20 Outdoor Photoshoot Ideas – Easy Backyard Photography Guide

Now that the weather is warming up we can finally be outdoors and this means it’s a great time to use your backyard or outdoor space for some new instagram content!

I’ve put together a list of creative and fun outdoor photoshoot ideas for you to try now. No matter the size of your space you’ll definitely be able to try a few of these out!

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20 easy & creative outdoor photoshoot ideas to do in your own backyard inspired by our favourite instagrammers! Pictured here: Grab a book

The great thing about shooting at home in your own backyard is you can do it on your own. In fact, I put together this guide on how to do a photoshoot at home by yourself to walk you through the process!

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Now, onto the outdoor photoshoot ideas!

Outdoor Photoshoot Ideas using Props

(*20*)1. Create a dreamy scene with a book

Books are one of my favourite props to use when shooting outdoors and I’ve been posting a lot lately on my Instagram (you can follow me here!). The photos end up looking so pretty!

You also don’t need a fancy old fashioned looking book to get this look.

All you have to do is take the shell off of one of your hardcover books like I did. Voila!

By the way, if you’re looking for some pretty and ultra affordable dresses for your next outdoor photoshoot check out this post on cheap cottagecore dresses!

(*20*)2. Use a chair

Chairs can make fun but easily overlooked photoshoot props.

You can get super creative and use them the wrong way, lean against them, or set up a scene like I did below.

Grab yourself a lawn chair and see what kind of creative poses or settings you can come up with!

(*20*)3. Grab your bike

If you have a cute vintage looking bike they make such great photo props!

Set yourself up against a colourful wall like @saraevyandersson or head out to enjoy a little nature like @alexandratealeaf.

If you don’t have a colourful wall near you that’s no problem.

Set yourself up at a plain wall and photoshop any colour you want in after!

(*20*)4. Bring a mirror outside

You’ve probably seen the #mirrorchallenge trend all over instagram and it’s a super easy photoshoot idea you can take outside.

Grab any mirror, big or small, and try shooting from different angles with it.

You can get even more creative by adding flowers or other props like @pink.lem and @tezza did.

(*20*)5. Play with newspaper

If you read the newspaper and have a bunch lying around here’s a great photoshoot idea for you!

Make a “tent” out of newspaper like photographer @klaudia_kirschner did with the model above, or just use them as a prop like @lottivanlotti below.

(*20*)6. Use your roller skates for a fun outdoor photoshoot idea

Even something as simple as adding a pair of roller skates can make a photo more fun.

If you want to really jazz your photo up try popping some flowers into them for an extra fun pop.

Outdoor Photoshoot Ideas using Flowers

(*20*)7. Glue/tape flowers to your face

I’ve seen a lot of instagrammers lately either taping or gluing flowers to their face and the result always ends up being gorgeous!

You can use any small flowers you like for this so get creative.

I love the way @hellomissjordan combined this with the mirror challenge in the above photo!

(*20*)8. Make a flower top for a unique outdoor photoshoot idea

Another great outdoor photoshoot idea you can do using flowers is to pop a bouquet down your pants to make a flower top.

It sounds like a crazy concept but ends up looking so pretty!

20 easy & creative outdoor photoshoot ideas to do in your own backyard inspired by our favourite instagrammers! Pictured here: Make a flower top

(*20*)9. Put flowers in your back pocket

Another idea you can do with flowers is to stick a bunch in your back pocket.

It’s such an easy photoshoot concept and the result is so cute!

(*20*)10. Shadow play with plants/flowers for a neat & creative outdoor photoshoot idea

I touched a little on shadow play in this post on indoor photoshoot ideas to try at home and I just love the outdoor version.

Grab yourself some flowers, plants, or leaves and hold them up in front of your face in the direct sunlight to get a shadow.

I would love to see someone try this with a majesty palm leaf!

(*20*)11. Shoot portrait style photos with a flower bush or blooming tree

When quarantine first started I honestly had no idea how I would ever create content.

I am used to shooting very travel-esque shots with my wide angle lens which require scenic landscapes and lots of space.

Being stuck within four walls (and a garden) forced me to get a little more creative and start playing around with my portrait lens.

Shooting with a portrait lens allows you to not only focus in on a smaller space, but blur out the background if it’s not as perfectly scenic as you’d like so it’s perfect for backyard photography.

You don’t need an amazing garden to get shots like these, all you need is one pretty bush and your portrait lens!

Outdoor Photoshoot Ideas using Angles

When you’re limited with space and working with a small backyard angles can be your best friend.

Here’s some creative ways to utilize angles to get the most out of your outdoor photoshoots!

(*20*)12. Shoot for the sky

Position the camera at ground level angled upwards and shoot up towards the sky.

You can do this with a small tripod, with the aid of a photographer friend (who will have to lay down to get the shot), or even sit your camera on the ground propped up against a few items.

Shooting this way is such a great way to capture the pretty blues of the sky.

(*20*)13. Lay in the grass and shoot from low

All you really need is some grass for this shot!

The easiest way to get this type of shot is using a portrait lens.

This will not only give you the blurred background (which helps when the background isn’t that notable on it’s own) as well as the blurred grass in the foreground.

(*20*)14. Lay in the grass and shoot from above

If you’re stuck shooting content in a small backyard space utilizing different angles is super helpful to get the most out of your space.

You can lay in the grass and shoot it from low like the above photo or shoot it from above like @hellomissjordan and I did below.

20 easy & creative outdoor photoshoot ideas to do in your own backyard inspired by our favourite instagrammers! Pictured here: Lay in the grass

In order to shoot from above you’ll either need to set up your tripod above you or else get a friend to straddle you (awkward, but it works).

(*20*)15. Try a through the window shot

I adore through the window shots! They used to be super popular on instagram.

I’m sure you’ve seen the ones set up through a cafe window with an instagrammed drinking her coffee and looking out the window pondering life… Why not try something similar from home?

Creative Outdoor Photoshoot Ideas

(*20*)16. Use a fishbowl for a spacey sci-fi style creative shoot

I never thought I would see the day where I would be recommended people put a fishbowl on their heads for photos.

However, thanks to @officiallyquigley and her insanely creative mind here we are!

(*20*)17. Pour water on yourself

I have to give @kyliekatich a lot of credit here because this gal is CREATIVE when it comes to her photos.

There’s a reason she’s been featured so many times in both of my photoshoot idea posts.

If you’re not afraid to get wet try playing around with pouring water on yourself.

It just goes to show that even the smallest things can make for a much more dynamic and interesting photo.

(*20*)18. Try a picnic scene for a fun outdoor photoshoot idea

Picnic scenes have always been my favourite outdoor photoshoot ideas and they’re so easy to do.

All you really need is a blanket, some sort of basket, and some extra props like food items or books and flowers.

These also always do really well on instagram I find!

20 easy & creative outdoor photoshoot ideas to do in your own backyard inspired by our favourite instagrammers! Pictured here: Try a picnic scene

Credit: @candy_nicole__

(*20*)19. Shoot with your clothesline

This is a super fun idea if you have a clothesline (or even if you can make one/fake it!).

Stick to white fabrics for a cleaner look, or if you’ve got a colourful feed have some fun and use some colourful fabrics!

20 easy & creative outdoor photoshoot ideas to do in your own backyard inspired by our favourite instagrammers! Pictured here: Shoot with your clothesline

Credit: @kirstenwendlandt

(*20*)20. Shoot in your car

If you have a car it can actually make for a great outdoor photoshoot location! Does it really count as outdoors? I’m not sure but I decided to include it anyways.

Tip: you don’t have to find the perfect location for this if you have some photoshop skills.

You can photoshop any scene you want into the window like the snowy scene I photoshopped in the above!

Final Thoughts

I hope you all enjoyed reading this list of outdoor photoshoot ideas you can try in your own backyard!

Hopefully you’re feeling a little more inspired to shoot and have plenty to keep you busy over the coming weeks.

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  • 20 outdoor photography ideas to try now! Easy backyard photography guide
  • 20 creative outdoor photoshoot ideas to try in your own backyard
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