Palm Springs Best Movie Quotes – ‘It’s going to be a beautiful wedding.’

Starring:Andy Samberg, Cristin Mioti and Peter Gallagher. Camila Mendes. Tyler Hoechlin. Meredith Hagner. Dale Dickey. June Squibb.


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Max Barbakow is the director of romantic comedy. The story is about Nyles (Andy Samberg), a carefree man, and Sarah (Cristin Mioti), a reluctant maid-of-honor Sarah (Cristin Millioti), who are both in love. aChance meeting at a Palm SpringsWedding. But things become complicated when they can’t. toEscape the venue by yourself or your partner.

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“We have no other choice than to do what we’re told.” toLive. Your best bet is to just toFind out how to suffer existence.’ – Nyles (Palm SpringsClick To Tweet “Pain matters. What we do toIt is important to consider the opinions of others. – Nyles (Palm Springs) Click To Tweet ‘In order toReally know aYou are a person. toThe whole package. The good and bad. – Nyles (Palm Springs) Click To Tweet

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[as Nyles is lounging in the pool]Jerry:It’s been a good day!Nyles Today, tomorrow, yesterday, it’s all the same.

[giving her wedding speech to Abe and Tala]MistyOkay, I made the decision toGoogle the most important aspects of marriage: love and commitment. Love is toFeel aDeep romantic or sexual affection toSomeone. We all know that these two little freaks do a great job in this department. The quality of being committed is the state or quality that you are dedicated. to a cause, activity, et cetera.[pause]Tala Oh, she’s done.[the guests applaud]

Howard:Peanut, get up!Sarah:Nobody ever told me I was suppose to be there toTake the following steps: aSpeechHoward: Of course you’re supposed toGive a speech, you’re the maid of honor. It’s your main job.

[giving his wedding speech]NylesWe are born in the wilderness. Then we’re found, but we’re all just lost, am I right? But, there is light in the darkness.

[continuing his wedding speech]NylesHere you are, poised on the edge of something far greater than anyone. It may be. beIt can be frightening and overwhelming to feel insecure. You are not alone, but you can always remind yourself of this. Everyone is part of your family. We are your whole world. We will be there to cheer you on as you reach your highest dreams. So raise aglass We might beYou were born to be lost but you have been found. Cheers.Misty Wait. Wait.

Sarah:What do you smell?NylesFournier: Orchid Explosion What is the right way?Sarah:Yes. That’s very weird.NylesMy hair is always in a mess. I was a sexy girl. aA girl who uses toYou can take a dip in it.

Nyles So what’s your deal, you don’t dance?Sarah:Plantar fasciitis is actually quite common.NylesAh, respect.

[referring to his wedding speech]Sarah: Yeah, but you don’t actually believe any of the s**t that you said?NylesNot aIt’s all there. We’re all f***ing alone.

[as Nyles shows Sarah that his girlfriend, Misty, is having sex with Trevor]Sarah: I can’t say I ever liked her.NylesShe has moments, sure, but this one hurts.Sarah: Why don’t you go in there and stop them?NylesOoh, I’m sure there isn’t a world where these two don’t end up together.

Sarah:You can feel better knowing that my entire family is embarrassed of me. They see me as a liability who f***s around and drinks too much.NylesThey are crazy to think that!Sarah: Because I f*** around and drink too much.

[as Sarah and Nyles are about to have sex and Nyles takes off his shorts]Sarah: You wear underwear under your bathing suit?Nyles Yeah, doesn’t everybody?

[as Nyles is suddenly shot in the shoulder with an arrow by Roy]NylesOw! F***!Sarah: What the f*** is happening?It’s happening!Nyles I thought I smelled you, you piece of s**t!

[as Roy chases after Nyles]Roy: Keep running, s**t bird. You will always be found.

[as Sarah follows Nyles into a cave after being chased by Roy]Sarah: Nyles?NylesYou must stop. Don’t come in here!Sarah:Are you okay?Nyles Don’t come in here![suddenly Nyles is sucked into a vortex in the cave]

[after we see Sarah got sucked into a vortex in the cave and wakes up to repeat the day]Howard: It’s going to be a beautifulWeddingSarah: What the f***?

[after Sarah confronts Nyles about what’s happening to her]NylesYou must have followed me.Sarah: What’s goingOn?NylesI tried toStop.Sarah:But what does this mean? What is the answer?NylesYes. That’s it. This is today. Today is yesterday. Tomorrow is also today. It’s one of those infinite time loop situations you might have heard about.Sarah:This is what I may have heard?NylesYes.

Sarah: How do I stop it? I don’t want tomorrow to beToday. Tomorrow is what I want to be tomorrow.NylesThat’s right. That’s natural. Unfortunately, that’s never going to happen. Tomorrow will never end. beGet it today

[as Nyles takes Sarah to find the cave]Nyles Wait for it. It’s almost. I am the Antichrist.[he snaps his finger and the ground shakes from the earthquake]Nyles I’m just kidding, there is no God. Every day an earthquake strikes. It is worth checking out. The cave is now accessible.

[as Sarah heads towards the cave]Nyles You’re not going to find what you’re looking for in there. The whole day will reset once you get in there toYou are where you woke up this morning. If you stay put, it will be the same. You will soon fall asleep and everything will go back. toThe beginning.Sarah:But what if I go in there, will it end?NylesYes. You can.[Sarah continues on towards the cave]Nyles You’re wasting your time!

Howard: She didn’t leave aNotice?Pia: Sarah realized the day wasn’t about her, so she left.Howard: Don’t say that.[they look over to see Nyles in the kitchen blending a drink]Nyles Or she’s scared.Howard:What?NylesFamilies. Weddings Intimacy. Melanoma. Nanotech. Surveillance round the clock Sauce She’ll beReverse

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[after Sarah barges into Nyles and Misty’s hotel room; to Nyles]Sarah: Get dressed. I can’t beYou can find more information here.[Sarah walks out]MistyOh, my god. Are you f***ing cheating on me?NylesNo. You’re cheating on me, you goof.Misty Wait. Wait.

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Nyles I don’t know what it is. It could be. beIt could be your life. It could be death. It might. be aDream. You might. beImagine you. You might beIt could be me. It could bepurgatory, and a glitch in the simulation that we’re both in. I don’t know. So I made a decision. aWhile ago toGive up on trying. toYou must make sense of the world, that is the only way. toThis is the place to live. toAccept the fact that everything is irrelevantSarah: Well, then what’s the point of living?NylesWe have to, at least in part. toLive. Your best bet is to just toFind out how to suffer existence.

Sarah: So we can’t die?NylesNo. The loop is over. There may be others. beSome way to kill yourself, but I haven’t figured it out, and I’ve done aMany suicides. There are so many.

Sarah:No. No, I’m going toThis is not a good idea.[she starts driving fast towards]NylesOkay. Suit yourself. [Nyles takes his seatbelt off and leans his head on the dashboard]Sarah:What are you doing?Nyles Bracing for a quick death. I mean, we can’t die, but pain is very real. There’s nothing worse than slowly dying in the ICU. [Sarah takes off her seatbelt]NylesYou could skip this entire phase and just go for it. aBeer, you know. Or not. Or not.[Sarah drives fast towards the truck heading straight for them]NylesWe will see you tomorrow.

NylesAs I said, you have everything. toFind peace.Sarah:I drove all the distance back to home toAustin and I still woken up here.Nyles That’s how it works. It’s funny, because once I smoked. aA lot of crystal, and it made it all. to Equatorial Guinea. It was aThis was a waste of time. As soon as I got off my plane, they detained me. They thought I was acting. a little odd. Then I fell asleep in aIn a few minutes, I was back in my bed.

Nyles “What might have been, and what has been point to one end, which is always present.”

Roy:Confucius stated that marriage was a union. aA pit of despair that is unending and makes it impossible to remember who you are.Nyles He did not.Roy:There is! aBottom, my friend. It is. a f***ing dark place.

Roy:You say what, bud? You know what you want? to dance aA little?NylesOkay.Roy:The officiant in the ridiculous suit is you familiar?Nyles Trevor.Roy: He’s got aBag of sweets in his pocket I tried. toHe said that he didn’t want to be contacted. toShare.[Nyles walks over to Trevor, grabs the drugs from his pocket and shouts over to Roy]NylesYou were correct! You got them!

[after Nyles reveals that he also trapped Roy in the time loop after a night of partying]NylesRoy didn’t take his new life lightly when he found out. He is fortunate to live in Irvine, where he wakes up every morning, so he comes only once a few days. Or even weeks. I don’t know. My senses of time are not accurate. aLittle fuzzy.Sarah:But what is he looking for?Nyles I think he thinks it’s revenge?

[as he chases after Nyles]Roy: Run, rabbit, run.

Nyles Material matters don’t really concern me.Sarah:Except for booze, burritos and designer drugs, candy is exempted. NylesYes. I’m not aPuritan.Sarah:What about sex?

Sarah: You f*** other people in here?Nyles Great question.Sarah:You should. Do you agree?NylesYes, I do. But it takes. aIt takes a lot of effort. I do my best. toLive my life as easy as possible.Sarah: Huh! We are hooked up!NylesIt is not. At least, I don’t think so.

[referring to Nyles having sex with Tala]Sarah:Tala?NylesIt is not possible. But, I tried.[flashback to the wedding reception as Abe and Tala are about to have their first dance]NylesDo you allow me to cut in?Abe It’s the first dance.Nyles And that’s a deal‐breaker?[back to Nyles and Sarah]Sarah: And that didn’t work?

Sarah:We. You. You. Everyone. Everybody we know. It is impossible to accept the idea of being isolated, so we embrace this celebration and take it as a sign of our support. It’s bulls**t.NylesIt’s okay. Also, no wedding.

Sarah: Maybe it’s aThe karma thing.NylesWhat is the definition of “What is?”Sarah:Yes. What if it’s like toGet out of this mess! to be selfless, and then you’re free.NylesI just purchased a hundred dollar candy bar and I’m still here.Sarah:But not like that. Just like real acts selflessness.

Sarah:Imagine if you could just keep going, Oh my God. Imagine if life could just keep going! going for everyone else here, but not you and me until we’ve earned our way out? You’ve really never thought about this before?NylesYes, but no. I’ve never thought about the multiverse.

Sarah:Nyles, it was great. It’s not great, but it’s good. But it’s been interesting. And, hey, in all your future loops, please keep me out of that f***ing cave. Good luck to the psychopath who continues trying. toYour murder. You must deal with him.NylesYes.Sarah:This could be. beYou will find your way out.NylesYou seem to be able to do that. toIt’s all there.Sarah:We wish you all the best.

[to Nyles, after her selfless act didn’t end her loop]Sarah: Didn’t work. The meaning of life is meaningless. Let’s get the f*** out of here.

[as Abe and Tala are about to cut their wedding cake]Nyles Wait! Do not panic! You are not alone! aBomb in the cake[grabs the bomb out of the cake]Nyles Don’t worry. You can use it. to be aBomb guy. Everyone, please stand aside![he throws the bomb and in explodes in the sky]Misty [screams]Oh, my God!

[as Nyles is tatooing on her back]Sarah: How’s it goingIs it good? Is it worth it?NylesIt looks great.Sarah:Do the balls look smooty, hairless and unkempt like I requested?NylesYes.Sarah:Are you feeling the jizz?NylesDotted lines. Straight across.

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NylesIt’s as simple as that. All that is left in this void is the past. And everything that’s remaining is the future encased in chocolate. This emptiness is not for me. It’s all about your past. You got here, that’s all that matters.Sarah:However, if you really desire it toIt does matter to get to know someone more. It does. You already have toKnow the entire package.NylesI disagree. This, the next bite, that’s all that matters.

Sarah: [to Nyles]I was married for two-years. I knew it wasn’t going to work. I knew it wasn’t going toWork out the moment I said yes. I knew it wasn’t going toWork out when I moved toAustin was his. I knew it wasn’t going toIt was a good idea. But I persevered. And it didn’t work out. Ignoring all of that would have me headed in the wrong direction. toRepeat it.

NylesThese mushrooms are amazing.Sarah:Yes. Too bad we’re doing it in such a s**thole though. I am not aThis magical desert is a favorite of many.

Nyles When I say that I feel sorry, it’s like, it’s the same way that I would say that I feel sorry that, you know, I finished one beer, and now I have toOffen aNew one. You know, now I’m not sorry anymore. It’s just aA fleeting feelingSarah:Right.NylesIt will drift away just like all other things.Sarah: What do you mean, “It just drifts away like they all do?” Like what has drifted away?NylesEverything.

[after they’ve had sex and we find out Sarah had slept with Abe the night before]NylesWhat do you want? to talk about it, or…Sarah:What is the cop?NylesThe fact that we had sexual relations last night is proof of this. You said that we should have had sex and then we had it.Sarah: What’s there toTalk about? It’s all meaningless, right?Nyles I mean, I hope it’s not all meaningless.

[after Sarah kills Roy]NylesThe pain is real. Why can’t you understand that?Sarah: It doesn’t matter! It doesn’t matter! So, what do you think? These are your words!NylesNo. The pain is important. What we do toIt is important to be kind to others. Being aIt’s not fun to be a source of terror, okay? It’s not fulfilling. This is something I have seen firsthand. It doesn’t matter that everything resets and people don’t remember. We are able to remember. We are. toDeal with the things we do.Sarah:Oh, my God. Crying me a river, Nyles. You were never going toYou should deal with him. It was me that did it. aFavor

Sarah: I got stuck in this s**t because you got me stuck in it. NylesI tried toStop! Or don’t you remember. I said, “Stop, don’t come in!” But, no, you can’t tell Sarah what toDo. She’s got it all figured out.Sarah: Are you serious right now? I went with you to that cave because I loved you. Someone was trying. toIt will not be easy for you. Because I give. a s**t! This is something you don’t know anything about.

Sarah:If only I knew. going to beGet stuck with aYou are a sad, pretentious bully. I would not have chosen to be around you for eternity. And I sure as hell would never have f***ed you.NylesPlease. We’ve f***ed like aThousand of times.Sarah:Was that you? What?

Nyles I lied, okay? They did hook up once before. It was a lot. It was all I had. toYou with your ridiculous speech at the wedding. But things were different then. It was always just going to reset. And then you got stuck in here, and, I don’t know, maybe I should have told you, but I didn’t want toTell me. I didn’t want toTell me! So I didn’t. Okay?Sarah: I’m getting out of this day.

[after Sarah goes missing]Pia: Sarah realized the day wasn’t about her so she left.Howard: Oh, don’t say that.Nyles No, Howard. Pia is right again. Sarah treats her life like it’s her own private soap opera.Howard:Who are YOU?Nyles Misty’s boyfriend.

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[after Nyles finds out about Sarah sleeping with Abe and confronts Abe]Abe You don’t actually believe this guy, do you?Howard: You cheated on your fiancée the night before your wedding with her sister?NylesWhat do you know? F*** all of you! Sarah’s a good person, but for some reason, she’s never been good enough for any of you![Abe tackles Nyles and they start fighting]

[after Nyles realizes he loves Sarah and goes to Roy’s house]NylesRoy! I’m turning myself in! Torture me, I don’t care!Roy: M*therf***er.Nyles You were right, it’s dark down here!Roy: What the f*** are you doing here?NylesRoy, I’m sorry. I’m giving up. You will win.

[to Nyles; referring to his children]Roy:Twins. These are my twins. If I’d had one less Mai Tai that night, I’d have put the condom on right, and they wouldn’t beHere. So, here’s to Mai Tais.

NylesDo you want this to be your life?Roy: Not bad, huh? Beautiful wife. Beautiful children. Little Joey is watering dog s**t. It’s weird. But it’s beautiful.NylesWhat happened? to marriage being a “bottomless pit of sorrow”?Roy:Things can change. Priorities change.

Roy: [to Nyles]I had aa lot of anger towards your man. I mean, I’m not going toSee my children grow up. Never going toLittle Libby will walk down the aisle. I think I was able to keep my head up. a**. I mean, I didn’t really comprehend what I was putting you through. I was really able to see the world through that little hospital stay.

Roy: [to Nyles]This was the norm. aGood day. You’re right. My wife in her prime of womanhood. Little Joey tending hisDog s**t. Libby’s going to do a family portrait later this afternoon where we’re all animals. I’m aCuddly grizzly bear. I mean, it doesn’t get any better than that.

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Roy: You got toFind your Irvine.Nyles I don’t have an Irvine.Roy:Everybody has an Irvine.

[to Nyles, referring to Sarah]Roy:At least you have each others back. Nothing is worse than going through this s**t alone.

Roy: I think it’s best if we don’t see each other anymore. It’s not you, it’s me.NylesWould you please spare me from your wrath? Just toYou know what? Beat the traffic!Roy:Okay. Side yard.

[explaining her theory of getting out of the time loop]Sarah:During that window, we blow up both ourselves and the cave. If we explode the C4 at just the right moment, it will propel you out.NylesWhere are you going?Sarah: I don’t know. We could wake up, and it’s today. We could wake up, and it’s twenty years from now. We could, or, you know. be dead, under apile of rocks. There’s really no way to be sure, that’s why it’s aTheory. However, we do have toTry.

Sarah: Holy s**t. Are you scared toLeave? NylesYou don’t know what? You are wrong! Not at all. I just don’t want toYou can leave. There’s aDifferent.Sarah:Oh, yes! What’s the difference?NylesI want toStay with us.

NylesOkay, look, I love and respect you. What about this?Sarah:What?NylesI love you.Sarah:How is that possible? I am literally the only human being in this room with you.NylesNo. But what about Roy? I don’t love him.

Sarah:Oh, my God. Nyles. You are saying it out loud, with millions of people. toThere are many options, but would you still choose me?NylesYes. But why? toYou can always go back to that place anyway. It’s aWorld with poverty and death, as well as debilitating emotional distress. We get at least one here. to beTogether.Sarah:You’ve lost your mind.NylesIs this so bad? That’s what love is all about! Don’t beIt makes me so nervous.

Sarah: This isn’t real, Nyles. Everything that we are doing in here is f***ing meaningless.NylesBut what’s the point? I mean, it’s not like things were goingSo great for you out here. Okay, Abe and I both know what you’re thinking. And if your plan works, that’s a whole other mess you’re going toHave toWith.Sarah:How can you find out more? NylesOrchid Explosion by Fournier. But it doesn’t matter! I don’t care about that stuff. That’s like my whole thing.

Sarah: I can’t keep waking up in there.NylesYou can ignore it.Sarah:I want my life back. I want my life back. toGet out of this place and join me.Nyles And I’m saying no. But I’m also asking you toStay.[Sarah embraces Nyles for a moment]Nyles Goodbye, Nyles.

Nyles We need to break up.MistyWhat? Nyles You don’t like me. Misty I don’t like you. But I don’t think we should break up.NylesWhat?Misty People don’t break up with me. This is so f***ed up.NylesOkay.Misty I’m breaking up with you. It was my idea!

[to Tala in her wedding speech before she plans to leave the time loop]Sarah: You have this selflessness and this hopefulness that’s really special. It’s really rare. It’s believed that big sisters are possible toTeach baby sisters but I will forever and forever and ever, and ever, and ever. beLearn from you. Abe, now! Don’t f*** this up.Abe I won’t.Sarah:Good.

Darla:It’s alright, sweetheart.Nyles I’ve felt everything I’ll ever feel. So I’ll never feel ever again.Darla:Ted, what are your thoughts on Ted’s child?Ted the Bartender That’s his first drink.

NylesI thought that I knew how to do it. toLive. I didn’t. Or I don’t.Darla:Honey, take aLook around. Whatever you’re after, it ain’t here.

[as Nyles rushes to the cave before Sarah leaves and she stops his speech]Sarah:One more sentence.NylesOkay. Okay. Okay. to be, I’ve realized that I’m completely co‐dependent. But I’m cool with it, because I think that life should beShare now. I need you to survive.Sarah:Okay. That’s your one sentence.

[continues his speech]NylesI need you to survive, comma. But it’s so much more than that, colon. You are my best friend. Remember that night when we saw the dinosaurs. You said it. You said it yourself. toReally know aYou are a person. toThe whole package. Both the good and bad. And I’ve seen your package, and it is excellent, Sarah. Ampersand.

[continues his speech]Nyles You’re my favorite person that I’ve ever met. Yes. I know that it’s crazy odds that the person I like the most in my entire life would beI met someone while I was stuck in aTime loop. What else could have insane odds? It’s getting stuck in aTime loop! Dot, dots, dots.Sarah: Ellipses.NylesEllipses, we are grateful.Sarah: It’s called an ellipses.

NylesIt’s my hope that the idea of blowing up ourselves works. But it’s really irrelevant to me, as long as I’m with you. And if it kills us, well then, I’d rather die with you than live in this world without you. It’s an eloquent period.Sarah:It was aGrammatical nightmare.NylesYes. I’m hoping it didn’t distract from my point too much.Sarah: I mean, an emphatic period is just, it’s just an exclamation point.Nyles I didn’t want to seem desperate.

Sarah:What happens if one of us gets sick?Nyles We’re already sick of each other. It’s the best.

Sarah:You know that I can live without you. There is. aThere is a chance this life can be. be aIt will be much more interesting with you there.NylesYes. Less mundane. That’s aSuper low bar. That’s aGreat place toStart.

Sarah:You can do it! Let’s see if we blow up and die.NylesOkay.

[as they are about to blow themselves up in the cave]NylesWhere would you like to be? toWhen this is certain to work, go on our first date?Sarah: Your mom’s house.NylesOkay. This was a mistake.Sarah: Your mom’s a mistake.NylesIt’s okay.

Sarah: In case I don’t see you again, I love you too.[Sarah and Nyles kiss before she detonates the bomb]

[mid-credits lines; Roy approaches Nyles at the wedding]Roy: Hey, s**t bird. I received the message from you last night. That is it aIt’s a crazy idea. It could be possible, do you really believe it?[Nyles looks confused]Nyles I’m sorry. Do I know you? I’m Nyles.Roy:Hi.NylesHi.[Roy laughs as he realizes Sarah’s theory to escape the time loop has worked]Roy:It’s impossible. Wow!

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