40 Of The Best Quotes From ‘My Favorite Murder’

I’ve been a huge fan of the true-crime/comedy podcast, My Favorite Murder, ever since I began listening to it this past summer. The hosts, Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, share their favorite murders and true crime stories while discussing what’s going in their lives in the form of comedic banter to lighten the heavy mood that talking about murder can bring.

If you aren’t familiar with My Favorite Murder (Also abbreviated as MFM), the podcast spun a community of fans and we refer to ourselves as “Murderinos.” Since the debut of MFM in January 2016, the ladies of MFM have said some quotes that are a combination of inspiring, humorous and uplifting, especially for women. It was an amazing live show that I attended in Detroit. Georgia and Karen are both amazing people. I had the pleasure of meeting them and I can honestly say that they are among the kindest people I have ever known.

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These are the details 40 of the wisest and comical quotes from MFM obtained from the official “My Favorite Murder” Facebook group and Pinterest.

1. “Get a job. Purchase your own shit. Stay out of the forest.”

2. “Here’s the thing: fuck everyone.”

3. “Don’t say ‘sorry not sorry’; Say ‘Listen, you motherfucker!”

4. “All of life is about fixing what you fucked up.”

5. “Please live your life like you’re going to be reenacted in 30 years.”

6. “Don’t leave your drink alone.”

7. “Don’t let your girlfriend fucking leave you behind.”

8. “You’re in a cult; call your dad.”

9. “Don’t call it nonconsensual sex. It is sex. Rape is rape.

10. “Don’t take things for granted or judge books by covers and don’t do the things that average people get tricked by.”

11. “You can be crazy, just be light-hearted about it.”

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12. “If you meet a person [and] you get the weird feeling in your gut, absolutely trust yourself and get out of there.”

13. “We can actually help each other; we should help each other and reach out to each other.”

14. “Talk about your trauma.”

15. “Don’t let people touch you if you’re not comfortable with it.”

16. “Pepper spray first and apologize later.”

17. “If you see something, fucking say something.”

18. “Lock your fucking door.”

19. “Donate $50 dollars to your local library, keep all your fingers.”

20. “Don’t drink and drive, you guys.”

21.Nothing is real. You have to see it for yourself. [and] question authority.”

22. “Wash your hands, please. Don’t get murdered by germs.”

23. “Let’s use our powers of anxiety for good and not evil.”

24. “Don’t be a fucking lunatic.”

25. “Bigger dummies than you.”

26. “Toxic masculinity ruins the party again.”

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27. “If Florida’s kicking you out, you’re probably a pretty big piece of shit.”

28. “Let’s sit crooked and talk straight.”

29. “This isn’t a positive cult; this isn’t like Sephora.”

30. “My therapist was right about you.”

31. “Look, meth is bad.”

32. “Triflers need not apply.”

33. “Don’t snort shit.”

34 “Don’t be a know-it-all .”

35 “Hey guys, let’s get those rape kits tested”

36 “Can everyone chill the fuck out?”

37. “Leave well enough alone, asshat.”

38. “Just be rude; go up to people and be like, ‘Hi, I know this makes me the weirdo but there’s a weirdo over there.’”

39. Fuck politeness.

40. Stay sexy and don’t get murdered (SSDGM).

My Favorite Murder will appeal to true crime fans who love comedy, real life, and serious talk about mental health and feminism. Even if you don’t (you really should), at least make you always stay sexy and don’t get murdered! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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