75 Baby Names Meaning Trickster

If you love to play little pranks or perhaps get into a little bit of trouble now and then, chances are you want your children to follow in your footsteps.

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Why not start them out on the right track with names meaning Trickster, or something to do with mischief? It’s a harmless thing, giving them inspiration to look at the fun side of life, instead of just work, work, work.

You are looking for names ideas? We’ve got tons of mischievous names for you to choose from. Boys are not the only ones that can be difficult. Girls love to have fun.

Here is a great list of trickster names to get you started:

List Of Names Meaning Trickster From A To Z

Aella – Greek mythology Amazon warrior. The name means “whirlwind”.

Aiden – Irish name meaning “enlightened”, which also means they have many tricks up their sleeves.

Alea or Aleah – Arabic meaning is exalted, godlike. Italian meaning is “a risk or hazard”. Just for the fun of it.

Amelia – means industrious, and striving in Latin.

Anansi – The spider trickster of African origin.

Atropos – A female Greek Mythology name, meaning inevitable, inflexible. Will do whatever they like.

Beretta – Italian from the gun, of course. This is all you need to know.

Blaise – Latin meaning is fire. A female name.

Blaze – The male variant of Blaise

Brazen – The name just elicits pure practical jokes and mischief.

Briar – English origin, meaning a thorny patch. This one is to be avoided.

Buster – While meaning belligerent, it could also mean belly buster, full of wisecracks.

Cameron – Scottish origin, meaning crooked nose. Could also mean: Follows a crooked track.

Cannon – The English name means “clergyman”, but we are all too familiar with a loose cannon.

Charlie – A German name meaning free, which would express their nature.

Claudia – Roman name meaning never truly in or out, their own way.

Crash – American name following “Maverick” and “Wilder”

Dagger – An English name, meaning sharp edge

Diesel – A newer name associated with the actor, who plays many daring adventurous parts.

Draco – Greek origin meaning Dragon. Also, the character in Harry Potter.

Dreamer – A person who dreams or is dreaming.

Ella – It means light or beautiful fairy woman.

Eris – The Greek meaning for the goddess of discord, coincidentally, her brother is Ares, the god of war.

Esau – Hebrew means hairy, could be crazy like.

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Fachnan – An Irish name, meaning malicious

Fogarty – Irish origin, meaning “exiled one”

Foley – Irish origin. Means plunderer.

Fox – Sly like a fox.

George – Greek name meaning tiller of the soil, or someone who stirs up dirt?

Gunner – A Scandinavian name, meaning bold warrior, or one who is always looking for trouble.

Harlow – English name meaning, “meadow of hares”. They don’t fear being themselves and aren’t afraid to be themselves.

Harpo – English, Groucho Marx.

Hermes – Messenger of gods in Greek mythology, and patron of travelers and thieves. Apollo was the one who robbed him of a herd cattle.

Indra – Indian and Hindu Mythology, he is the King of Gods who always uses tricks and supernatural powers to save his position as King.

Iniko – Nigerian, meaning, “Time of Trouble.”

Jagger – Middle Ages origin. It can also be translated as to pack, load.

Jerry – English, but often reminded of Jerry Lewis.

Jett – It can be considered, fast-paced, witty.

Jinx – Comes from a James Bond movie.

Joplin – English meaning afflicted

mischievous kid

Loki – We all know that villain from “Thor” now. It comes from the Nordic God, meaning Trickster. It is part of Scandinavian History. In the end, Loki becomes a good man. Mac – English origin. Meaning wise guy.

Maverick – American name, meaning nonconformist, goes their own way. It is the perfect name for establishing their independence.

Maximón – A cunning deity in the modern Mayan tradition. He is known for his use of trickery to accomplish his goals.

Medea – The Greek origin, meaning “cunning.”

Mischief – It means playful misbehavior or troublemaking.

Odysseus – Greek origin, meaning wrathful.

Osman – The Arabic name, meaning “son of snake.”

Pandora – Greek meaning all gifted, however mostly associated with Pandoras box.

Patrick – An Irish name means “Noble.” However, you can shorter it for fun to “Trick” to produce the trickster from inside.

Penelope – It is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Penelope is “weaver”.

Raven – A great name for a baby with jet black hair. This name is a combination of Old Norse and Middle English. It means dark-haired or wise.

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Rebel – The ultimate in trouble. English origin meaning defiant.

Rekker – American name, meaning as the name suggests, wrecker.

Rhonda – Welsh origin, meaning “noisy one.”

Riot – This one is self-explanatory.

Robin – Old Medieval name, meaning bright and shining. Most people attribute it to Robin Hood. He was a trickster who stole from the wealthy and gave to the poor. It would be nice to have this in our day and age.

Rocket – American name meaning supercharged.

Rogue – English origin, meaning unpredictable. It sounds fun.

Rowdy – Needs no explanation, comes from Clint Eastwood’s character.

Roxie – Persian meaning Dawn, however, associated with being sassy.

Ruse – The name means red-haired, and we know how mischievous, and feisty redheads are. It is English, which comes from the Irish and Scottish.

Saxon – German, meaning people of the dagger, so sharp-edged.

Shabina – An Arabic name meaning, “Eye of the storm”.

Shooter – English, associated with”sharpshooter, funny.”

Sophia – Greek origin, meaning wisdom.

Storm – Associated with turbulent weather, never knowing what will happen next.

Tempest – English name with two parts; being calm, but also a feisty storm.

Terach – Hebrew name, meaning wild goat, silly.

Thorton – English, meaning “place of thorns”

Tornado – Spanish, meaning whirlwind.

Trixie – English name whos’ Latin meaning is “brings joy”, or happiness, though the name implies otherwise.

Wilder – Another fun American name.

Wily – It means deceitful, gaining an advantage, or crafty. It comes from an old English source.

Wolf – Derived from the German name Wolfgang, has a rebellious side.

These are great names for trickster and mischief. We hope you find the one that interests you!

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