Orc Names {300M+} The Ultimate Orc Name Generator

Orc Names {300M+} The Ultimate Orc Name Generator

 Whether you’re playing Dungeons & Dragons, World of Warcraft, or Elder Scrolls Online, we’ve got the biggest list and the best orc names – including a half-orc name generator for that perfect backstory!

Orc Names? Yes! Now, that’s what I’m Tolkien about! We’ve got the best orc name generators around with 300 million possible names.

Actually, there are 296,926,776 possibilities, but rounding up looks nicer… These names multiply like orcs!

First, to get into the mindset of the cruel, aggressive, and brutish race of orcs, let’s have a quick look at what an orc is, and where they come from.

If you’d rather skip ahead to the name generators, just use the table of contents below.


What are Orcs? How to Choose an Orc-some Name! Half-Orc Names Orc Name Generators by Game Dungeons & Dragons – DnD Names World of Warcraft – WoW Names Elder Scrolls Online – ESO Names Generic Names

What are Orcs?

The The term orc refers to a frightening mythical creature that can be derived from many sources.

There’s the Roman god of the underworld Orcus, the Italian for “ogre,” Orc, and the Old English orc which means “monsters” from the poem Beowulf.

Wherever the word comes from, orcs are much like elves in that who and what they are depends on which universe you’re looking at.

J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings is the first modern appearance and the go-to reference for orcs, from which they have been derived into many games, from D&D to WoW and ESO.

The race’s core remains true throughout. Orcs are a brutal and warring race that thrive on bloodshed, whether it’s that of other races or their own. Males and females both are large, ugly, musclebound, with often tusklike teeth.

The differences between sources are that: Some are religious, some are most definitely not, some are even shamanic/druidic, some are “bred from the heat and slimes of the earth” through sorcery, some are corrupted elves, and some are born in their god’s blood!

You will find that the orcish language they use to name themselves is short and simple, regardless of where they are from. This makes your job much easier today!

How to Choose an Orc-some Name!

These orc names are from Elder Scrolls (Skyrim ESO, etc.), Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, or Dungeons & Dragons, they all have the same, guttural construction.

Conventionally, orc’s will have 2-3 syllables in their name. Hard consonants like G, K, and Z are common, as are the vowels U, O, and A. The vowels I and E are less common but do feature at times.

An epithet, or title, will be given to an orc who performs well in battle or displays a remarkable trait. It is usually related to their deeds. This could be anything from ‘Foot Carver’ to ‘The Vengeful.’

Orc tribe/clan names are not taken by the individuals.

Now that you know what you’re looking for, go find a perfectly brutal name!

Half-Orc Names

Half-orc names are a mixed bag. You can choose from one of the races, orcs, or create a mishmash name.

You will hear and see the orcish influence in the names generated by this generator. However, they are more soft and humane than names of pureblood orcs.

Half-Orc Name Generator

Male and Female Orc Names by Game

You will need to use some discretion while choosing names from the orc name generator. It is important to say the name loudly (if possible) and make it sound terrifying and frightening.

While the guttural orcish language doesn’t allow for soft words, the female orc names can be marginally softer than the male names, as you may or may not see from the generator:

DnD Orc Names

Dungeons & Dragons is the most popular table-top roleplaying game, with players making characters of good, evil and neutral alignment, and all the shades of grey in between.

Orcs are a perfect fit because they are aggressive, warlike, and bloodthirsty. They can also show good tendencies and a thirst for success if they are not raised in their tribes.

This is the largest selection of DnD orc name with epithets. thegoneapp.com (CC-BY-ND 3.0). World of Warcraft is full of orcs. However, you will see more of them in-game since they are Azeroth’s most populous race. Go, get ’em!

WoW Orc Names

World of Warcraft is riddled with orcs, although proportionally you should see a lot more in-game orcs as they are Azeroth’s most numerous race.

Mag’har orcs are playable as the Horde faction, having been brought through a dimensional gateway from Draenor to Azeroth.

Here’s are the best WoW orc name generator around, which includes epithets for your character’s…character. You can take any one you like and use it to create a name that you prefer.

ESO Orc Names

Orcs, also known as Orsimer, have been around in Elder Scrolls since Daggerfall.

However, Tamrielic history has mostly forgotten that they are of elven descent. They are a mountainous, western-based species that have been around for centuries.

The Elder Scrolls universe inspired all names in this generator, from Daggerfall and Skyrim to Morrowind to Elder Scrolls Online!

You can use the button to find the best ESO names.

Elder Scrolls Orc Name Generator

Generic Orc Names

This is the final stop so if you’re looking for non-specific orc names, both male and female, then you’ll find them here.

The Final Say

Thank you so much for using our orc name generator. Did you find what your looking for?

If you didn’t, keep going! There is no way you could’ve exhausted all the orc names that can be put together by the generators, it would take you 32 years without sleep to see them all!!

We love to hear from you, so leave us a comment below with your choice of name.

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