modern gallery wall ideas.

A gallery wall can instantly transform any room in your house. Gallery walls vary greatly, depending on the décor and taste of the people doing the arranging. They can run the length of the wall, up to a staircase or over any other furniture.

What I really love is how flexible gallery walls can be – you can decorate your living room or bedroom with a gallery wall, decorate over your desk or around your tv – it’s totally up to you.

This is a simple layout and arrangement for a family photo gallery wall.

I’m more of a farmhouse decor type of person (I just love the look and feel of rustic decor), but a gallery wall is more of an eclectic layout type of decorating idea that appears “random”, but there really should be a lot of thought put into your gallery wall design BEFORE you hang everything up.

You can make a statement about yourself and your interests by creating a gallery wall. Your gallery is a wonderful way to document and tell a story of your travels and experiences, show photos of family members through the years, display art you’ve collected, display hand-drawn (framed) illustrations, incorporate metal or wooden objects you’ve collected, and much more.

Farmhouse WallDecor Ideas

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I love farmhouse decor so when I am designing my own gallery accent walls, I tend to favor these farmhouse wall decor ideas.

Farmhouse wall decor ideas - Farmhouse Decor Ideas For Your Home - farmhouse ideas and inspiration including farmhouse wall decor ideas, old farmhouse decorating ideas and lots of farmhouse style decorating ideas pictures for your kitchen, laundry room, living room, bedroom, foyer, walls etc to get the farmhouse style look to YOUR home.

I’m a big fan of gallery walls using large Scrabble letters – it’s so creative and really makes your house look like HOME!

Gallery wall ideas I love - great use of large scrabble letters in this rustic/farmhouse gallery wall design

When designing your gallery wall or photo wall, first choose the photos and art decor items you want and then decide on the layout you’d like to use. Just put all your items on the floor and rearrange them in different ways to give you an idea of how it’s going to look on your wall.

Don’t be afraid to try several different frames and wall hangings – the varying textures and colors will give your gallery photo wall a more aesthetic look. You can use metal signs, wooden art and natural elements like feathers, branches, or found objects to replace framed art. You can have fun with your imagination.

Mix paintings with photographs, black-and-white with color, high- and low-priced pieces. GalleryYour favorite artwork, family photographs and trinkets taken on trips can all be wall art. If you’re looking for items to fill your gallery, go to flea markets, garage sales, thrift stores, Etsy, consignment shops, your grandmother’s house, antique stores, and other places of interest. Enjoy the hunt.

Gallery wall ideas for foyer or entryway - beautiful diy farmhouse gallery wall idea

Be mindful of the frames you choose to highlight your art. ForSelect frames of the same color and size to create a formal and clean look.

This gallery wall is an excellent example of how to organize your pictures.

Using all the same frames on your gallery wall can give it a neat and organized look. LOVE that rustic / pallet bench too! Gallery wall ideas for your foyer #gallerywallideas #decoratingideas #livingroomideas #diyhomedecor #homedecorideas

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For a more eclectic look, mix and match picture frames so it appears that you’ve collected the art over time. You can find many framing options online that are much cheaper than visiting a framing shop. Interesting vintage frames can be found at yard sales, antique shops, and flea markets.

Tip:You can frame an unattractive object, such as the door chimes box, to make it part of the gallery.

Photo Wall Ideas -Unique farmhouse / rustic gallery wall idea. LOVE all the gallery wall ideas on this page

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Family Photo Wall Layouts

Once you have picked your pictures for your family photo wall from the ideas here, it’s time to decide on your family photo wall layout.

Remember that the placement of your photo wall is crucial. Don’t just start hanging without a plan for the finished look.

Here are some suggestions to help you create a stunning family photo wall.

Take measurements of the wall space that you wish to fill. Tape a section of the floor that is equal to your measurement. Then arrange, reorganize, and rearrange all the items you wish to hang until you create the gallery wall that you love. Once you’re happy with the arrangement, take a few photos for reference. Cut out the paper in the exact size of your art, and then tape them to the wall. Next, hang each object one at a while.

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TheRemember that there isn’t a magic formula to creating an attractive gallery wall. Don’t let the process intimidate you. Let the creative process flow and just enjoy it.

However, if you’re feeling intimidated, I came across this helpful gallery wall layout chart on my Pinterest board. This chart shows many ways to arrange a gallery wall.

Gallery wall layout ideas for pictures, family photos and decor items to hang on your focus display wall in your home

There is no “right way” or “wrong way” to create a nice family photo gallery wall.

Photo Wall Ideas - Living room gallery walls layout and design ideas to DIY

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There are many options for wall frames. You can choose from a wide range of shapes and sizes. You can also use mirrors, lights, photography, black-and white, and color. Or you can be creative and use different sizes and shapes.

This is an easy and effective way to create a gallery wall.

TheThe most important thing you should remember when designing your gallery wall is that there are no specific methods for displaying wall frames. Enjoy the creative process, and your gallery wall is sure to be a success.

Picture Wall LayoutTips

  • Simple wall frames are a great way to highlight your art.
  • Take into account the position of each piece.
  • Try a variety of layouts until you find the one that works best for your gallery wall.
  • Start with the largest pieces
  • Next, add the smaller items
  • PhotoWall frames should be hung at eye level, or approximately 5 feet.

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Although we may take many photos over the years, how often do you actually get those photos up on your walls? If you have empty walls, these wall accent ideas may help you to create unique photo displays. Be prepared to be inspired by the arrangements described.

One way to display your art or photos is to fill large walls with them. But be a little more ingenious and try to create your own wall frames out of cardboard tubes… clever, isn’t it? If you have a corner that is empty, corner picture frames might be the right choice.

Do you have photos of family members? You can then create a beautiful family tree wall. Or you inherited your grandma’s handbags? Don’t throw them away just because they’re old… use them to manufacture some special and unusual wall frames.

Ledges attached to a wall create a flat surface which can be used to arrange framed or mounted photos, unique artwork, prints, canvases, and any other items. A clever idea is to make shelves from old suitcases and mount them to the wall. Nice isn’t it?

Another way to organize photos is to use a metal frame with clips. You can arrange clips and photos in any arrangement you choose! This is a super cute photo display. It is high quality, modern, and can be used to enhance any room. It’s an inexpensive way of decorating a wall and making a difference in the room. Pictures or art don’t always have to be framed. You could hang pictures and prints unframed from a length or wire with clips.

Get more DIY Decor Ideas

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