The 29 Best Middle Names for Ava

Middle names for a girl named Ava

Picking a name for your baby is pretty hard.

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There are so many options. And, in the end, it’s a pretty big decision.

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But what we often overlook during this arduous process is… the middle name!

By now you’re probably pretty exhausted from researching baby names, so I’ve created these simple lists to help.

Without much further ado, scroll down to see a list of the best middle name ideas for a girl named Ava.

I’ve compiled these from baby name databases, parent discussion forums, and other sources then whittled them down to the ones I personally think sound the best.

It’s a good idea.

The importance of picking a good middle name for your daughter

Do you have to give your child a middle name?

Not really.

Every person born in the United States or other developed countries must have a first or given and a last name.

You can add any other names to the middle.

(Yes, there are some people who don’t have middle names at all.)

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But even though picking one is hard, a good middle name actually has a ton of benefits for your child:

A middle name lets you preserve even more family or other important names

Your child’s last name is pretty much guaranteed to be set.

It will be yours! Maybe a hyphenate.

While many parents prefer to give their children a first name that is based on a close family member, it’s a great way to do the exact same thing with the middle name.

Add Grandma or your great uncle or best friend to the mix.

Their middle name can, and might, become their nickname

A lot of people end up calling their friends and coworkers by their middle name.

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Strangely, it can be a sign that you are affectionate. It’s just plain fun.

Better pick a good one for Ava, just in case!

The full name, power play

When Ava grows into a toddler or older kid, you’ll be glad she has three names that roll off the tongue.

That way, when she’s in trouble, you can let her know by saying them all at once!

(Use a sharp tone for best results.)

Middle name ideas for a girl named Ava


Let’s get into the list!

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These ideas are meant to be a starting point. I hope you find some that you like.

  1. Ava Beverly

  2. Ava Brooke

  3. Ava Charlotte

  4. Ava Christine

  5. Ava Danielle

  6. Ava Elizabeth

  7. Ava Frances

  8. Ava Gillian

  9. Ava Grace

  10. Ava Jade

  11. Ava Jane

  12. Ava Joline (Ava Jo)

  13. Ava Jean

  14. Ava Leigh

  15. Ava Lorelei

  16. Ava Louise

  17. Ava Mallory

  18. Ava Margaret

  19. Ava Marie

  20. Ava Meredith

  21. Ava Meredith

  22. Ava Nicole

  23. Ava Penelope

  24. Ava Ruby

  25. Ava Sophia

  26. Ava Theresa

  27. Ava Whitney

  28. Ava Wynne

  29. Ava Zoe

If you’re still not sure, I highly recommend picking up a copy of The Baby Name Wizard.

It’s the most comprehensive baby name book out there, full of data-driven insights into name popularity, nicknames, similar names, and picking a great middle name.

Click to check it out on Amazon

Meaning of the name Ava

If you’re wondering, the name Ava is a variation of the name Eve.

It could mean “avis” or “bird” if using a Latin derivation, or “life” or “living one” if using a Hebrew derivation.

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Either way, it’s a beautiful name!

Source: Babycenter

Wrapping Up

Those are just a few of my favorites!

You might find a few that you like. If not, you might get some ideas for my lists of middle names for other popular girls names like:

  • Isabella
  • Olivia
  • or Charlotte

Tell me in the comments which ones you like, or just your favorite middle names for girls in general.

If you find this useful, please scroll down to join my email list and follow me on Pinterest.

Parents, good luck!

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The 29 Best Middle Names for Ava

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