New Born Quotes for Baby Girl to Share Your Happiness

New Born Quotes for Baby Girl to Share Your Happiness

There is no bigger joy in life than giving birth to a baby girl. In no time, you will see her grow up and become the apple of your eye. A new born baby girl brings a heartwarming smile to the family’s face. You are extremely blessed if you bring a new born baby girl into your life. It is the greatest joy one can have. She is so innocent and pretty that you will want to dedicate new born quotes for baby girl.

You will want to give her all the love, care, and attention. And you will see her turn into a beautiful woman in front of your eyes. Raising a girl is a blessing and there are countless rewards for doing it right. 

New born quotes for baby girl

The little princess of the family completes their life with happiness. She is a  miracle to them and brings sunshine to life.

In many places, you will find that there is still discrimination between a baby girl and a baby boy. Even during this modern time, some families do not prefer baby girls over boys.

But families should gladly accept the gift of God, irrespective of gender. They should raise their girl child in such a way so that she would make them feel proud someday.

If you know anyone blessed with a baby girl recently, don’t forget to wish her family fantastic quotes. It will make the family feel great about their new born. You can also share these if you want to express your emotions on social media.

We are sharing some new born quotes for baby girl below, which will help you get some cool ideas.

Quotes with Images

  1. We are happy to announce that we just gave birth to the most beautiful princess in the world.
  2. Baby girls are best friends with their mom and princesses to their dad.
  3. Heaven opened their gates and sent us an angel in the form of a baby girl.
  4. My baby girl does not know who I am, but I know she is already my whole world.
  5. I thought I knew what the definition of adorable meant, but my baby girl redefined it.
  6. When you give birth to a baby girl, you realize that no precious jewels can be more valuable than her.
  7. Having a baby girl is falling in love with another woman all over again. It is different, yet pure.
  8. My baby girl might not be the most beautiful woman in the room, but she will always be the most graceful.
  9. As a father, now I will always have my guards on, now that my beautiful baby girl is born.
  10. It’s a girl and i am one of the luckiest dads in the world!

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