Paladins Tier List September 2023


S Tier Paladins Champions

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Champion Class Atlas Front Line Barik Front Line Bomb King Damage Cassie Damage Inara Front Line Koga Flank Makoa Front Line Vatu Flanker Vora Flanker Ying Support

The S Tier picks are by far the best characters in the game. They are generally the best in their given roles and are the most likely Champions to get banned in a Ranked game of Paladins.

Best Frontline Champions in Paladins

By far the best frontliners on the Paladins Tier List based on the current patch are Atlas and. Atlas is undoubtedly the best for controlling point maps and chokeholds. The reason why is because the core of Atlas’s kit is centred around placing protective barriers that repel incoming fire. It means that it forces ranged characters into Atlas’s world, which can lead to many issues if they don’t find a way around it. His Setback ability can put enemy players in uncomfortable or exposed positions, if used well. A damage dealer on Atlas’ team will thank them for putting them back in the open ready to nuke them down at a distance or on the flank.

Makao is a better choice if you prefer an offensive frontliner. Makao is a turtle that packs a punch. He also has all the peel you need from his shields and a spinning turtle shell that propels him forward, crowd controlling his enemies and making him immune. He also has a hook which makes him an anti-flanker. If that wasn’t enough, the spinning anchor ultimate grants him bonus health and crowd control immunity while it lasts. Makao can be your turtle if you need to take control of a single point.

Barik is another frontline hero who can capture points. While deploying turrets on sites, he creates a huge shield for himself. It means there’s so much extra pressure on those maps, especially when his team gets in control of the point. Although, he does lack offensive power, and may feel like a B Tier frontline if your team is not able to take control points. Keep in mind that it is only able to excel on teams with high skill or in team competitions.

Best Flankers Champions in Paladins

The two best flankers in Paladins are the two edgy boys, Vatu and Koga. Koga can move well and do incredible damage with his claws. Koga can use an energy mechanic to enhance his abilities. With his ethereal mobility ability, which prevents any pushback, spending energy can result in some incredible burst damage. If he uses his AOE (area effect) ultimate well, he can take entire teams apart with team-based utility. It is important to ensure that the enemy crowd controller is down before pressing the ability. It is possible to use this ability while your enemy team pushes an Atlas. Ouch!

On the other hand, Vatu is the most recently added character for Paladins. His ability to shadowstep directly to his opponent is what makes him so strong. Other Flankers also have temporary dodges and movement speed that allow them to close the gap. Vatu is the most dangerous of the gap-closing market because he skips that part. It can do devastating single-target or multi-target damage when combined with his close-range abilities like his Shadow Bombs. With his ultimate, he can be a tank. Charging through enemies, doing damage and stun them. He is a versatile flanker that deals a lot of damage. He is by far the best flanker. The only downside is it means he is the Flanker most likely to get hit in battle, so pare him up with an aggressive Support like Series or Mal’Damba, and he excels even further.

Vora, on other hand, is extremely self-sufficient. Vora has many CC tools, including her ultimate that can kill enemies. A disruptive force, her ability to launch herself in, and AOE knockback, makes her a formidable opponent. She is a frontline fighter, but she has the ability to do damage like a well-tuned flanker. She also has amazing self-healing abilities, which means she can carry her team and herself throughout fights. Despite this, Vore is one of the most difficult to get started properly. Vore is not recommended for those who aren’t very good at the game.

Best Damage Champions in Paladins

The best damage dealers in Paladins are Cassie and Bomb King. Cassie is generally the most flexible of all the DPS characters, as her crossbow packs a punch and has a peel effect that can divert attacks away so Supports don’t need to babysit her. On top of her useful team utility, Cassie’s kick has a disengage ability, launching enemies away from her into an ideal safe spot. This can be used against any flanker or frontliner. If that wasn’t enough, Dodge Roll is another tool in her death defying arsenal. Scout is her ultimate, and it grants team-wide speed. This can be used to charge points controlled by enemies or hunt down teams to ensure payload moves. It can also be used to respawn a team if they are wiped. She is very proficient on both casual and Ranked modes.

The Bomb King is the best DPS Champion for objectives. Bomb King is the king in AOE damage. He launches enemies with bombs, traps, and other things that go boom. Grumpy Bomb can stun enemies within range if it is timed correctly. Poppy Bomb is also a powerful weapon that can knock back your opponents. King Bomb, which allows Bomb King in bomb form to move around, makes him immune to crowd control. It detonates in an AOE and does incredible damage, completely disregarding any shields. It is a formidable dam buster that can completely displace entire teams. Bomb King, on the other hand can totally negate any push with its devastating King Bomb ultimate that is ready to go off at any time. Either way, it is clear why we rank Bomb King so high on the Paladins Tier List.

While not an S Tier pick, Dredge can perform the role of Bomb King rather well. For objectives, you will need explosives and AOE damage controls. Bomb King is a priority, but Dredge is an alternative.

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