35 Powerful Quotes That Will Make You Rethink Gossip

You are not a gossiper, I know this because I am a regular reader of The Positive Mom blog. When I thought about putting together a list of quotes that will make you rethink gossip, I was thinking more about the fact that we sometimes get unwillingly involved in gossip because we don’t want to hurt feelings, say no, and decline the unsolicited information.

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Recently, I was affected by a painful event in my life. It reminded me of what I knew: gossip is a deadly disease that can kill relationships.

Rumors, secrets, lies, comments and whispers behind your back… Are they as stingy as me? 35 Powerful Quotes That Will Make You Rethink Gossip

Let’s read these quotes together:

“Watch out for the joy-stealers: gossip, criticism, complaining, faultfinding, and a negative, judgmental attitude.” ~ Joyce Meyer

“Believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see.” ~ Unknown

“Gossiping and lying go hand in hand.” ~ Proverb

“Gossip is when you have a malice of intent or mindless, third-party conversation to someone about someone, something you haven’t said to that someone.” ~ Iyanla Vanzant

“Words spoken can never be recalled.” ~ Wentworth Dillon

“People gossip. People are insecure, so they talk about other people so that they won’t be talked about. They point out flaws in other people to make them feel good about themselves.” ~ Blake Lively

Words don’t have wings, but they can fly a thousand kilometres. Korean Proverb

“Your dignity can be mocked, abused, compromised, toyed with, lowered and even badmouthed, but it can never be taken from you. You have the power today to reset your boundaries, restore your image, start fresh with renewed values and rebuild what has happened to you in the past.” ~ Shannon L. Alder

“They have the unique ability to listen to one story and understand another.” ~ Pandora Poikilos

“What man ever openly apologizes for slander? It’s not so much a feeling for slander as it was a feeling for a huge lie. This misdeed is not just to those who were slandered, but also to those who were manipulated. He has made them all, every one, his enemies, thereupon he is so overwhelmed with guilt that he will deny it until his grave.” ~ Criss Jami

“Be less curious about people and more curious about ideas.” ~ Marie Curie

“Often those that criticize others reveal what he himself lacks.” ~ Shannon L. Alder

How would your life be different if…YouDid you get away from gossiping and verbal defamation Let today be the day…You speak only the good you know of other people and encourage others to do the same.” ~ Steve Maraboli

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“Isn’t it kind of silly to think that tearing someone else down builds you up?” ~ Sean Covey

“It’s not technically gossip if you start your sentence with “I’m really concerned about __________________ ,” (fill in the name of the person you’re not gossiping about).” ~ Brian P. Cleary

“Some say our national pastime is baseball. It’s not me. It’s gossip.” ~ Erma Bombeck

“People love gossip. It’s the biggest thing that keeps the entertainment industry going.” ~ Ellen DeGeneres

“No one gossips about other people’s secret virtues.” ~ Bertrand Russell

“People will question all the good things they hear about you but believe all the bad without a second thought.” ~ Unknown

“If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all.” ~ Aesop (c.620-560 BC)

“Whoever gossips to you, will gossip about you.” ~ Spanish Proverb

“What you don’t see with your eyes, don’t witness with your mouth.” ~ Jewish Proverb

GossipYou are saying what you would never say to their faces behind their back. Flattery is saying what you wouldn’t say to their face behind their back.” ~ Unknown

It is just as foolish to judge an undefended person as it to judge one absent. Only the ignorant and narrow-minded gossip, for they speak of persons instead of things.“Lawrence G. Lovasik

Gossip needn’t be false to be evil – there’s a lot of truth that shouldn’t be passed around.” ~ Frank A. Clark

Ideas are discussed by great minds. Average minds discuss events. Small minds talk about people.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

He will be amazed at how much time he saves by not looking at his neighbor’s thoughts or actions, but only at what it is he does, to make it holy and just.” ~ Marcus Aurelius

One person can bring a story, and two people can take it away.” ~ Irish Proverb

Don’t repeat anything that you won’t sign..” ~ Author Unknown

“I resolve to speak ill of no man whatever, not even in a matter of truth; but rather by some means excuse the faults I hear charged upon others, and upon proper occasions speak all the good I know of everybody.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

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“They say’ is often a great liar.” ~ Proverb

“There is so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, that it hardly becomes any of us to talk about the rest of us.” ~ Edward Wallis Hoch

“Count not him among your friends who will retail your privacies to the world.” ~ Publilius Syrus

“Loose tongues are worse than wicked hands.” ~ Jewish Proverb

“The things most people want to know about are usually none of their business.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

What gossip quote do you identify with?

I know gossip, slander, and false accusations can be hurtful and are completely unnecessary; however, the most important fact to remember is that it really doesn’t matter what other people think you are, it’s who you really are that truly matters. Like Dr. Seuss said, “It doesn’t matter who you think you are. It’s who you really are that matters.”

Those who matter don’t mind, and those who mind, don’t matter.

It is usually people who know the least or care the least about a situation that somehow “have the most to say.” It would be great if we all focused on mastering ourselves, rather than wasting time gossiping, passing judgment, and betraying people behind their backs.

There are many places of the Bible dedicated to warn us against “malicious gossips, busybodies, slanderers, talebearers, whisperers, false witnesses, quarrelers, meddlers, deceivers, backbiters.” My 3 favorite verses about this topic are:

  1. There is no talebearer where strife ceases [Proverbs 26:20]
  2. To live peacefully and to manage your own affairs. [1 Thessalonians 4:11]
  3. Do not judge, so that you are not judged. [Matthew 7:1]

One of my sassiest good friends always says “I wish they’d get a life so they can stop talking about mine!” I see her point; most productive people have no time to spare complaining, comparing, competing, condemning, and criticizing others. Many people talk negatively about others because they have something to complain about in their personal lives.

Don Miguel Ruiz, in his book “The Four Agreements,” which just happens to be one of my favorite books in the planet, says this:

“Be Impeccable With your Word. Talk with integrity Only say what you mean. Be careful not to use the word “shame” to disparage yourself or gossip about other people. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.”

What’s your favorite quote about gossip?It would be great to hear your thoughts! Keep your mouth shut off to gossip and other corrupt communications.

  • Change the subject if someone wants to gossip in your presence or to you.
  • Set boundaries and confront gossipers.
  • Remember the Golden Rule

I ask you to spread kindnesses and compassion instead of gossiping and judging. xo [ela]

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