Most Graphically Demanding Games to Seriously Test Your Computer


Building a gaming computer can take both a lot of time and money, plus you have to know exactly how to put the whole thing together, which can be an extremely complicated process. No wonder then, that most people choose to buy pre-made, with many options out there, such as the best 600 dollar gaming PC available in 2021 in our top full guide. However, the people that do build their own, do so knowing that their finished rigs are more likely to be able to play the most technically challenging games possible. 

If you fancy your computer (constructed by your own hand or even pre-built) to be a heavy-hitter, and you want to see if it really is the pinnacle of technical marvel that you believe it to be, then you should buy one of these heavyweights, and see if your beloved rig doesn’t just melt. That’s because these games are the most graphically demanding games currently available, and they will seriously stretch your hardware to its absolute limits.  

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla 

This game might be set many years in the past, but you’ll need a computer that is bang up to date to run it. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is the latest entry in the popular Ubisoft action-adventure role-playing series, Assassin’s Creed. This twelfth main instalment in the franchise came out in 2020, and it transports gamers way back to the years 872-878 AD. You take control of a Viking raider named Eivor Varinsdottir, and have to try to turn him into a true warrior of his time.

The game was a success financially, with it having the biggest launch in the series to date, and actually selling the most copies in a week than any other, in the then fifteen-year franchise. It also proved equally popular with critics, with most championing the narrative, the depth of the world, and the amazing visuals on show. Those amazing visuals will put a lot of strain on your computer to achieve though, with the bare minimum GPU required to run the game being the GTX 960, and that will only achieve 30FPS on low settings. Yikes. 


This action-adventure game probably takes the cake as being the most graphically demanding game to be released on PC so far. Control was launched in 2019, and became a big hit with critics, with various gaming magazines and websites even citing it as one of their favourite games of the year. Its name though is incredibly fitting because it will take control of all the power in your computer to even get this game up and running. 

The main reason that the game is so demanding, is because it is one of the first to take advantage of ray tracing. This basically means that its graphics are capable of simulating way more realistic looking optical effects, so it allows the game to look as close to real-life as is currently digitally possible. To see these wonders in action though, it’s going to need at least the mighty RTX 2060 as GPU, which is an expensive investment. There’s no doubt that if you actually get this game going, you’ll feel like a real high-roller. 

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Final Fantasy XV

The immensely popular series, Final Fantasy, has long been at the forefront of driving forward the technology of gaming. The first game came out way back in 1987 on the NES, and since then, there have been an incredible ninety-five different games in total and counting. The beloved RPG has always managed to evolve across many different consoles, and still stay relevant to its loyal fanbase. 

Final Fantasy XV was released on PC in 2018, and despite now being four years old, this game will still have your computer sweating from the extreme workout it will be put through powering it up. This is because the game features some truly breath-taking graphics, which look just like a stunning animated movie, almost giving Pixar a run for their money. Those movie-magic visuals take a lot of memory to achieve though, and if you want to run the game in 4K resolution, then it takes a whopping 155GB of storage space needed on your computer.  

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