31 Cute Fall Baby Pictures That You Can Take Yourself

It’s finally September and it’s got us thinking about all things fall- the pumpkin spice, sweaters, leaves changing, and football Sundays! You’ll be excited to capture those adorable fall baby pictures with all these beautiful seasonal details.

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This is the best time to take adorable photos of your child’s baby stage. Once they’re toddlers, forget about having them sit still to sit in a basket of hay- They’ll be more interested in running circles around you instead!

The great thing is, you don’t need a fancy DSLR camera to take some DIY photos of your baby. You probably have a great camera on a newer model of smart phone. You can magnify the images from your iPhone or Galaxy with high resolution. They will still look amazing framed and hung.

DIY BabyPicture Tips

My number one tip for DIY baby pictures is to use natural lighting. This is a common statement made by professional photographers.

Chances are that you don’t have high-tech studio lighting in your home and the incandescent or fluorescent lights will make any photo look amateur.

Opt instead for outdoor photos that are in indirect sunlight. DON’T shoot in the direct sunshine, but rather in the shade.

Check to make sure they are no shadowsNot only on the baby, but also lighting. If you can’t be outdoors, have your baby really close to a window with the shades or blinds up and your home lighting OFF. This will make for stunning photos.

You can use simple props you already have at home to create your fall decor. If you don’t have much, check out your local Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or any craft store for great props. Remember, less is more so don’t overdo it!

Get out your pumpkins and scarecrows! Now, get out your iPhone or camera and begin experimenting with it. Here are some adorable fall baby photos that you will treasure for years.

Fall Baby Pictures

Here are some adorable fall picture ideas for babies that you’ll want to take all season long! If your baby would only stay this small, you could take them all year.

As a baby bath, lay a black-and-white checkered blanket out on the ground. Add a few leaves and plastic pumpkins from craft stores to your blanket. If you have a girl, add a beautiful orange bow.

You can’t go wrong with a baby in a pumpkin! You can cut a hole in the top for your baby if they are small enough. Don’t forget to scoop out the insides! If they’re a little bit holder, cut out two holes near the bottom for their legs to stick out. Don’t forget a cute little pumpkin hat on top!

This adorable sunflower photo session doesn’t have to be done in a sunflower field! YouThis look can be replicated in your backyard. You can place your baby, naked or clothed, in a grassy spot. YouYou can either use real sunflowers or plastic ones, and then place them in galvanized pitchers. For your little girl, you can use this adorable ivory lace outfit.

A sleeping baby is great to prop up in a pumpkin! Remember to scoop out the seeds, and to keep them from falling over, put a blanket on top. You can top it off with a cute candy corn hat, and sprinkle some candy corn all around. This will make a great fall newborn session!

The baby in a basket is great for any season. But I really love the fall look because of its rustic harvest feel. It’s easy to photograph with this combination: a burlap blanket in tan, a pumpkin topper hat, and plastic pumpkins of different shapes and sizes.

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This photo reminds me so much of my daughter and her little brother. She would totally put him in a pot and “pretend” to cook him! LOL Get a costume for a witch on your older child, and put the baby in big pot. You’ll have a hilarious Halloween family photo.

What’s better than a baby in a pumpkin? A baby in candy corn! This is so adorable! This one doesn’t require many props except for a big glass bowl, bags of candy corn, and a cute candy corn topper hat.

Apples are a great way to start fall. I love the colors in this photo. Get some fall-themed scarfs or blankets, as well as a wooden basket and different colors of apples. Don’t forget baby overalls to complete the fall look!

Place your baby naked on their stomach on a blanket or white sheet. Place some pumpkins or fall leaves around your baby and cover their bum with a plastic pumpkin.

The baby bum painted! Too adorable! Get some washable orange and green paint and hope your baby doesn’t scoot around too much. Place your baby on their stomach if they are younger.

Another baby in a basket. This time it was for a photo shoot celebrating his 1st birthday! I pulled out some mums, pumpkins, plastic leaves, and gourds. This was all I had in my backyard.

An easy photo to take is a baby in a pumpkin field. Try to get a good angle and make sure there is no one else around.

Flannels and beanie will give you all the autumn feel. Surround your baby with some pumpkins and it’s a perfect photo op.

Your little pumpkin, among all the other pumpkins! For cuteness overload, make sure you use a naked baby.

Radio Flyer wagon in a pumpkin field screams autumn.

This is a simple position with just an orange blanket and a bucket turned on it’s side.

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This is so sweet!What do you think?

  • J Larson Photo

If you have many trees in your yard wait until the leaves start to fall so that you can grab the baby in a photo of the pile of leaves.

This was my own take on a Fall Cake Smash. I bought a small, rectangular smash cake and decorated it with plastic leaves. This One cake topper was used and the rest of the decoration was done with pumpkins and mums.

Another baby in a pumpkin because I can’t get enough! This one commemorates baby’s first Halloween. These types of photos work best before your child is crawling around so they won’t try too hard to squirm out. You should have accurate measurements of the leg and top holes to ensure that the baby fits.

You can incorporate Halloween candy into a photo shoot with your child. Add a cute pumpkin zip-up onesie and you’re set!

A painted pumpkin bottom is my favorite autumn picture idea for babies! I just can’t deal with this cuteness!

This is a wonderful way to photograph your baby. You can also have your baby sit on a large mirror and add some fall leaves, flowers, or pumpkins to it. Make sure you get the photo at an angle where your reflection isn’t in the mirror!

I love this indoor photo shoot for fall. Place your baby in a wooden box with fall-colored pillows. YouA wooden backdrop can be used or you can just use a large area of your home with great lighting. Father all your fall decor around your home like pumpkins and leaves and you’re set!

This adorable photo gives your baby a pumpkin-halo. This photo is best if you have a bunch of mini pumpkins around your baby.

For a sweet photo, place your baby right next to scarecrows. You can also add sweet fall clothing to make it more festive.

This is an easy outdoor DIY photo shoot. Grab some of your porch decorations, such as straw bales, pumpkins, leaves, and mums. Sit your baby close by and there’s a perfect shot!

If you don’t want to mess with scooping out pumpkin guts and cutting the hole just right for the perfect “baby in a pumpkin” picture, try this. Use a plastic container to trick-or treat pumpkins! Just make sure it’s big enough and you’ll get a similar effect.

This is a cute one if your baby isn’t moving yet. Make a heart using pumpkins and gourds, similar to the pumpkin halo.

This adorable fall baby photo features your little one among a sea of mini pumpkins! You can use a small baby pool to keep them all contained, but you’ll need A LOT of mini pumpkins.

I hope you enjoy this season with your little one and get those cute, fall baby pictures you’ve imagined! These DIY Fall Inspirations will help you get more ideas, including pictures for babies. BabyHalloween Costumes, Family Halloween Costumes or Pumpkin Patch 1st birthday Bash.

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