50 My King Quotes: Love Poems for Him

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1. Even the thought that you might not be with them forI don’t want to miss a single day of my life. This is because I am growing in love forYou are my king. You are my king. How can I survive without you? You are my best friend.

2. There are no words that can express the love you have for me. Your love is my strength. How you became so important to me, I can’t still explain. All I can do is say that I always need you by my side. You are my king.

3. I keep you in my thought as I look forward to seeing you today, while we wait to be in each other’s arm. I want to tell you how much I love and cherish you. As my king, you are the only one who can rule my heart.

4. You opened the door to my heart and showed me how wonderful life can be. Your happiness has kept me going through life. I’ve made you my king, and nobody can dethrone nor take your place in my heart.

5. You are my thought, because I think about you every day. Over and over you have given me security and carried me off my feet with your unending love. You have given me so many experiences that I don’t wish to forget as long as you keep breathing. You are my king.

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6. Like a puzzle piece, a part of me was missing until you ran, and then you found it in my heart. I feel complete. You are my queen. If I’m your queen, then you are my king. You are my love.

7. What I feel forYou are pure love, and I cannot compare what you have given me to anything. This kind of love is very rare. Because letting go is like letting your love go forever, I will never let you go. I love you, my king.

8. Because I feel safe in your arms, I want to be there. I just want to gaze into your eyes until the sun rises because there I can find sincerity. Our hearts will beat as one, so I want our bodies to be close. I love you, my king.

9. We may go through fights and win each other, but that doesn’t change your position in my heart. We will remain together because we are never stronger apart and nobody can stop us from being together. Thank you. forBeing the best. You will always be my King.

10. Because you have done so much to make me your queen, I’m willing to give everything for you. You have made a huge difference in my life since the day we met. Because you made them disappear, there are no regrets. You are my king and I am grateful for all that you do.

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11. You are my everything. I am grateful for you. I was recounting how you came into my life like a superhero, with the big “S” on your chest and changed everything. It is a blessing to have someone who can connect with me emotionally. I’m lucky to have you.

12. I will do whatever it takes to keep you company. You are worth everything I did to keep you. You give meaning to my existence. You make my life happy. You are my king. You are my king.

13. MyLove forIt is like wildfire and fire, and no one can stop it. MyYou are a big squish. Recalling all the memories we had, I won’t leave you, even forA room filled gold. You’re worth more than gold. You are my king, and I love you.

14. You’ve always been more than a friend. You are my best friend. You are the only one I’d wish to spend my whole life with over again if I am to Thanks forThe sweet memories that will never go out of my heart. And thanks! forThe laughter that will never leave my lips. You are my love.

15. MyYour love, unending attention and unconditional care make every day worth it. You will always be my boyfriend, my rock, and my king.

16. You have been my strength throughout the years (months and days) that we have been together. I have been through so many things because of you. You are just super sweet, kind and funny that anyone can wish to have you, but only your queen can keep you like I’m doing my best to, I love you, my King.

17. You are a blessing in my life. I want a bright future with you. forEvery day. You are an amazing human being that is unparalleled in the entire world. Your ability to be so unique in such a short time was the greatest surprise of all. My heartfelt thanks for everything. King.

18. Kings like you are rare. I guess I’m not just fortunate, I’m lucky. Your kindness and generosity make me so happy, I just want to spend my entire life with you. My love for you! King.

19. All that the sun can do is lighten the day, and the moon the night. Your love, however, is something different. It brightens me and makes my life more beautiful.

20. Wherever you go my king, never forget that you’ve got a queen who prays and care forIt is all about you. Keep in mind that there is someone who loves you unconditionally.

I LoveIt is possible to My King

21. You are my king, you are my world. Your second wing can be mine so we can fly the entire world together. You bring all of me back to existence.

22. Your unending love has set my heart ablaze. Your love for me is beyond my expectations. You have taken everything that nature has denied me. That’s why you will be forever my king.

23. My heart is full of your thoughts. Your adorable love is wonderful. The anxiety to say “I love you” to me makes my body tremble. My king, I love you.

24. My King? My KingI will love you always with all of my heart. I pledge to always be by your side, as your queen, when anything happens. You are my love.

25. You are my world and I am your world. You bring me joy that I have never experienced in my life. You are my definition of perfection.

I Love You My King
I LoveIt is possible to My King

26. My king my love, you’ve touched my heart with your care and attention. Now, all I want is for my heart to beat forThank you. You are my inspiration.

27. Only my king can complete my life with tender love. Only the one that makes my heart beat forIt fills my heart full of joy and happiness. I love you.

28. All I do every day is, search forThere is a better way to love yourself. My king, I’m happy having you in my life because, without you, my world would have been empty.

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29. You’re rare forThe love that you bring to my life is extraordinary. You are amazing forSince I became your king, my heart has experienced a sweet type of love.

30. My day is incomplete without you. You became my sun that I can’t do without during the day and the soft breeze I can’t do without at night. You provide direction. You define my purpose.

31. You were my king, and all my dark and sad days are now a distant memory. Darling, you are my love.

32. MyLove forThere is no limit to your love because every day I live, you are my love for you grows. Your light illuminates my world. You are so precious.

33. We are grateful forMy life is more colorful because of you. Thank you forBeing the Superman I needed. We are grateful. forBeing the king I needed in my world.

34 MyLove is forYou alone and no one else forYou are my king. I feel energized by the energy you give me each day. forThank you. King, I love you.

35 I will wait my whole life. for you because you’re my king. You are my queen and I will forever love you. Our love will last till eternity. I love you.

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36. Because I feel complete knowing that you are my soul mate, it is beautiful to love you. I am eager to live another day knowing that you will always be the king in my heart.

37. Every second I spend, every day I share with you is worth the wait because you’re the most fantastic person I have ever met and will forever love.

38. MyYou are my heartbeat. We are in this together, because you are the one that I look up too. The one with whom I want to spend my entire life is the one who gives me your love and attention.EzoicReport this ad

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39. The love that I have forWithout me speaking, you can be understood. Even if we live thousands of miles apart, it can still be felt. It can be shared forIt’s a rare type of love that is made forYou are my king, and you alone.

40 Your hands touch me and I feel loved. When your lips touch mine, it is that spark that makes you my king.

41 Each love of mine has its own meaning. You’re my king, so every of my feeling is forOnly you. I won’t get tired of hearing ‘I love you’ so far it’s from your lips.

42. You’re one special thing in my life. If I die today, I will be happy that I’ve felt a beautiful kind of love from someone special like you. I love you, my King.

43 My desire forYou are like a candle; its flames shine brighter than the sun, but my love is not waxy. forWithout ever going out, you’ll burn forever.

44. Your love is all that I need right now. I am so happy to have fallen in love with you. Every memory we share together is something I treasure.

45 You shine like a star in my world. Every other thing revolves around your sun. You are my king, and I’m happy to be your queen.

Good Morning My KingQuotes

46 Good morning, my king. You are the light in my life. You are the king of mine, and I love you. Good morning.

47 A morning filled with love is good. It is an excellent explanation of what true love looks like. I can’t wait to see you, my king.

Good Morning My King Quotes
Good Morning My KingQuotes

48. Kings rule kingdoms and empires but you order my heart, and I’m always at your service today and forever. You are my sweetheart.

49. Your presence is a double blessing in every aspect of my life. You have instilled in me something that nobody else has. Because you are the best thing in my life, I will love and cherish you.

50You are. You are my world. My love. My king. How can I express my gratitude for how you make my world shine? I can’t live without your love. Not even forOne more. Good morning darling.

Good Night My King

51 Your presence is still a blessing in my life. You have done so much more than I ever imagined. All day I think about how lucky I am that you are my friend. At night, I only see you in my dreams. Good night, my KingI hope you are well. I look forward to seeing you in dreamland.

52 Reminiscing about the many times we shared our bedtime memories makes me smile. You have been so sweet to me. Because of your position, only you are worthy to be called my King. You are my king. I love you.

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53 I can’t wait forYou will always be my friend. I can’t wait to share your bed with you. I can’t wait to start this incredible journey with you. You are my king. Goodnight dear.

54 I was the most happy day of all my life on the day you asked for me to be your wife. Because I finally have someone who sees my beauty and appreciates it. Because you are my king for as long as I live, you are special. I wish you a Happy Night, my King.

55 You were always there for me when I needed you foryou. You helped me rebuild my life after my world fell apart. You are all I care about in my life. Without you, there would be no me. Thank you for being my king. Goodnight.


Q: What are some of my king quotes? 

A: “You are my king, my world. I can be your second wing so we can fly around the world together. You bring everything in me back to life.” – Unknown

“You are my king; you are my world. Your second wing can be mine to fly the entire world together. You bring all of me back to existence.” – Unknown

Q: Why are my king quotes romantic? 

A: My king quotes are romantic because they express the deep love, admiration, and devotion that one has for their partner. They also imply that the partner is the most important, powerful, and respected person in their life.

Q: How can my king quote help me? 

A: My king quotes can help you by showing your partner how much you care and appreciate them. They can also make your partner feel special, loved, and honored.

Q: Where can I find more of my king quotes? 

A: You can find more of my king quotes on websites, blogs, books, or social media platforms that feature love quotes, poems, or messages.

Q: How can I use my king quotes? 

A: You can use my King quotes to write a love letter, send a text message, post on your social media, or talk to your partner in person.

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