Older Newborn vs Three Month Old Photo Shoot. Which Should I Choose?

Older Newborn vsLifestyle vs Three Month Old PhotoShoot. WhichWhat is best for you?

Now that we’ve looked at the differences between a photo shoot with an older newborn baby, and one at three months old how do you decide which is best for you?

Every family is different, so there will be a different answer for everyone. But IIt can be hard to make a decision. Even though your baby is only a few weeks old, it can be difficult for you to see how they will change over the next months.

If you’re having difficulty deciding, these three considerations might help you with your decision:

1. Do you think you’ll have another photo shoot during your baby’s first year?

Some families who have a newborn shoot opt to have a second shoot at around 6-10 months, when their baby can sit unaided but isn’t yet crawling.

Although your baby may have changed significantly by the time your baby turns three months, photos of your baby at three months will likely look more like those taken 6-10 months ago than any newborn photos. Many families decide to have a second shoot after 6-10 months, when their baby is one year old.

If you are unsure if you may have a second or third shot later in the year, you can contact us. I suggest choosing an older newborn shoot now as you’ll have a more complete record of your baby’s first year.

2. Are you ready to have your house photographed right now?

Sometimes families have just moved house, are mid-renovation or haven’t quite finished setting up the nursery when their baby arrives. When my daughter was born, all three of these applied to us and her nursery wasn’t ready until she was six months old!

Since your home features in the backdrop of a lifestyle shoot, it’s worth considering whether you will be pleased with photographs that show it as it is now, or would prefer to wait until you’ve unpacked the boxes, finished renovations or have the nursery ready.

You may be ready to go now and have a lifestyle newborn shoot, prefer to have a bit more time to get everything just the way you’d like it to be for a three month photo shoot, or don’t want your house in the photos at all and would prefer to have a studio shoot.

3. 3. What are you looking for in your photographs?

You may notice changes in babies within the first three months. However, it’s not until they reach 3-4 months that you can really capture their personality in photographs – once your baby is smiling socially, and has more control over their head and limbs.

Photographs of babies at three months and older will capture precious moments. The newborn photos will focus on your baby’s tiny size and the bond you have with them. At three months the photographs will be able to capture your baby’s expressions and smiles too.

These differences might make it easier to choose between shooting at one of the ages.

Older Newborn vs Three Month Old Photo Shoot

It’s All Yours

Even though your baby is only a few months old, it can be hard for you to envision how they will look at three years. And IWe understand that choosing among the various session types can be hard. If you’re faced with this decision IThis guide will help you decide which option is best for you.

Find out how to book a shoot for an older baby or 3 months old here.

Older NewbornSessions

Baby At Home Sessions

3 Month Old PhotoStudio shoots

Send me an email if you have other questions regarding baby photography. Or, leave a comment below.

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