40+ Creative Nicknames for Amber

Finding the right nickname can seem like a difficult. So if you are looking for a nickname for Amber?

In this article, you will find the best nicknames for the name Amber, as well as helpful descriptions to help you find the perfect nickname.

But first, what is the origin and meaning of Amber?

Amber is a feminine name of Arabic origin which is derived from the Arabic word “amber” — a yellowish-brown fossilized tree resin.

The name Amber is said to mean “The Happy Stone” or “Jewel.”

The popularity of the name Amber grew immensely after the publication of the novel Forever Amber by Kathleen Winsor.” In 2019, Amber ranked as the 67th most popular name in Netherland and the 55th most popular name in Scotland.

Amber Nicknames

These nicknames are derived from the name itself and are often shortened versions that have become widely used. Here are popular nicknames for the name Amber:

  1. Amby
  2. Ambs
  3. Amberlly
  4. Ambii/Ambie/Ambee
  5. Amberlynn
  6. Amme
  7. Amer
  8. Amy
  9. Bams
  10. Ember

Cute Nicknames for Amber

Cute nicknames can be formed by attaching terms of endearment to the name Amber. Here are some cute nicknames for someone named Amber:

  1. Ambear
  2. Ambean
  3. Amboo
  4. Jewel: From one of the meanings of the name Amber.
  5. Bambie/Bambi
  6. Honey-B
  7. Amburger: A pun on the word “Hamburger.”
  8. Ambykin
  9. Bambie Barbie
  10. Ambam
  11. Gem
  12. Bamber
  13. L’ambrette: In French, this means “Little Amber.”
  14. Amberoony
  15. Amberoo
  16. Amberlicious
  17. Amberry
  18. Orange: Inspired by one of the colors of an amber tree.

Cool Nicknames for Amber

Cool nicknames for Amber are derived by attaching suffixes or substituting the original name with cool phrases/words. Here are cool nicknames for someone named Amber:

  1. Childish Ambino: A pun inspired by the name of American actor and musician, Childish Gambino.
  2. Amb-itious: Pronounced as “ambitious.”
  3. B-Ber
  4. Berry
  5. Amberoni

Famous People and Fictional Characters Named Amber

Celebrities and fictional characters are useful sources of nicknames, whether you choose to adopt one of their names/nicknames or recreate your own nickname from it. Here are famous people and fictional characters that bear the name Amber:

  1. Amber Levonchuck (also known as Amber Rose): An American model, actress, and recording artist.
  2. Amber Heard (also known as Mera after her role in Aquaman): An American actress and model.
  3. Amber Marshall (also known as Mother Nature): A Canadian actress and singer.
  4. Amber (also known as Amba): A fictional character in the anime series, Darker than Black.
  5. Princess Amber (also known as The Princess/Princess): A fictional character in the popular American animated series Sofia the first.

Variants of Amber

Variants of Amber in other languages can be a suitable nickname if you’re looking for a nickname with a similar meaning to the original name. Here are some variants of Amber:

  1. Ambre: A French variant of the name Amber.
  2. Ambra: An Italian variant of the name Amber.
  3. Ambrette: A French variant of the name Amber.
  4. Amberly: An English variant of the name Amber.


Q: What are some nick names for amber? 

A: Nick names for amber are shortened or altered forms of the name amber that are used to show affection, familiarity, or humor. They are often based on the name’s sound, meaning, or origin.

Q: What are some examples of nick names for amber? 

A: Amby: A cute and simple nick name that rhymes with Bambi.

Amberlynn: A longer and fancier nick name that adds a -lynn suffix.

Bams: A fun and playful nick name that sounds like a comic book sound effect.

Ember: A cool and fiery nick name that relates to the color and origin of amber.

Q: How to choose a nick name for amber? 

A: To choose a nick name for amber, you should consider the personality, preferences, and appearance of the person named amber. You can also ask them what nick name they like or dislike, or use a nick name generator online.

Q: How to create a nick name for amber? 

A: Use the first or last syllable of the name, such as Am, Ber, or Amb.

Add a prefix or a suffix to the name, such as Amby, Amberly, or Amberoo.

Use a word or name similar to amber, such as Amberoni, Ambrose, or Ambert.

Are there other great nicknames for Amber that aren’t on our list? We would love to hear your suggestions in the comments below.

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