100+ Native American Cat Names: Ideas for Strong and Dignified Cats

If your cat is strong and dignified, why not choose a name that is of Native American descent? Whether you have indigenous ancestors and its a piece of your heritage, or merely love the history of your country and are intrigued by Native American traditions and language – this is the list of names for you.

With traditional male and female names, to additional names with meanings, and those found throughout Native American mythology and legends – we have it all. Enjoy your name search and we hope you find something you love along the way.

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Female Native American Cat Names

  • Tablita (Tiara)
  • Sitala (Of Good Memory)
  • Chimalis (Bluebird)
  • Tama (Thunder)
  • Almika (She of the Sun)
  • Tallulah (Running Water)
  • Alawa (Pea)
  • Aiyana (Eternal Blossom)
  • Teetonka (Talks too Much)
  • Nascha (Owl)
  • Salali (Squirrel)
  • Halona (Of Happy Fortune)
  • Yamka (Blossom)
  • Nuna (Land)
  • Waneta (Shape Shifter)
  • Papina (Ivy)
  • Mai (Coyote)
  • Kaya (An Elder Sister)
  • Onawa (Wide Awake)
  • Sihu (Flower)
  • Zihna (Spins)
  • Chenoa (Dove)
  • Kachina (Spirit, Sacred Dancer)
  • Kasa (Dressed in Furs)
  • Luyu (Wild Dove)
  • Kineks (Rosebud)
  • Ayita (First to Dance)
  • Imala (Disciplines)
  • Una (Remember)
  • Fala (Crow)
  • Eyota (Great)
  • Shima (Mother)
  • Huyana (Falling Rain)
  • Ayana (Blossom)
  • Cocheta (Stranger)
  • Chaska (Star)
  • Takala (Corn Tassel)
  • Enola(Solitary)
  • Dyani (Deer)
  • Tadita (One Who Runs)
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Male Native American Cat Names

  • Motega (New Arrow)
  • Ciqala (Little One)
  • Helaku (Full of Sun)
  • Ashkii (Boy)
  • Skah (White)
  • Anoki (Actor)
  • Zuma (Angry Lord)
  • Gaagii (Raven)
  • Kohana (Swift)
  • Tokala (Fox)
  • Tocho (Mountain Lion)
  • Patwin (Man)
  • Sike (Lazy)
  • Hinto (Blue)
  • Elan (Friendly)
  • Odakota (Friend)
  • Onawa (Nocturnal)
  • Kuruk (Bear)
  • Hongvi (Strong)
  • Kangee (Raven)
  • Sewati (Curved Bear Claw)
  • Wapi (Lucky)
  • Honani (Badger)
  • Chogan (Black Bird)
  • Igasho (Wanders)
  • Maska (Strong)
  • Nodin (Wind)
  • Dichali (Speaks A Lot)
  • Liwanu (Growl of a Bear)
  • Allohak (Powerful One)
  • Sakima (King)
  • Shilah (Brother)
  • Dyami (Eagle)
  • Nikiti (Round)
  • Takoda (Friend)
  • Kitchi (Brave)
  • Kosumi (Fish with Spear)
  • Ohanko (Reckless)
  • Wakiza (Despirite Warrior)
  • Yuma (Son of a Chief)
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Unisex Native American Cat Names with Meanings

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Choosing a cat name with a special meaning is not only fun but very unique! These names can also provide insight into a unique language. Strong, bold, elegant, and authentic, here is our list of meaningful Native American names:

  • Chapa (Beaver)
  • Cata (Golden Eagle)
  • Kai (Willow Tree)
  • Amadahy (Forest Water)
  • Nistu (Three)
  • Toma (Sun)
  • Enemene (Sing)
  • Nese (Two)
  • Enesta (Hear)
  • Meli (Honey)
  • Catori (Spirit)
  • Haloke (Salmon)
  • Koko (Night)
  • Neewa (Four)
  • Yoki (Rain)
  • Na’estse (One)
  • Waki (Shelter)
  • Niaran (Five)
  • Mosi (Cat)
  • Tepkunset (Moon)
  • Mika (Racoon)
  • Chilam (Snowbird)
  • Migisi (Eagle)
  • Seke (Black)
  • Maji (Leave)
  • Nagamao (Sing)
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Mythological Native American Cat Names

Native Americans have deep roots based on their religions, traditions, beliefs, and ethics. Rich in symbolism and usually centered around nature, their stories include so much imagery and narratives about great spirits.

  • Mahu (A Hopi Mythological Being)
  • Menilly (A Moon Goddess)
  • Manetoa (Giant Snake)
  • Kolowa (Orge)
  • Caddaja (Human Hunter)
  • Pinga (Goddess of the Hunt)
  • Wakanda (Creator God)
  • Azeban (A God)
  • Stonecoat (Giant Rocks)
  • Jamul (God – Gave Fire to Humans)
  • Qaletaqa (Guardian of the People)
  • Evaki (Goddess of the Night)
  • Nannok (Master of Bears)
  • Sasquatch (Giant Hairy Creature)
  • Chirich (Trickster God)
  • Kipitaki (Hero)
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Native Americans And the Bobcat

In 2018, archeologists dug up the remains of what could only be described as a particularly special Native American burial – and it was of a bobcat! This leads the archeologists to believe that the Native Americans were possibly attempting to domesticate the bobcat in the early years. They also appear throughout Native American mythology, with various meanings, both good and bad, which prove the feline as prominent figures early in their culture.

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Finding the Right Native American Name for your Cat

Deciding on a great Native American name should be just as exciting and fun as bringing home your new kitty! We hope that our list has prompted you to choose something with a beautiful meaning and is rich in history! With mythological suggestions such as Menilly or Sasquatch, or traditional names like Koko or Yoki – we are sure there is a special match for every type of kitty!

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