Paint Old Picture Frames

Two reasons prompted me to paint these picture frames. Reason number one is that they were in my booth for months and didn’t sell. They were also ugly and out-of-date.

But they had amazing potential and I’m glad I committed to the makeover. Now I’m going to keep them and hang them in the house whenever I figure out the best place. It will most likely be in the kitchen/dining area.

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how to paint old picture frames

Today is Thrift Store Decoration Day. The team has been busy. Check out the rest of our makeovers!

vintage frames and prints from the Nashville Flea Market

These vintage frames were purchased at the Nashville Flea Market. The frame on wire with a second frame was my favorite. Not a look I’ve seen before.

They are outdated as you can see. While vintage is great for most things, these framed prints are not the best.

the back side of wall art

In the photo above, you can see the backs of the frames. I had to take out the photo and the glass in order to paint the wire and frames.

broken picture frame glass

I tried to remove the contents from the small frame that was still attached to the wire. That didn’t work so well. I broke the glass.

removing art from picture frames

I took out all the staples that held the wire to the frame.

spray paint picture frames

My original plan was to frame the remaining cloth napkins in the same frames as the Tuesday Morning citrus designs. You may recall that I replaced some prints in a frame and re-covered the barstool seat with the cloth napkins.

With that in mind, I grabbed some white spray paint and spray painted the frames. The white didn’t cover very well. I didn’t have my favorite spray paint brand in white (find on Amazon); so I moved on to something else.

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paint old picture frames with Beyond paint

I applied two coats Beyond. PaintIn off-white I applied the spray paint to the wire frame and dry-brushed off-white.

distress paint with sandpaper by hand

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Everybody knows that distressing is the next step! I distressed the edges with 100 grit sandpaper.

upholstery fabric to frame in a picture frame

Let’s talk about the alternative to cloth napkins. I’m in love with this upholstery fabric. It was perfect for a door in a vintage wardrobe.

The design and colors are stunning. The fabric is soft and velvety, which makes it difficult to photograph.

how to frame fabricI cut enough fabric to cover the cardboard and fold it onto the back. I made sure that each frame had a portion of the fabric design that was nice.

I saved the cardboard from the small frame, and used Duck Tape on the backside to attach the fabric.

frame fabric and frame in old picture frames

I pulled the fabric tighter so that it lay flat and without any wrinkles.

use duck tape to hold picture in frames

Next, I put the fabric-covered cardboard into the frame. Finally, I used Duck Tape for support.

frame fabric to make unique wall decor

That Duck Tape is strong stuff and I don’t have to worry about it coming off. The fabric and cardboard are guaranteed to stay put.

staple art to a picture frame

I used a heavy duty stapler for re-staple of the frame to wire.

add wall protectors to wall art

I used foam wall protectors in the back corners of the frames before they were hung. Don’t need the wood or wire rubbing the wall paint.

unique double picture frame with wire insert

The old, dull frames are given a new look with the help of the light-colored paint and the beautiful fabric.

paint old picture frames white

I prefer the small flowers design to the larger, even though they are both lovely.

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how to paint picture frames and frame new art

The frames can be hung together or apart. I didn’t measure the frames but they take up a lot of space.

how to paint old picture frames and frame pretty fabric for new wall art

I snapped a photo from one of the frames that had been painted on our brown bedroom wall. Lookin’ good.

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