40 Funny Period Quotes About Menstruation That’ll Make You Laugh During ‘That Time Of The Month’

Almost every female on the planet must deal with this time of month. You know, our monthly monster, shark week, the crimson tide, moon time, mother nature’s gift, good ‘old Aunt Flo — yes we’re talking about your period.

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Most women consider menstruation a part of daily life.

So why does society make women feel ashamed about discussing their periods or menstrual cycle? We feel embarrassed when women have to use the bathroom during menstruation.

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Are we afraid of looking strange or gross? It shouldn’t be a big deal to let people know that our bodies function normally.

In celebration (or at minimum in recognition) of getting your period month-after-month (after month after months), we have gathered these images. 40Here are the top period jokes, quotes and funny sayings that will make it easier to go through this part of the month.

1. Why is it so difficult to manage periods?

Funny Period Quotes About Menstruation That Time Of The Month

“Periods seem absurd. I shouldn’t get punished for not being pregnant. — Unknown

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2. Coincidence? It’s not, I believe!

“Menstruation. Menopause. Mental breakdowns. You will notice that all problems of women start with men. — Unknown

3. It would be a good thing to have your period.

“Maybe it would be worth it if period pain burned calories.” — Unknown

4. Women are freaking cool.

“Why you’re bad*ss. Because you can bleed for up to a week without dying.” — Unknown

5. Do not downplay my feelings. PMS is real.

“Yes, I’m on my period. “No, it doesn’t mean my anger is irrational. — Unknown

6. Suspicious…

“Periods teach you how to get blood out of things, which is probably why there are more stories about men who have been convicted of murder.” — Unknown

7. This month, stress is high.

“My uterus’s shedding is complete and I will not hesitate stab you.” — Unknown

8. Truer words could not be spoken.

“I respect anyone who allowed women to join the military. Girl on period + gun = unstoppable.” — Unknown

9. Why don’t we feel more magical during our periods than we do when we’re actually dying?

“Periods. OfWhy blood, all things? It could be thegoneapp.com dust, or some other substance. — Unknown

10. What’s the deal?

“thegoneapp.com” is like an angry, little ninja inside of you trying to kill yourself. — Unknown

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11. TheThese are the most serious symptoms.

“Do you ever think about your period when you start it?” — Unknown

12. There are so many terrible things that can happen.

“Ow. My vagina is falling out. I am going to die. This is so stupid. Here goes my most adorable underwear. I am going to kill my self. Why was I not born a boy? — Unknown

13. It stood for something else, I knew that.

“PMS: Get ready to meet Satan.” — Unknown

14. It is an endless cycle.

“Stressed because period’s a week late, period’s a week late due to stress?” — Unknown

15. People assume periods aren’t important.

“No!” Of course, cramps don’t hurt! It’s just my body trying to lay a freaking egg. If it doesn’t get used my body will just tear down the wall in me. No big deal.” — Unknown

16. Nerves can be real.

“Me, when my doctor asks me to completely remove: ‘I get my period’.” — Unknown

17. They won’t understand.

“Boy! “Boy: ‘psh! You have cramps. Girl: “How about I stab you 100 times in the stomach and then let you bleed to death and make you feel like everything is perfect.” — Unknown

18. They’re not realistic, but they are true.

Dear Tampon Commercial, I wear a white bikini and a backflip when I have my period. Sincerely, real women.” — Unknown

19. They really want to expose us as such.

“Dear tampon/pad companies, please make your items easier to open. Sincerely, the entire bathroom who now knows that I’m having my period. We are grateful. — Unknown

20. They are always there when we need them, but they are not available when we do.

Funny Period Quotes About Menstruation That Time Of The Month

“I can’t find my keys or phone, but I always find the tampon that just wants to magically pop out of my purse at any time.” — Unknown

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21. Silly boys.

“I threw a Tampon (still in the packaging) into a bunch of teenage boys to watch their screams and run off in different directions. — Unknown

22. 22.

“Why don’t they give prizes in your Tampon Box?” Like, your period thegoneapp.com’s 50% off Ben & Jerry’s you cranky b*tch.” — Unknown

23. 23.

“Tampon commercials, detergent commercials, maxi pads commercials, Windex commercials – you’d assume all women are clean and bleed.” — Unknown

24. He was called out.

“Dear Spongebob. You live in Bikini bottom and are super absorbent. Sincerely, you’re a tampon.” — Unknown

25. This is what it feels like at times.

“Who lit the spark on your tampon?” — Unknown

26. It’s your turn to spoil her She will be grateful.

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“If your girl has her period, don’t argue with it. Bring her food, watch movies, and make sure she eats. — Unknown

27. Every woman can relate to a sudden period.

“PeriodProblems: Falling asleep under white sheets and waking on a Japanese flag. — Unknown

28. If your period is unpredictable, and you are trying to plan around it.

“If I get my periods on my wedding day I will call it quits.” — Unknown

29. Do not even attempt to talk to me at this stage.

“When my period is over: Person: hey’ Me, ‘Can’t you shut up?’ — Unknown

30. It’s all natural. Do not be afraid.

“Lame men are not bothered by the sight of girls having their periods. I’m sure that your mother wanted her period but instead got you, tragic.” — Unknown

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31. They owe them at least that much.

“Girls have cramps, periods, babies, and all the rest. TheThe most a man could do is to text us first. — Unknown

32 This is a lovely poem.

“Periods turn red, I feel blue, screw your hormones, Mother Nature. I hate you!” — Unknown

33. Poor friends and families

“I was watching television and started to cry. My brother asked me why was I crying. I replied, “My uterus has been crying blood, so I am shedding tears.” He then slowly walked away from the room. — Unknown

34 Girls gotta stick together.

“I could hate your more than anyone in the world, but if you have a period that soaks through your pants, then I got your back, girl.” — Unknown

35 35.

“Just because you have your period, doesn’t mean you get to be a b-tch.’ “Oh okay. “Oh okay. — Unknown

36 It’s a love-hate affair. Most people hate.

What is a period? Uterus wants to have a baby. One person does not have a child. Uterus is determined to exact revenge. — Unknown

37. Never doubt yourself!

“Do you ever start crying about something and then the next day you get your period and you’re like I knew I wasn’t a weak *ss b*tch!” — Unknown

38 38.

“Dear guys: If your girl is having her period, bring her some pizza, fries, ice cream, or other food she enjoys. It will make her smile even on the worst days. — Unknown

39. Oh, yikes. This man needs to be educated.

“My tampon strings were hanging out of my bathing suits. My boyfriend grabbed it, thinking it was a thread from my bathing costume and publically tore out my tampon. — Unknown

40Enjoy your time. Enjoy the time you have.

Funny Period Quotes About Menstruation That Time Of The Month

“If you aren’t on your period right at the moment, take a minute to appreciate it.” — Unknown

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