Must-have apps for 2023

Within a generation, smartphones have become the world’s biggest must-have personal device. They connect to the internet, they take photos and videos, they link to social media… oh and they can make calls too.

From checking the weather forecast to booking a flight, phones can now form the heart of any digital lifestyle.

To fully optimize the use of your smartphone however it makes sense to use the best selection of apps. Whether you want the latest football scores or to check the tide times, there’s a brilliant app out there waiting to be downloaded.

From guitar tuners to plant spotters, the App Store or Google Play Store sites are full of interesting and useful apps to enhance the use of your phone. 

But you can’t fit them all on your screen or in your memory. Experts estimate there are now an incredible 5.6 million apps available.

Download too many and any phone will get clogged up. Fill your screens with too many app symbols and you’d never find the ones you want.

So, which are the best apps to download? And what will be the hit apps of 2023?

We spoke to the experts and found that there will be two big app trends for 2023. 

One will be the wellbeing apps that monitor how fit and happy you are. There are plenty rushing into the App store and Google Play Store right now.

Get inspiring quotes or motivate your weight loss – these apps will take you through the process of looing after yourself in 2023.

Then there’s the other big prediction: pokies apps. We think apps giving you the chance to play a quick game of pokies will be all the rage in 2023.

More and more of the best online pokies providers have mobile compatible apps which are available on both Android and iOS. They can be the most fun you can have on your smartphone. 

They offer real pokier type thrills from a quick tap on your phone screen, anytime, any place. Go online and remember to look out for welcome bonuses, themed games and live chat support.

Then once you’ve got enough pokies apps and well-being systems in place, it’s time to look at what else is out there in the big wide app world.

We’ve scoured the internet to recommend the very best apps for the year ahead. Take your pick of these:


Nobody wants to plough through boring textbooks about different languages – but Duolingo is THE fun way to pick up a different language.

It already has more than 300 million users – making it the world’s most popular teaching app. The makers have turned learning any new language into a game – so you’ll enjoy using it and have some new knowledge at the end.

Duolingo now offers 98 different courses – and it’s free. 

Got five minutes spare? Use it to start learning Arabic or Hungarian…


The new dating app everyone is talking about isn’t Tinder. It’s Bumble.

Women make the first move in this app, making it much safer to use. And you can find people in your area to just be friends with too.

Best of all, the new Bumble dating sensation is free to use and available on both Apple and Android.

Find My Device

Nowadays nobody wants to lose their smartphone and all the personal data it holds. Google’s Find My Device app is a free way for Android users to recover a lost phone.

It’s easy to operate and find a lost phone. It can also be used to reset the pin or the security code. (iOS users have a built-in system).


The boom in taking photos on smartphones shows no sign of decreasing just yet. If you take selfies for social media or landscapes for your web blog, this app can make a big difference.

Experts consider it the best free photo editing app. Many features are of a professional standard.

There are more than 80 different filters to choose from and a versatile toolkit to play with your images. It’s easy to add backgrounds or turn headshots into avatars.

And it’s free for both Android and iOS – but more advanced features need a subscription payment.


Your passwords are there to protect you – but can become a nightmare obstacle when you lose or forget them. 

LastPass is a password manager and secure store that is protected by one password. Keep them all safe in one place.

The best new to-do-list app for 2023 is Make as many lists as you like and put them into different categories of your choosing.

Share lists with others and get a daily update on how your tasks are progressing. It can even make a list of jobs you have to do seem like fun.


Here’s a chance to escape all the pressures of the world – for just a moment. Headspace is an app that takes its users into quiet, quality me-time.

Explore the range of guided meditations or find a few moments’ calm. Take time to discover ways to train yourself to be less stressed. 

It’s all about being more mindful – and you can do it on either iOS or Android.

Find the best apps

The experts say it’s not about getting the most apps – it’s about find the best.

Download the right apps for 2023 and you’ll be the talk of your friends – as well as having the most useful phone around. 

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