How to Download Minecraft for Free: APK, IOS, PC

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Looking for a game that it is adventurous and exciting each time you play it? Well look no further.

It is time to play Minecraft, the most popular 3-dimensional game of all time. A game in which you can build enormous buildings and explore the world with your pets. You can even get crafty and create weapons to defeat the final boss “The Ender Dragon”. But wait, the adventure doesn’t end here, look out for hidden treasures on your way to find rare items. There is so much more to this game that you can never get bored of it. So, what’s stopping you from entering the world of Minecraft? Download Minecraft right now!

Game modes:

minecraft thegoneapp

You don’t have to worry since Minecraft has game modes for everyone. The five exciting game modes are: Survival, Creative, Adventure, Spectator and hardcore.

  • Survival: In this thrilling mode, your main mission is to stay alive! Search for resources, use them to construct enormous platforms, hunt for food or even strategize to attack evil enemies!
  • Creative: This mode will let you release the inner artist in you! After entering this world, you will be given unlimited resources. Want to travel faster? Try flying from one place to another. You don’t have to worry about surviving here. Test your creative skills and design your own world.
  • Adventure: Want some added level of difficulty in the game? If yes then this mode is for you! Here you can interact with any kind of materials like handles, switches or even mobs to complete your adventure.
  • Spectator: This mode lets you spectate the best players of Minecraft. You can also visit your friend’s world and watch them do their thing. You won’t be able to use any of the supplies in this mode. Become a ghost and learn some cool tricks while watching others play.
  • Hardcore: If you take gaming seriously, then this mode is definitely for you. This mode is similar to the survival mode but there one catch. You can’t respawn if you die so watch out at every step! You won’t be able to re-use the same world if you die.

So, what’s keeping you from playing these exciting modes? Download Minecraft on your computer/ iOS/Android devices right now!

Are these modes free?

Yes, you don’t have to pay a single dime to unlock these modes. You heard it right! Not a single penny. Simply download the game and enjoy these five exciting modes. So, what’s stopping you from entering the amazing world of Minecraft? Download Minecraft on your computer/ iOS/Android devices right now!

First Game:

Your first game in the world of Minecraft is a completely different and memorable experience. After you spawn in the new world, your goal is to search and collect supplies to create your very first home. This step is important because your house will protect you from evil zombies that attack at night. You can travel around and hunt for food or you can break different blocks to gather resources. Don’t forget to stay close to your house as soon as it gets dark. You can design your house however you like. Fascinating right? Don’t waste more time. Download Minecraft on your computer/ iOS/Android devices right now!

Can kids play Minecraft?

Yes, absolutely! Minecraft isn’t only safe for children but it also has incredible benefits. It helps children enhance their creative skills. Children can travel, explore and design buildings according to their taste. The game also enables them to develop their organizing, planning and problem-solving skills.

Since the game is less complex and doesn’t have high violence, even teachers use this as a tool to enhance learning. Kids of the age of 8 and above can easily play Minecraft and benefit from it.

Don’t let your children miss out! Download Minecraft on computer/ iOS/Android devices right now!



Minecraft has a very good graphics engine and can even handle better graphics for modes that require it. It has a pixelated style built in which makes it very unique compared to other games. No need to buy expensive graphic cards for your PC. The game does not demand much from your GPU. You can simply play it on any device which has a sufficiently powerful CPU. In case you have a weak graphic card, it will significantly improve the games performance.


The game allows some exciting customizations. It allows players to code their own modes and test them with their friends. This is one of the reasons you can never get tired of Minecraft. There is always something new to do each time you start a world.

The customs or fan made modes can be accessed by downloading the community created resource packs online. Through these packs, you can modify the gaming mechanics, surrounding landscapes and even add background songs of your choice to the game. Players can further customize the puzzles as well! Hence the fun never ends!

Be part of the amazing world of Minecraft and enjoy all these amazing mods yourself! Download Minecraft on your computer/ iOS/Android devices right now!


  • Can you play Minecraft on different devices?
    Your Minecraft account is tied to your email address and not the device. Therefore, you can download and play Minecraft on whatever or how many devices you want.
  • What do you need to play Minecraft using a different device?
    You only need your email address and password to access your account from a different device.
  • Does Minecraft allow cross platform?
    Yes, players from different devices can enjoy playing with each other.
  • What device do I need for Minecraft?
    You will need a device running iOS 10/Android 8 or newer.

Minecraft APK Free Download

Download the APK file for extra cool features. With this mod you can:

  1. Unlock new rare items within the game
  2. Unlock different weapons within the game
  3. Unlock variety of potions within the game

It surely can’t get any better than this! Don’t miss out this opportunity and download Minecraft on Android/PC/iOS right now.

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