Sea Quotes: 145+ Best Quotes About the Ocean

Sea Quotes: 145+ Best Quotes About the Ocean

The vast oceans and seas, which cover 71% of the Earth’s surface, are an essential part of human existence. Their mysterious depths have always been a source to fascination, amazement, and fear for mankind. It’s, therefore, no surprise that there are so many sea quotes and sayings to be found.

Personally, I’ve always been a bit obsessed with the sea As a kid, I desperately wanted to be a mermaid… and I’m not sure that has really changed. There’s something so therapeutic and magical about the Ocean, whether it’s for swimming, diving, sailing, or relaxing. The beach is next to it.

Just being on the Coast can evoke many emotions. We know very little about our world’s seas, yet we feel inexplicably tied to them by nature.

These quotes, it is not surprising, are often about the Sea reflect There are many similarities between The flow and ebb of life and oceans. Whether you’re looking for inspirational or motivational sea quotes, short captions for Instagram, or funny quotes about the ocean… we’ve got them all here!

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These sea quotes were written by a number of swimmers, poets and authors.

  1. “The sea is an underwater museum still awaiting its visitors.” Phillip Diol
  2. “To me, the Sea is a constant miracle. The fishes who swim-the rocks the Motion of the Waves the ships, with men in them, What stranger miracles are there?” Walt Whitman
  3. “Would you learn the Secret of the sea? Only those who brave its dangers, comprehend its mystery! ”Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  4. “That the The sea is one the most beautiful and magnificent sights in Nature, all admit. ”John Joly
  5. “The sea always filled her with longing, though for what she was never sure.” Cornelia Funke
  6. “At night, when the Sky is full of stars the You can still get the sea! the wonderful sensation that you are floating in space.” – Natalie Wood
  7. “When anxious, uneasy and bad thoughts come, I go to the sea, and the sea drowns them out with its great wide sounds, cleanses me with its noise, and imposes a rhythm upon everything in me that is bewildered and confused.” – Rainer Maria Rilke
  8. “The See you at sea the sea! the open sea! The blue the Fresh, the ever free!” – Bryan W. Procter
  9. “The sea is a desert of waves, A wilderness of water .”Langston Hughes
  10. “To me, the sea is like a person — like a child that I’ve known a long time. It may sound crazy, but I love swimming in the ocean. the sea I talk with it. I never feel alone when I’m out there.” – Gertrude Ederle

SeaCaptions for Instagram

You are looking for the What is the perfect caption to add to your stunning ocean photo on Instagram? For me, I know that finding the perfect caption for your ocean photo is easy. the Right Instagram captions are usually The hardest part about posting! But fear not, we’ve got you covered with these great ocean captions.

By the Sea Quotes

Being by the sea is one of my favourite  places to be… as well as being in the Sea of course. These by the sea quotes help to capture all the These feelings are associated with the Seaside. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for here, then check out our 200+ Best Quotes About the Beach Get more inspiration

Rough Seas Quotes

Although you might be picturing calm waters lapping against tropical beaches, The ocean can also be dangerous and turbulent. These rough seas quotes are about the Oceans have a powerful side. There are many life lessons that can be learned from it.

Quotes About Sea Life and the Future

The seas are frequently used as metaphors to describe life. We each have our own storm to ride out and challenges to overcome… Therefore, it’s no surprise that there are so many sea quotes about life.

Love of the Sea Quotes

For many of us, it’s love at first sight when we see the sea. It captured my heart long before I was born. It’s incredible diversity never ceases to amaze me and I could spend hours lost in its techni  colour world below the surface.

Final Thoughts the145+ Best Sea Quotes

I hope these sea quotes have given you some inspiration to get your breath back, or inspired you to create that perfect Instagram photo! Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram We love your photos, and would love to see them shared if you used any of them.

Is there a favorite sea quote or ocean musing that you would like to share? Or are there any we’ve missed?! Please leave us a comment to let us know your thoughts.

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