Modern Warfare 2: Tips & Tricks For Beginners To Win More Matches


Modern Warfare 2 is more like a casual FPS game compared to other staunch games (for example, Arma). But it’s competitive and can take you off your seat when you lose a match. Apart from surviving, winning in Modern Warfare 2 helps you unlock new features (weapons, perks, etc.)

Since Modern Warfare 2 is a competitive game, there are some tips and tricks to help you win more matches. So, if you’re new to this game, we advise you to use the safest COD MW2 hacks for better gameplay.

Tips and Tricks Beginners Need in Modern Warfare 2

Meanwhile, let’s dive into the tips and tricks beginners can adopt for more wins.

  • Start with Scorestreaks

Seeing the difference between scorestreaks and killstreaks, you may want to use killstreaks in your matches. However, as a beginner seeking to get more wins in your Warfare 2 matches, it is important to start with scorestreaks. Over time, you can advance to Killstreaks for a more intense battle. 

The benefit of using scorestreaks is that once you reach the specific kill threshold in your match, you will receive air support, care packages, and other health-promoting offers. With these, you can live longer in the game and win your match. 

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While killstreaks will give UAVs, missiles, and explosives, Scorestreaks are what beginners need at first. But you can also spice things up with both if you can. 

  • Give Headshots Whenever Possible

Aiming and firing at the enemy’s head kills them faster. If you give headshots in your matches, you can win more and more. However, it requires practice before a headshot can be perfect and accurate. You can use the gunsight of your weapon for assistance. 

Also, you can enter custom game modes in Modern Warfare 2 for practice or even play Aim trainers. But if you’d like to learn it the hard way, there’s no problem starting your match without practicing headshots; you could be lucky. Also, it’ll make the game more challenging. 

  • Fire Through Objects

In Modern Warfare 2, you can fire through some objects and walls to kill enemy players. This trick comes in handy when the enemy hides, takes cover, or reloads his weapon. Some crafty enemies attempt to move to another cover at some point in the game using their sliding or sprinting technique.

If you sense an enemy hiding around, you should expect this. So, before they carry out their trickish change of position, you can knock them down while on their cover. 

To be more precise on where enemies could be hiding, you can deploy a Portable Radar or UAV to figure it out. Your team can take them easily through the objects serving as cover.

  • Play as a Team

No matter the kind of gameplay you prefer (solo or multi-player), one of the fastest ways to learn and win more in Modern Warfare 2 is by playing as a team. Playing as a team doesn’t mean you should make a team of inexperienced COD gamers. 

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When choosing your team, remember you want more wins, choose at least 4 experienced MW2 players. Not only will they help you win more matches, but they’ll also help to improve your gameplay. 

From watching how they play to communicating and sharing ideas, there’s much to gain when you play Modern Warfare 2 as a team.

  • Pick Guns With Unbeatable Time-to-Kill Speed

Choosing the right rifle is one of the tips that can help you get more wins in Modern Warfare 2. Since you can’t predict how close or far an enemy player could be, it’s ideal you pick a gun with a fast time-to-kill. Whether the enemy player is in close or long range, you can take them out in one shot.

The MP7 is a perfect option for short-range shots. On the other hand, you can pick the SMG for long-range shots. 

Modern Warfare 2 has a wide range of rifles for players. So, you can test as many guns as possible until you find a perfect match for your play style.


Finding your playstyle and winning more matches in the Call of Duty series has never been easy without some effective tips and tricks. As a beginner, one of the ways to win more matches is by playing as a team. It goes a long way! 

When picking guns, choose the ones with swift TTK. You want to win, so your gun should put down enemies in a shot. More importantly, use scorestreaks; they will provide you with numerous life supports. With that, you can live through levels and win more matches.

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