Mistakes to avoid when choosing a gambling app

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Online sportsbook gambling is huge at the minute, following the removal of the ban on betting in the United States and the relaxation of the rules in Canada. Many major nations worldwide have brought their sports betting laws in line with those that have existed in the United Kingdom for generations, updating them to suit the modern world and our ever-increasing reliance on technology. From sports betting apps in California to gambling sites in Australia, we have seen millions of new players sign-up and start placing bets.

For many of us, placing bets on sports competitions like the NFL, NBA and English Premier League is now an option, with millions of dollars crossing the bookies’ accounts every day. If you would like to get involved and begin your betting adventure, then this article is for you. We have enlisted the help of an online gambling expert who explains three mistakes you should be careful not to make when choosing a gambling app. The aim here is to give our readers the best chance of making a strong start.

Anyone with a casual interest in sports and basic knowledge of betting can make a winning prediction every now and again, but there’s far more to betting than simply having your stake on the correct outcome. You need to be playing at the best bookie, taking on reliable advice and securing the highest possible odds on your pick. You’ll find out how to do that on this page as we help to set you on the track of beating the bookies.


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Don’t snap at the first offer

The online gambling industry is on a par with smartphones or gas suppliers in terms of competitiveness. The leading bookies must compete alongside dozens of others to catch your eye and encourage you to shop with them while ignoring the competition. How does a sportsbook continue to grow, attracting a steady stream of new players? By offering something better than the competition.

Any gambling app worth considering will give new players a welcome bonus, and in many cases, this will be a free bet that is equal to or greater than your first deposit and wager. These can be impressive, and it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of it all, grabbing the first big offer you see and then rushing on to place bets on your favourite sports.

Stop, breathe and take a minute to evaluate the situation.

Check out a few different welcome bonuses, compare the offers and find which is best. Then take time to read the terms and conditions attached, giving yourself a good idea of how a promo works, what’s expected of you as a customer and any hidden details that may improve your understanding. The more you know about a bonus, the better chance there is of you using it to land a profit.

Research a bookie before joining

You want to know that your sportsbook of choice can be trusted and that they are legal before making the leap. You should ensure that online sportsbook gambling is permitted by law in your region before advancing. 

Then you need to find a betting app that is licensed and regulated by a trusted body, such as the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority. On most bookies, the license information will be displayed at the bottom of the homepage, making it easy to find and study. If you are having difficulty finding this information, the chances are the site isn’t licensed, and you should exit the page as soon as possible. It could present a danger to your online security, and we always advise being cautious here.

Get market best odds on every bet

All bets placed on sports, from a first goalscorer in the English Premier League to a moneyline bet in the Super Bowl, should be done at market best odds. Anything less than the top offer is handing yet another advantage to the bookie.

After choosing your prediction, you should visit a betting odds comparison site where you’ll find the prices offered by all sportsbooks on your bet. The most generous odds will be in bold, and that’s the app you should gamble with.

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